Recommended by:sodapop7665; Status: Complete; Pairing(s): Ash/Eiji He escaped from Dino a few months ago. ", (To Dino) "Well, I already know you’re a sick man. Maybe if he had just walked by her, she'd still be breathing. O (Anime) Birthday High quality Banana Fish gifts and merchandise. ", (To Blanca) "Dont give me your stupid advice...! Despite Ash's wish that Shorter stay behind upon learning the Corsicans vested interest in the drug, Shorter demanded to help Ash in his attempt to kill Dino and find out what Banana Fish was. Including parts of and continuing Episode 24: The Catcher in the RyeThis is just a quick one-shot that I wrote after rewatching Banana Fish again. He served in the military alongside Max Lobo, until he went insane due to the effects of the Banana Fish drug and massacred his fellow teammates. At age fifteen Ash is sent to juvenile detention for killing three people. just a couple of stories of men i simp for :) this collection is open to requests if your favorite character(s) aren't listed yet. Not much plot, just Eiji and Ash having fun and dancing together. tip: hetalia f/f sort:kudos. Height From shop SpecksnThings. Even If you bust him, he’ll bail himself out in half an hour. ", "What is this place— a massage parlor?! Ash grew up in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I need someone to hate. In the main story, though associated with the Chinese mafia, Shorter and Ash have unified territories in Volume 1 and often operate as a team, with both gangs sharing a single bar. Don’t be such a greedy bastard Max, how about exercising a little caution? All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. what’s the hurry? cause pretty much everything is different? You always got started right away, never let me have so much as a sip of this stuff. 15 (Angel Eyes)17 (Ep. If I went into detail, you’d get it into your head what kind of "fathers" they are. Ash's battle experience and knowledge gives him great situation assessment abilities, allowing him to react quickly and effectively to events that may prove heavily disadvantageous. Let's carve a pumpkin like Young Ash's Jack-O-Lantern because he'd love that' and then went and did it. However, respected subordinates. No way! My goddamn mother?! In comes Max and Jessica, who have already signed the adoption papers. Cain Blood cooperates with Ash against Golzine and Foxx. Ash's chart has been changed step by step from deceased (greyscale) to be colorful again although his name tag still grey, then changed again to be white, even finally Lao's arrow line toward Ash being disappeared, means they decided to make episode 24 to be open ending, whereas Ash is still alive or not left to the audience to decide. Decorate your laptops, water bottles, helmets, and cars. Pero cuando un misterioso hombre de ojos verdes y sonrisa galante intente robar su corazón, él tendrá que elegir entre su imperio y lo que ha conocido como felicidad.Parejas principales: AshEiji y YutEiji.Pareja segundaría: WongLung. Nov. 18th. A simple enough job, except for two problems:1. Ash will soon discover Eiji's single most horrifying secret, and even the brilliant Lynx may not be able to save his beloved from a foe neither of them can actually see. Una última matanza y se detendría, sabía que necesitaba parar por un tiempo, había llamado demasiado la atención de los medios, así que prepararía su broche de oro con cuidado, sin embargo, pasó algo que arruinó sus planes...Él se enamoró. Volume 01 Under Golzine he is "cultured" and trained as a member of the upper class: made to taste various kinds of wine, learn proper table manners, and receive an outstanding education. When Ash is under a severe rage fit, his deadliness skyrockets. Since the loss of his hometown to the enemy, Ash developed a strong hatred for the Pumpkin King and his kingdom. Name Banana Fish Production Book. Only 1 ... Pumpkin Spice Latte Earrings AshLigonCreations. ", (To Eiji) "I envy you... being able to jump like that...", (About solitary) "What could be more relaxing than three days away from these guys? From their first encounter at the bar where Ash's gang usually hangs out, Ash was unusually lenient with Eiji, going as far as letting Eiji hold his gun when Eiji asked mannerly for Ash's permission to do so. Tagged: banana fish, ash lynx, . Shorter and Ash met each other when they were in juvenile prison, explained in the side story, "Angel Eyes", where it is shown that he found Ash beautiful, describing his face as "so beautiful it was scary." Ash solo quiere escapar del reformatorio en el que su tutor lo encerró, Eiji solo quiere escapar del pasado que dejó atrás. That’s how death lifts away, doesn’t it? Ash did so, with great pain in his heart, begging to be killed along with Shorter moments later. Family It was the XXI century, vampires and humans cohabitated and had a mutual beneficial relationship: vampires helped humans survive in exchange of a little bit of their blood.
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