Sorry we do not rent out personal parking spaces. Currently- we do not operate outside of the United States. Thanks for featuring us. If you own a good quality vehicle that you don’t use, why not rent it out and make some extra cash? Thanks. Hi Terry! HyreCar does not charge any fees to list a car on the portal, nor is there a membership fee. I ask because, if I rent it out on day by day basis, some days it will be rented and other it may not be rented. Hello Hope! If you need any assistance or have any questions about your specific situation after you sign up, feel free to email or give us a call at (213) 269-5330. Hey I have a question! It is included in your rental for $13/per day. If you need any assistance after you sign up, feel free to email or give us a call at (213) 269-5330. Since comprehensive insurance follows the car, the insurance covering the car you are driving (with permission) will cover at-fault accidents. Head over to and one of our representatives can help you out with renting your leased car on the HyreCar marketplace. All Hyrecar drivers have our insurance package included in their rental cost. We’re willing to help you earn some passive income, are you ready to take it? Yes there is decent demand in Ohio. Hello Randi, unfortunately Ford Transit is not an eligible vehicle for Uber/Lyft rideshare. How do you guys not operate in NYC? This is a great number with the rental of a car. The reason a claim would get denied is if it does not fall under our terms of service. 200 miles is 80.00. Uber X Vs. Uber Black: How Much Money Will You Make? So it’s in their best interest to keep your car clean, neat, and in the best condition possible. Your ideas are fantastic. As for your second, oddly specific, question, we have police recovery procedures that have a 100% success rate. Can I give my car for rent to your company ? Note: Check out Neighbor to rent out the (now) empty space in your garage or driveway earn an additional $100-300 every month. If you want to give it on a friendly note without any documentation, that is your call. Do you guys would take my new financed car for Uber ? Do you have this service in jaipur rajasthan, india?? Yes, we are in Florida! But, you can … My only question is, when it comes to renting out my car, do I get to decide the length of time I want it to be rented out? Where can I find out if demand is high here, and how much I can make renting my car? 2? If so, you may be able to list your vehicle on our marketplace! Hello James! Unfortunately no, Uber and Lyft requires the vehicles to have 4 doors. If so ,I am looking to buy a used vehicle to drive for uber at times and rent out when I am not using the vehicle which would be a majority of the month. Is there a mileage limit or compensations for excessive miles? This assures you that only conscientious drivers will get behind the wheel of your personal car. Please visit to create an account and begin listing your vehicle. Since renting is a commercial activity, generating income for the car's proprietor, it is … When and how do you get paid .. and will your car rent more if it’s brand new . I am living in Annandale , VA 22003. Does Uber/Lift accepts 2 door vehicles? Agree on a mutually convenient drop off time and place. Yup, Dallas is very popular for our service. So what are you waiting for? Users on average save upwards of $741 annually! Can my brother-in- law or other family member borrow my car for the weekend? 1. However, we should be operational there within a month or two. Hi John, you can get started for free by visiting, Hi Juan, please visit our homepage to get started – Do I need a particular insurance or do you guys provide it?? Can I rent my car to out of state Uber drivers? In general, if someone is living in your household and they regularly drive your car, then the insurance carrier expects you to have that person named on the policy. Yes, of course! Sounds interesting. Yes we are available in Detroit, MI! Your email address will not be published. I’m sure there are many of us that would love the opportunity to make money with our vehicles. However, this whole area is very tricky, mostly because of potential liability and what remedies … Hi Jay, our insurance policy (which is paid for by the driver) covers up to $25,000 for vehicle property damage and $300,000 liability. The owner is paid via direct deposit every 2 business days and is responsible for all maintenance. Or Weirton WV? hi i want to know if i can rent out my car for longtime like may be for 6 months ? Thanks. I have a 2013 Prius V low milage. I have a 2005 escalade esv. If you need any assistance after you sign up, feel free to email or give us a call at (213) 269-5330. If you don’t feel like sending out rental invitations, there’s an additional option for owners to search for drivers and reach out to them personally. The renter cannot provide a credit or debit card belonging to someone else for their … Whatever happens while they drive your car under your policy will stay on your record and as a result could increase your premiums in the event there was an accident. I have a 2010 Volkswagen Bettle that I would like to place for rent. In some cases, if a family member is visiting and has permission from you to drive the car, then the insurance company will cover them if there is an accident, but the coverage may be limited. I’m out of the states for the next 5 months. Suggestions. Hello! Please call us so we can discuss competitive pricing. Driving Someone Else’s Car Yes! Most Uber and Lyft drivers are looking to rent vehicles that are very fuel efficient (Prius, Camry, Civic, Altima, etc.) My car will be available for two months long term rental, would it be