This list - though not mandatory reading - is designed to help you hone your critical and interpretive skills while building a depth of contextual understanding of the periods under study. Biology of Cells. This is of particular importance for those coming to the end of a Gap year. If you have further enquiries relating to the commencement of your English studies at Downing, you can contact us via e-mail ( Our unique approach encourages continuous progression with a clear path to improve language skills. Cambridge English Qualifications are in-depth exams that make learning English enjoyable, effective and rewarding. If you become interested in a theme, compare the way in which it is handled by several different authors. For applicants. We are updating our advice regularly. Read more. In the past two decades Peterhouse English graduates have taken up a wide range of careers after leaving the College. Discover the courses we offer, how to apply for postgraduate study, … ? Disclaimer: This list of suggested resources for wider reading is designed as a set of informal suggestions and does not necessarily represent official policy of the University of Cambridge and its Colleges. The University of Cambridge is carefully monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and its impact on the application process. Try to buy editions with introductions and examine the annotation; especially with texts of the 16th–18th centuries, unannotated editions or those with irrelevant annotation will handicap you. Learn more. A group of 100 Cambridge students have called for the university to include more black and ethnic minority writers in its English Literature curriculum, leading to a row over race. Please use the suggestions below to prepare yourself over the summer. You should read as many of the suggested texts as you can before the beginning of term. This list - though not mandatory reading - is designed to help you hone your critical and interpretive skills while building a depth of contextual understanding of the periods under study. All the information and documents you need if you've already been accepted for an undergraduate place at King's. 17 Nov 2020. Featured Faculty. The English Faculty. Please also read as many as you can of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales (in the Riverside Chaucer, or the edition edited by Jill Mann). Visit your Moodle course page and access the online reading list thought this link, as scanned items are available to course students only, complying with CLA. : A Very Short Introduction to Philosophy (1989), Erich Auerbach, Mimesis: The Representation of Reality in Western Literature, Princeton Classics Edition (2013), Peter Barry, Beginning Theory: An Introduction to Literary and Cultural Theory, 3rd edn (2009), Robert Barnard, A Short History of English Literature, 2nd edition (1994), J. You are strongly encouraged to read as many texts as possible from the reading list over the summer vacation. This page suggests the directions that your preliminary reading might most usefully take. You can read about the experiences of past and present PGCE English trainees on the Cambridge English PGCE Blog. Current: Cambridge Primary English (0844) Cambridge Reading Adventures (Cambridge University Press) Created in collaboration with the UCL Institute of Education's International Literacy Centre (IOE), this primary reading series is endorsed for reading by Cambridge Assessment International Education. Tuesday, July 14, 2020. You may wish to purchase copies of the reference texts, most of which can be sourced fairly cheaply second-hand: The Oxford Dictionary of Literary Terms, 4th edn (2015), The New Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics, 3rd edn (1993, Raymond Williams, Keywords: A Vocabulary of Culture and Society (1976), Terry Eagleton, How to Read a Poem (2006), Thomas Nagel, What Does It All Mean? Harvard thrives as an academic community thanks to the annual support of our most dedicated donors in the 1636 Loyalty Society. Oisín Huhn has been awarded the Milo Keynes Prize for his PhD thesis. You have a busy year ahead of you, and it will simply not be possible to read large amounts during term-time: it is very important that you are properly prepared for the course when you come up to Oxford. Mark key passages and try to discipline yourself to make notes about a book after reading it, commenting on the things that struck you, perhaps about its plot, characterisation, or symbolic level. Author. Vocationally, one of the great benefits of reading English at Cambridge is that it expands (rather than restricts) the employment opportunities available to you after graduation. Adam Chill Modern British History Reading List (Peter Weiler) General Works—Eighteenth Century John Brewer, The Sinews of Power: War, Money and the English State, 1688-1783 (New York: Alfred A Knopf, 1989) Roy Porter, English Society in the Eighteenth Century (Allen Lane: London 1982) Richard Price, British Society, 1680-1880: Dynamism, Containment and Change You will be amazed at how effectively such notes will recall the book to you later.
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