The speakers come double-boxed with sturdy polyethylene foam blocksholding the speakers at the top, bottom, and middle. For most people, this probably wont be a concern, but its something to think about if you are purchasing it. Here are five: Amazon is very good at making recommendations of Dayton Subwoofer based on your search history. Its frequency range is from 50hz-250hz. Similar Products Used: ACI Titan II, Paradigm PW-2200, Paradigm Servo 15, Definitive Tech PF15TL+, Mirage BPS400, various Polk, Klipsch and Infinity models. I reviewed the B652-AIR with the SUB-1000 subwoofer. Dayton Audio SUB-800 8" 80 Watt Powered Subwoofer : Check Latest Price: Acoustic Audio PSW-6 Down Firing Powered Subwoofer (Black) Check Latest Price: Top Pick: Polk Audio PSW10 Review. Some of the subwoofers on this list cost thousands … You can compare Dayton Subwoofer reviews to make sure you are getting a fair price. Read the full review: Sonos Sub I have seen many reviews on the Dayton Audio sub indicating it is the best deal for the price. I love reviewing subwoofers. Bottom Line: Dayton Audio is a great company, and each of their four sized box subwoofers have some of the best specs and design that we’ve seen for the price. The Dayton Audio SA1000 is a freestanding, high-power subwoofer amplifier designed for the DIYer, installer, and systems integrator. With a great bass, excellent control system and easy integration, it is the perfect addition to any home theater.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'thehifiguide_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_13',114,'0','0'])); At a similar price point to the one above, this subwoofer has a base wattage 150, three times greater! So, when you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Thanks to huge leaps in design, they don't have to be as big as you might think! Will you need to store your Dayton Subwoofer? The packing was reasonably good considering the cost. The controls are easy to understand and use. eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'thehifiguide_com-banner-1','ezslot_0',110,'0','0'])); The Dayton Audio Sub 800 is a fantastic option for those on a budget. Plastic wrapping protectsthe speakers from moisture. Polk has made it simple to integrate the PSW10 into your current audio setup. Even though the site is huge, you will not feel overwhelmed when searching for Dayton Subwoofer. Do you need a large Dayton Subwooferor a small one? The PSW10 has a 10″ composite subwoofer and a 50-watt amplifier. Dayton Audio is the "house brand" for the venerable electronics company Parts Express. Polk Audio PSW10 10" Powered Subwoofer - Power Port Technology, Up to 100 Watts, Big Bass in Compact... Monoprice 12 Inch 150 Watt Powered Subwoofer, Black (109723), ELAC S8 Debut 100 Watt 8" Powered Subwoofer by Andrew Jones (DS81-BK), Dayton Audio SUB-800 8" 80 Watt Powered Subwoofer, Acoustic Audio PSW-6 Down Firing Powered Subwoofer (Black). No matter what effect or intensity you desire, there is a Dayton Audio subwoofer that will deliver the dynamics and sheer air pressure required. Each model looks slightly different in appearance and size, while having its own range of features, but we personally really loved the experience with the NSSW050- and it is amongst the most affordable choices for subwoofers today. If all you’re looking for is a cheap subwoofer for your home theater to get a little extra out of your movies or music, then this would do the job no problem. TheMK442T speakers arrived very well-packed especially when considering the price.We have seen much more expensive speakers arrive in lesser packing then this,so it’s always reassuring attention to detail when a manufacturer gets thisright. A perfect solution for your small-to-mid size room, LOUDER CLEARER SOUND EVEN AT HIGH VOLUME – Enjoy a thrilling yet balanced music experience with rich, deep sound, even at low frequencies. Anything under 50hz and it began to lose sound quality slightly. Money can be tight sometimes. Owning a sub can completely reinvent your audio system, making you immersed in your music or movies. If so, you should consider the size and weight of the Dayton Subwooferto make sure that it can be stored properly. At high volume, it may rattle a bit and be a little muddy at times, but it certainly adds bass. ", Polk Audio PSW10 10" Powered Subwoofer - Power Port Technology, Up to 100 Watts, Big Bass in Compact Design, Easy Setup with Home Theater Systems, BIC America F12 12-Inch 475-Watt Front Firing Powered Subwoofer, Dayton Audio SA1000 Subwoofer Amplifier Rack Mountable, Dayton Audio UM18-22 18" Ultimax DVC Subwoofer 2 ohms Per Coil, Dayton Audio SA100 100W Subwoofer Plate Amplifier, Dayton Audio SUB-800 8" 80 Watt Powered Subwoofer, Dayton Audio SUB-1500 15" 150 Watt Powered Subwoofer, Theater Solutions SUB8S 250 Watt Surround Sound HD Home Theater Slim Powered Active Subwoofer (Black), Monoprice 12 Inch 150 Watt Powered Subwoofer, Black (109723), Dayton Audio SA230 230W Subwoofer Amplifier, POWERED SUBWOOFER FOR EXTRA BASS & PUNCH – A 10-inch Dynamic Balance woofer & a uniquely configured directed port provides accurate bass with added depth that brings your music and movies alive. the largest 15 inch Sub-1500 click image to check it out on Amazon The cabinet is constructed with high-quality MDF and is reinforced with internal bracing for a superior bass clarity. Features continuously variable 80-160 Hz crossover and 40-160 Hz (-3dB) frequency response, A sleek detachable grille on the front, speaker and line-level inputs as well as speaker-level outputs on the back, and a Phase Toggle Switch for multiple subwoofers, make this sub cohesive and complete, Powered subwoofer with 12-inch injection molded long throw woofer; BASH designed amp, Patented BIC "Venturi" vent eliminates port noise, Adjustable crossover, adjustable volume control, automatic signal sensing, Inputs for both Dolby Pro Logic and Dolby Digital/DTS, Patented tracking down-converter power supply for high efficiency, Class-AB output stage for clean, controlled amplification, Low frequency parametric EQ allows you to boost or cut to custom-tailor the sound, Sophisticated soft clip circuitry improves headroom and protects woofers, Manual, auto, or triggered on/off for integration into any automated system, Dual mirror-imaged linear spiders ensure distortion-free excursion, 75 watts RMS @ 8 ohms, 100 watts RMS @ 4 ohms, Downward-firing flared port design for clean, powerful bass, Perfect for small home theaters or listening rooms, Enormous 15" heavy-duty, long-throw woofer, 150W amplifier with selectable auto-on feature for satisfying power, Unobtrusive texture black vinyl finish cabinet with removable grill, Theater Solutions SUB8S slim 4.75" height design fits under most furniture, 250 watts peak power, frequency response is 35Hz-150Hz, 24dB per octave crossover, 8ohm impedance, Built in digital drive high efficiency amplifier, 8" high efficiency low frequency down firing transducer, L/R RCA inputs, high level L/R input and output spring terminals, Variable 35Hz to 150Hz control knob, gain control knob, 0 or 180 degree phase switch, built-in auto shut off, bottom slotted bass port, black ash finish, Variable 35Hz to 150Hz control knob, gain control knob, 0 or 180 degree phase switch, built-in auto shut off, bottom slotted bass port, black ash finish.This Powered Subwoofer is NOT LFE Compatible, Full instructions, 9” 10” dual RCA cable, and "Y" adapter included, use for in wall or in ceiling home entertainment, home theater systems, surround sound systems and multiple room systems, The splitter has an operating range of up to about 30 feet (10 meters), Heavy-duty steel chassis with black brushed aluminum faceplate, Mono Class AB output stage for solid, well defined output, Manual, auto, or triggered on/off modes for integration into any automated system.
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