possible to do it from another state? But for sure there are no any major breakdown and it smooth when driving. If you need any assistance after you sign up, feel free to email or give us a call at (213) 269-5330. For any additional information, including our FAQ, please visit us at or find us on Twitter @HyreCar. No, unfortunately we are not in Missouri quite yet. If you have any questions or need any assistance after creating an account, please email or give us a call at (213) 269-5330. The question of allowing other drivers to drive your car and whether they will be covered by your existing auto insurance is critical. Thank you! You can definitely charge a higher rate, especially if the vehicle qualifies for programs like Uber Black or Select! Here are two reasons why renting out a personally owned vehicle is a win-win for owners and potential drivers: Sign up with Acorns today to start growing your wealth in the background of life by saving and investing automatically. We would love to help you get on the road! Also, does your insurance cover if my car is stolen? Hello, Is it possible to focus on long term renters only? Yes, of course! Can you let me know the daily price I can get? They make sure that both you and the other party are covered so that if anything happens, you […]. Thanks! Yes! By renting out your vehicles on our platform, you will be considered self employed and HyreCar will send you a 1099 form at the end of the year based on your earnings. You’ll get paid fast! The driver demand for Uber/Lyft is incredible. 2. Hi Dean, you can rent as many as you like. On average, our prices range from $20-45/day, $200-300/week, and $600-1100/month depending on the type of vehicle and price that the owner sets. Is there demand in LA? 3? 3. Hi Lorena! $ 12,000 / year. A very interesting article to read.Thanks a lot for sharing this. Hi Nicole! Hi Ali, we are operational in 50 states across United States. Why is it a very good thing to do with an idle car? Hello Jasmin! Do you need a business license to be an owner? We will be providing the insurance for the duration of the rental, which is paid for by the driver and does not effect your own personal insurance. Please check online with Uber in your specific location to find out. Please visit to create an account and begin listing your vehicle. It is true some of that 62 will be absorbed by the renter, but not much. As long as it meets the minimum requirements to be eligible for Uber and Lyft you can list it on our website. Head over to and one of our representatives can help you list your vehicle ASAP! I just moved back to LA from New Mexico and my registration is still up-to-date until April of next year in New Mexico, can I have it rented out? What does the claim process look like? I would love to rent out my cars in USA as such type of service is not available in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Which ultimately turns into the driver being arrested for felony drug distribution and trafficking causing my vehicle to be impounded as the driver was using my car to transport, deliver & sell narcotics? With comprehensive insurance, which covers almost everything, it is the car rather than the driver that is covered. Hi Diana, unfortunately we are not currently available in Florida, please email me if a prius with 170,000 miles is eligible in your system for rental. This article is very nice as well as very informative. I’m in Maryland btw, less than 45min from DC/Northern VA, Unfortunately that vehicle will not qualify. Are you available in Philippines, Manila? Who’s responsible for the service and upkeep of my car? Renting or loaning cars has come up often. Hi, if the driver force road rule and get fined how do we get them to pay the penalty after manh days i receive penalty letter from NSW service please?. I have a year left of payments. If I leave the country for a couple months, do you have a lot serviced by a team member that can hand out keys if I coordinate with the traveler before hand? I have a 2015 Dodge Dart with only 43k miles on it in great condition looking to rent it out to people but need some answers tow questions I have. Let’s say while the renter driving for Uber is picking up fares the engine quits or a tire blows out, who does the responsibility fall on to pay for the damages? Hello Jashbir, unfortunately do not operate outside of United States as of now. Has the car ever been inspected for the 19-points inspection yet? Thank you for asking! I have a 2017 Honda Accord. The vehicle age requirements vary from city to city. We recommend getting your Uber/Lyft and basic 19 point inspections done before you list your car. But this would be a great idea to be able to afford my new fast baby and my truck for the winter. When you are ready, please visit to create an account and begin listing your vehicle. Hi there, Are you opertional in Boston area? It is 1099 Misc Schedule C or E. I’m planning to rent my car on Hyrecar platform. I need to rent my private car in india to you.. We are currently only operating in the United States, so unfortunately we would not be able to rent out your vehicle in India. We would love to help you! Hi Woody, The market is still great for renting cars! If you need any assistance after you sign up, feel free to email or give us a call at (213) 269-5330. From Singaoore. Yes, you totally can and this is a great way to earn money towards your payments. How about taxes? Hello im a car dealer in Orange county California can i use this service for cars in my inventory. I need to know if this would be worth doing. As long as your vehicle meets Uber and Lyft’s vehicle requirements in your specific location, you will be able to list it on