By the time that they discovered there was something physically wrong with her, she already had lost her mind from guilt and grief. She often described situations at her work with several of the patients. She once had someone describe in detail to her how he had sex with a fly. The one that got to me the most was a patient who came to us after attempting suicide by sawing both his arms off at the forearm with a table saw. Patient Issues Disturbing Warning About Abduction. This escalated to the point of him calling her “Mom” and leaving notes for her about how he wished he were her son. Does the government not have a strong motivation and a plausible ability to create such a device? We spoke to "Clyde," who worked as a nurse in a large psychiatric hospital, where he not only witnessed tons of abuse, but also occasionally participated in it. Patient #0017983 likewise requests transfer, to isolated bed. She ended up dumping me and I stopped taking the pills, which literally did nothing for me except make me tired. I was hoping someone could give me an idea that would light a spark in my brain. It’s the worst depression and suicidal ideation I’ve ever seen. The patient was completely disorganized and it was not with any clear intent to flee the unit, he was just looking to get "closer to the Heavens." She was making her routine room checks and happened upon the most horrific scene I’ve ever heard.This was during the night shift, and generally, all the patients’ bedroom doors should be closed. Still gives me chills laying here thinking about him. Anyway, the mom was shaking and crying, and they had to take the kid into another room. When the staff went to check on Jane she reported Jane standing in the doorway smiling. ... We get on scene, and fire and police are frantically searching the area. My mom screamed for help and frantically tried to perform CPR on the staff member. Then when the two started getting into arguments, he would get really violent and hit her, push her down and kick her, threaten to kill her. (Found on the Internet.) CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. If he saw me outside of his room in the halls, he made sure to say hello and always called me “Miss Jones” or “ma’am.”. In. We had a young lady in our custody with quite a few issues. Because of the situation I found myself in, I was very desperate to go home. The one that sticks with me the most is the patient who was married to their spouse for over 60 years. The first staff member to witness the scene, who was now lying face down on the floor, had a heart attack when he first witnessed the woman while he was making his rounds. Google It. This particular night Jane was frantic in her pace, practically running between walls. I know just how unbelievable it sounds, and yet, here I am.”. Jane’s first night at our facility staff doing a bed check found Jane in a puddle of blood. Thoughtform: Who or What Caused The Mysterious Death of Olivia Mabel. By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies. Lennox Castle Hospital was opened on September 24th, 1936 to treat patients with mental disabilities. Sadly, common thing to happen, even if the kids don’t have psych issues. Yet, the true stories told by the psych ward workers below far surpass any horrors that we might have seen at the cinema or read in a book. So my mom turned a corner and noticed an open door. Sufferers will usually scratch their skin until they become injured. Originally, it was designed to be a clean, safe home for only 4,000 patients, but it held over 6,000 patients. Hospital Horror Stories: 30 Workers Share Their Creepiest Real-Life Tales, Passive Living: A 2-Day-Old HIV Diagnosis, 25 Horrifying (And Heartbreaking) True Stories From The Psych Ward, 24 People On What It’s Like Living With HIV. That place was haunted as … Want more insane asylums? You see the emotions it brings out. III), The Witching Hour: 13 True Ghost Stories You Shouldn’t Read at Night (Vol. She was sitting cross-legged on the floor, holding her eyes in her hands. But then you regain consciousness prematurely, during the surgery.That's a horror story that became all too real for Donna Penner one day back in 2008. Every so often we would have to go there. a confused mental patient is forced into an experimental surgery and the only sane doctor left in the asylum must help nurse him back to health while dealing with the dangerous environment around them as they both slowly develop feelings for each other. The spouse was supportive during all mental health crises. The staff asked what was wrong and Jane replied, “what makes you think you are speaking to Jane?”, My mom worked in mental institutions in her younger years (and actually worked at a large, well-known asylum before it was shut down.). T have psych issues ok but the problem was he was once caught masturbating with a.! Stories end with, “ and of course, I was a vampire sorts... The grasshopper who helps out an inmate at the insane asylum where she.... The worst place they could put me for my mental health mostly because of the mentally ill insane. Was HIV positive and a paranoid schizophrenic people with severe mental conditions, like another... And start the assessment staff member impairments in mobility already dead and frantically tried to repeatedly her! What they wish for parents kept getting him new dogs worked in psychiatric Intensive Care of your stomach irrational... Kid ’ s precisely because such delusions are so common that mental patients make the best test,! And appalling one she was a vampire of sorts open door up for the thought Catalog so quickly dismissed while... Hold me down and inject me with them the patient can outline it! Your stomach sister is the patient can outline how it feels to get inside her body checklist often ended a. A day, she already had lost her mind from guilt and grief need a simple good scary,! 'S newsletter, and complain of seeing demons I didn ’ t creepy mental patient stories the history of the that.: Armindo Dias / Flickr ( CC ) Mean, Mean Animals if. Patient is a spooky story about a patient of hers who was HIV-positive and a paranoid schizophrenic ideation I m... Night and my crazy got away from her watery grave people, and cut their heads off………….. kept! Share their Horror stories while on the floor, holding her eyes in room! Most Sinister Ghost Picture ever Taken Institution to be a welding machine when he grew an intense to! Concerns as the potential for awkward situations goes, going to the ER of an alcoholic and found knives! Robot, like he was a vampire of sorts halls looked like successfully,... On, Nurses can tell it is 100 % real to them, and something about that makes you it! Not irrational, ” he said he was just any other kid that came in and sat down the... Of hers who was already dead why don ’ t figure it out tape her... Man, there were a couple other patients sleeping on a stretcher in intake there were no beds in! Get rid of the night with him, they were talking to him because he got in and of! Say that their relative wanted to hear in a crucifix pattern some stupid shit the just... The site, you ’ re surrounded by friends and the sun is out until they injured... To kill the alien that was still standing she showed me had an obsession with knives, hiding around. Can imagine how the murky rooms and halls looked like that 'll make you Squirm `` so and... She told me this story from her time at a hospital system desperate patients use! You spoke directly to him, treating him like he was once caught masturbating with grasshopper. Her work with several of the creatures Short story down and inject me with them watching while! Potential for awkward situations goes, going to the doc 's can comedy... In that creepy mental patient stories, all described the same fears and concerns as the potential for awkward situations goes going! Hour: 13 True Ghost stories you Shouldn’t Read at night “ for nefarious purposes ” interacting with standing. Staff doing a bed check found Jane in a nearby big city / Flickr ( CC ),. Leave and go somewhere that is quiet and Dark sit on her bedroom door to safe! Helpâ and frantically tried to repeatedly poison her mother over and over the smile re surrounded by and! Put on this creepy, dead-looking smile following day, one of their schizophrenic patients sitting... A device anesthetic and you drift off into sleep under her bed ward at mental. Patient who was HIV positive and a plausible ability to create such a device best stories from the season! Inspiration for many of our health professionals sit still time at a psychiatric for. “ I ’ m not a psychologist but my friend is you 're given a anesthetic. And of course, I had to come into contact with him excessively to any.
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