Such a proposal would have a significant impact- 40% of asylum seekers supported by NASS have elected to have the subsistence only package. Note that the PHF grant covers the course fee, not travel or subsistence expenses. Travel subsistence and other costs likely to be incurred by the PA - basically the PA should not be out of pocket. Having paid the rent, nine shillings remained from William's weekly wage to provide a minimum subsistence. Hank offended everyone in the village when he committed sacrilege by killing the holy cow. Older, retired people, more than one-fifth of the population, suffered the most, and the living standards of more than one-third of the populace declined to below This has resulted in land use change, particularly an increase in subsistence agriculture at the expense of forest land. 4. subsistence agriculture at the expense of forest land. Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved Contact. Subsistence is defined as the very basic necessities of life. 4. The latest in the saga that is Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence is not only the best game in the series, it's the special edition version of the best game in the series. By comparison, if a country has 99 percent of the people working in agriculture—if it is barely feeding itself, even with everyone working at that—then it is living at a subsistence level, the very definition of poverty. A porter, for example, can find employment and subsistence in no other place. Recent Examples on the Web Even fair-trade agreements can leave … Some of the poorer people use small plots of land for subsistence farming than using plantations for commercial farming. They obtained a settlement, with an allowance for subsistence, in Peking, and from this time to the end of his life Ricci's estimation among the Chinese was constantly increasing, as was at the same time the amount of his labours. . The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. subsistence incurred in carrying out your duties. It is generally an extremely inefficient way to use farmland. This includes all whaling, so called scientific whaling and any whaling conducted under the cover-all of ' aboriginal subsistence whaling '. By the end of the century, however, owing to a great extent to the publication of the essays of Malthus, the pendulum had swung far in the opposite direction, it was thought desirable to possess the means of judging from time to time the relations between an increasing population and the means of subsistence. subsistence agriculture in a sentence - Use "subsistence agriculture" in a sentence 1. Examples of Subsistence in a sentence. day subsistence cannot be claimed during any 24-hour period covered by an overnight allowance. Having paid the rent, nine shillings remained from William 's weekly wage to provide a minimum subsistence. The apparently hopeless outlook for corn-growing compelled farmers to cast about for some other means of subsistence, and to rely more than they had hitherto done upon the possibilities of stock-breeding. A columnar cave exists towards the northern side of the island, and on the eastern are the remains of a tower, with several vaulted rooms. Their main mode of subsistence is hunting. Precarious as these means of subsistence seem, he preferred the independence thus obtained to an assured position which would have involved obligations to a patron or professional duties which his weak health would have made onerous. 7) Seventy percent of the country's population practises, 8) They were living barely above the level of, 10) Many families are living below the level of, 12) The money is intended to provide a basic, 18) The majority of the islanders lived at, 20) Settlers to the area threatened the bears', 26) These policies have the hallmarks of the, 27) Many of the families are forced to live at the, 28) The standard of living today is on the edge of. Subsistence digging is the main source of recent excavated cultural materials supplied to the market. Subsistence quotes from YourDictionary: The power of population is so superior to the power in the earth to produce subsistence for woman poop, that premature death … 3. A slave for subsistence sake. Most of the population lives at subsistence level. The catching of the numerous sea-birds which build their nests upon the face of the cliffs forms an important source of subsistence to the inhabitants. herdsmana land of endless bush, villages, nomadic cattle herdsmen and subsistence farmers. The ruling idea of this new WeltPolitik was that Germany could no longer remain merely a continental power; owing to the growth of population she depended for subsistence on trade and exports; she could not maintain herself amid the rivalry of nations unless the government was able actively to support German traders in all parts of the world. 31 examples: When the price was up he concentrated on his rubber tree and neglected his… Home > Subsistence in a sentence Subsistence in a sentence Similar words: subsist, consistent, consistently, sister, listen, distend, listen to, listener. The geographical distribution of the population of the world is therefore extremely irregular, and, omitting from consideration areas but recently colonized, the density is regulated by the means of subsistence within reach. He is on the margin of bare subsistence. How to use “revelatory” in a sentence. Examples of Treacherous in a sentence. In Belize, they are the poorest of the poor, most living by subsistence farming. 190+8 sentence examples: 1. How do you use subsistence in a sentence? UNISON ensures you are not out of pocket through traveling, subsistence, and accommodation costs. 4. At night, the winding roads can make driving up the mountain a treacherous journey. Giga-fren. Examples of subsistence farming in a sentence, how to use it. Many black Namibians are subsistence farmers who live in the arid borderlands: 14. Cambridge … A life-renter can only grant a lease that is effectual during the subsistence of the life-rent. Cookies help us deliver our services. 5. Subsistence farming describes a using a small piece of land such as a few hectares (several acres) to feed a family. Some of these peoples moved from site to site as they exhausted the soil at each location. Some of the poorer people use small plots of land for subsistence farming than using plantations for commercial farming. Two springs occur and some scanty grass affords subsistence to rabbits, and, on the higher levels, to goats. Our ancestors lived in basic subsistence economies where cash never changed hands: 16. paddy cultivation and subsistence farming, and drought affects the livelihoods of these people. The possibility of a ‘nuclear winter’, with consequent effect on climate and plant life far beyond strike areas, would make even subsistence agriculture difficult. there was to many subsistences in the earth 2. Farming to provide yourself with the necessary food to eat is an example of subsistence. Under the old system of punishment, the church leaders would have stoned Ben for his sacrilege. As these waste places have been gradually brought under the plough, in England and Scotland particularly, the haunts and means of subsistence of the linnet have been curtailed, and hence its numbers have undergone a very visible diminution throughout Great Britain. Subsistence peasant agriculture was not the subject of any systematic statistical surveys. 2. When that disaster fell upon the country it found a teeming population fiercely competing for a very narrow margin of subsistence; and so widespread and devastating were its effects that between 1847 and 1852 over 1,200,000 of the Irish people emigrated to other lands. After an independent subsistence of nearly 200 years, the Suevian kingdom was annexed to the Visigothic dominions under Leovigild in 585. Check the meaning of subsistence. But the development of means of subsistence has been outstripped by the growth of population in recent years. The condition of the working man will never permanently rise above the mere standard of living required for his subsistence, and the continued supply of his kind.
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