our platform and make some extremely easy passive income renting it to rideshare drivers! I want to rent it for a year. Decide on a pickup location and a daily rental price. More cars equals more passive income for you. A couple of our favorites are and Please visit to create an account and begin listing your vehicle. Cha-Ching! No, unfortunately we do not accept salvage title vehicles on the platform. If you have any questions or need any assistance after creating an account, please email or give us a call at (213) 269-5330. Those are yours to keep! However, we provide fully comprehensive insurance for the driver throughout the duration of the rental, so you’re covered! You’re protected by £20 million in liability insurance and each traveler is prescreened. Be as absolutely thorough as possible so there are no surprises when the driver brings your car back. I am in MD. That actually depends on what city you plan on driving in, check out our blog post on that here: Your insurance would not be affected! A car is expensive, and the rental car … Do we have to claim taxes on the profit? Also, we do not yet operate in New York, but if the vehicle is registered in New Jersey then you may rent it out in either state! That are of need for a truck for short term. Yes, we operate in Illinois! Thanks 1,000,000 and please keep up the rewarding work. Typically owners in your area are making $1,200 a month! Jashbir Singh,7488448453 I want to rent my car to call center or company on monthly basis in Mumbai. Good for working persons. Remember I will never drive it . Hi I have sportage kia 2017 Live in toronto Can i rent my car ? I have a 2009 VW Tiguan that requires premium gas (or in CO, at least mid-grade fuel) and if a driver uses only low octane fuel, the mileage and performance suffer. If you need any assistance after you sign up, feel free to email or give us a call at (213) 269-5330. Dodge Grand Caravan Sport with 161,000 miles? If I would to rent it out on your platform would I need insurance ?. Both you and the driver will receive an email verifying that the. The daily rate for that type of vehicle would normally range anywhere from $35-50/day. What is the best email/phone number to reach you at? We provide the right type of insurance for ridesharing as part of the rental. Hello Mukti, please visit to create an account and begin listing your vehicle. Hi there, i have a question I’m from New Jersey can a driver from ny drive my car, because i don’t have a T&L license or it has to be only a nj driver. Thank you for asking. What about Vancouver, BC, Canada? If you need any assistance after you sign up, feel free to email or give us a call at (213) 269-5330. Fantastic! Which car or SUV has the highest demand? I have a 2013 audi A4 with nav, want to monetize it as currently not using it. Are you covered or do you need to get coverage? If you need any assistance after you sign up, feel free to email or give us a call at (213) 269-5330. We would love to help you get on the road! If you have any questions after you create an account, please email or give us a call at 888-688-6769. You can also encourage longer rentals on your profile. This means you will be able to control the market in Beaverton if you decide to list vehicles there! Can i buy a new car to rent out? Not nice! Have a 2005 Q35 infinity, 2 door can this be rented ? Dark gray with black interior, tinted windows, all options and Sirius Radio. Visit for more information. Hello Avtar, please visit to create an account and begin listing your vehicle. The owner of the vehicle is responsible for the registration fees, acquiring the license plate and providing personal insurance on the vehicle. Hello, Is the services available in Detroit, Michigan ? And everything will be done online, so we do not actually have a physical station/office for you to go to. Hi, I am planning to buy 2017 Ford Transit Passenger 150 XLT Medium Roof. I want to thank you for this informative read. Apart, how much rates should I be asking for the same ? Drivers paying with a credit card will not be charged the $200 deposit, but the card will be kept on file for any incidental damages. Are you guys in los Angeles? Hi Angie, payments are sent out via direct deposit. The most popular types of vehicles in our marketplace are those that are most efficient for ridesharing purposes (Uber and Lyft). Drivers are typically looking for any gas efficient 4 door vehicle. Where can i see the list of the cities you are available ? We do have some benz cars want to rent out to uber drivers, it seems that we can do some thing at that point. We are a car rental company that allows renters to drive for ride sharing platforms. You will be able to rent it out and be able to pay your monthly car note and also make some passive income from it every month. This means they keep your car longer, which in turn, continues to “drive up” your profits! Thank you for understanding. Thanks for sharing informative article with us i appreciated you for it. HyreCar is available in Pittsburgh. I can technically rent my car to someone in Chicago since they are in Illinois, but I don’t want to have to keep going to Chicago daily to give my car to different people that want to rent my car. What year does the car have to be? Is this service available in the Boston area? Hello! I would like to have my BMW X1 rented out. Yes we are! What are your required parameters for a car that can be used? Also is there a contract on the rentals or can I do month to month? Please visit and enter your zip code to view vehicles in your area. As well as how can I upload my car in your systems.? If you’ve ever asked yourself, “How do I rent out my car in order to earn extra income?” HyreCar has the answer. Thanks. 