Being IATA-certified, travel agencies can issue airline tickets on behalf of airlines, which adds trustworthiness from the customers’ point of view. Truly a valuable service to protect your professional status. Created by a group of airlines, the International Air Transportation Association is an organisation that provides accreditation to travel agents and international and domestic travel agencies. Cost, Experience, Application Requirements & Notification Time: The details on IATA travel agency accreditation depends on what country you're registering under. PRAGUE - Last spring, in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic, Prague Airport began to implement a number of measures aimed at protecting the health of both passengers and airport employees. ... A full list of IATA products with … Inviting Expressions of Interest to Serve as Travel Agency Commissioner (IATA), Upcoming Webinar - Gateway to Finance Transformation: Your Talent, Broadening the scope of IATA AIR Hackathons, Quantifying the value of airline retailing, IATA/IATAN ID Card at your mobile fingertips, Alliances and acquisitions: a changing world order, Strengthening Cooperation on Standards for Intermodal Travel, ADM costs to airlines – Learn how to better manage them, Focus on customers, core competencies drive internal realignment, Accelerate@IATA helps airlines and startups to converge for innovation, IATA Financial and Distribution Industry Webcasts - Summary: 2019 to 2020. Airlines working with our cargo agents have access to a worldwide distribution network of approved agents to sell their product.​. Once accredited, you will receive: Your unique and globally recognized IATA numeric code A letter reflecting your date of accreditation Your official IATAN Certificate of Accreditation Head Office (HO) & Branch (BR) $ 235.00 Corporate Travel Department (CTD) - HO & BR $ 390.00 All fees are in US dollars and are non-refundable. Accreditation Fees . Courier/Mailing Address: 703 Waterford Way, Suite 600 Miami, FL, USA 33126 ​Any company involved in international ​air freight and complying with appropriate license and legal requirements can be accredited. Customer Portal: Documentation, resources & support for BSP and Accreditation Becoming an IATA agent. Key benefits include concessionary incentives from industry suppliers and agent travel insurance. Should coronavirus be accounted for as an adjusting or non-adjusting event? Follow the green arrow on the left side in the page. © 2020 Copyrights - All rights reserved. Find out all about this major event in the world of aviation. For that, you can check the separate article linked in the beginning of this one. Payment must be made in ID Card Platform using either: Visa; Mastercard Resources for airlines and air travel professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic. This model allows agents to be accredited in a Billing Settlement Plan (BSP) with access to all payment methods, including BSP Cash and BSP Card. In addition to these, GoStandard agents are now able to use a virtual wallet solution called IATA EasyPay. At this point the message ‘An activation link has been sent to your e-mail’ will appear at the bottom of the screen. IATA accreditation fee also varies geographically.The price of the ID Card may range between USD 30.00 and USD 70.00 depending on the class of Agency you work for (additional courier fees may apply). NewGen ISS Accreditation Model: ID Card Validation Results: Cardholder Name: ID Card Exp. The IATA/IATAN ID Card is the key to industry recognition worldwide. For more information, click here . They’re the Visa of the travel agency accreditation world, and their certification number is accepted globally. Directly access more than 60 IATA services, specially selected for you. IATAN's accreditation requirements are geared to the multi-faceted travel professional who may or may not issue tickets, work from home or a commercial location, utilize a host agency, are meeting planners, event organizers, or specialize in a unique niche markets, such as cruise, or cultural markets, as long as they can meet and maintain our business requirements. Accredited Training Schools offer their clients quality, harmonized and accepted dangerous goods training in areas of vital importance to the aviation industry. Have a read at our CASS Service Charter (online), outlining services rendered and commitments to be expected by cargo agents from IATA. There are several steps to follow in order to apply for IATA accreditation: Ensure you meet the local criteria as specified in the 'Travel Agent Handbook ' Select your country of application below and read carefully the Application Guide I mean HUGE. As a fully accredited IATA Agent we are authorised to sell and issue international airline tickets, so that customers and airlines alike can be assured that those tickets are issued and paid for in accordance with the required standards. Find special offers. Reshaping the Passenger Experience Webinar Series, COVID-19 Government Public Health Mitigation Measures, High Performing Airline Finance Organizations (HIPO), COVID-19 Dashboard on State & Airport Restrictions, COVID-19 Contingency Related Differences (CCRD), The Single African Air Transport Market (SAATM), Codes - Airline and Location Codes Search, CargoLink - Directory of Cargo Professionals, Travel Industry Designator Service (TIDS), Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) courses, Airlines Voucher & Ticket Policies Repository, IATA offers free financial services to help member airlines survive COVID-19 crisis.
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