2 door vehicles are not accepted., I want give my car for rent Nissan versa 2015. Thank you for asking. Yes, there is but for specific data please give us a call to speak to a sales agent in your area. If you need any assistance after you sign up, feel free to email or give us a call at (213) 269-5330. i read you article this is so unique and reliable. Two great questions! If I rent my vehicle to a driver for let’s say 3 days and fails to complete any runs….or let’s say the driver renting my vehicle completes no runs but uses my vehicle for personal use putting 150+ miles on my car? Is it possible to have the car under a parents name but the profile under your name? This is also known as, . While renting your car to someone else is a great way to make a little money, if things go wrong, it can end up being very costly, so make sure you are covered. The best thing to do, however is to check the exact stipulations of yours or your friend or family member’s insurance company. Hey my question is, if Im still making payments on my financed car, can I still have someone to rent my car? Greg Macke is a car buying specialist, author and consumer advocate working closely in the industry to improve the buyer's experience. While they aren’t mandatory, the inspections for Uber/Lyft and a basic 19-point inspection look extremely good to drivers, as they won’t have to get them done themselves individually. What if I rent my car and the driver using it meets with an accident and damage my car? Head over to and one of our representatives can help you find a car as soon as possible! The car has been station on the carpark without using yet monthly I’ve still need to pay off the the instalment which is SGD1200/month. The car is in great condition, but it has 2 doors. The car’s insurance will be uploaded to the HyreCar site within 24 hours before the rental period. 4. What happens if that person does not have enough funds or drive enough to pay for the rental fees upon returning the vehicle? Thanks Rico. We provide insurance for ridesharing from a leade edge insurance provider so your vehicle is covered during the rental. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Bingo. Do u operate in New jersey i have Honda Accord 2013. Hey Daniel, to protect our Partners, we collect payment from the Driver at the beginning of the rental period! Thank you! Visit for more information. Please I do have to have TLC car to rent it with you guys for an uber or Lyft Or I just give you my personal car and that is it Please reply me on I have a Toyota Vios E 2018.. What kind of daily rates can that generate? Please visit for more information and hopefully we will have you on our team. Best, Nicho. Hey ! Cover your monthly car payments or simply earn some extra cash by sharing your car on Turo whenever you’re not using it. I lease a 2016 340i BMW 4 Door car which I don’t always use, as I have another car while my children are at college and thought about renting out my car until mid May. If you need any assistance after you sign up, feel free to email or give us a call at (213) 269-5330. Please visit to create an account and begin listing your vehicle. Please visit to get started. If you need any assistance after you sign up, feel free to email or give us a call at (213) 269-5330. We do operate in Las Vegas and there is a demand. How would i go about this ? Some owners actually deliver their car to the renter, but that’s totally optional. You can earn an additional $100-300 every month renting out your empty space! What type of car insurance coverage do I need to have on my car in order to qualify to rent my car on HYRECAR? Great question! If you have further questions, please give us a call at 888.688.6769. I live in NYC. My question is who is responsible for maintenance or mechanical problems for the car? Owners are required to take care of the vehicle service/maintenance. Your email address will not be published. Then you will be able to transfer the ownership of liability over to the driver for them to pay. We have been operational in Florida for about a month now! Yes we sure do! What happens to my vehicle insurance after I list it on your platform? And if u say I would need insurance do u know any company who would insure a car for only the gap part of it. Some examples of this might include claims that are filed for: damage less than 6 inches, maintenance related issues, lost or stolen keys, etc. The simple answer is yes, you can. If you need any assistance after you sign up, feel free to email or give us a call at (213) 269-5330. List your car and you should have no problem getting it rented out! My car is immaculate with absolutely no damage. That is the risk you take. Required fields are marked *. So, is there any type of legal arrangement where I sell the car to someone … By the way, there is never a membership fee to list your car with HyreCar. I attempted to find the list again and do not see it. You may rent whatever cars are available in our market place. Chasing renters for nickel and dime tolls seems like it could be an issue, how is this resolved. The minimum age requirement there is actually 2007: If you would like to get ahold of our parter success team, please visit to create an account and then email or call 888-688-6769. Just liability coverage? And which places do I think have better business in Newyork. Please visit to create an account and then you will be able to begin booking a vehicle. Can you please give specific details regarding insurance coverage? I am kind of assuming my insurance wouldn't allow it and wouldn't insure them if car was in my name.
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