You should have no problem finding seeds in the garden section of nearly any store in the springtime. Always water from the bottom. It should be just enough of a breeze, so they flutter slightly, not too strong, so they look like they are in a tornado. You can … Except if you’re not a gardener, a large garden might be overwhelming. Step 8:  Place your seeds in a warm location – about 70 degrees & check them every day. They can be found on the undersides of the leaves. Water your seedlings about twice a week. The next set of leaves to grow are called the “true leaves.”. Either sow in the garden into suitably prepared soil, or spread in a seedling tray filled with seed-raising mix and keep warm and moist. Planting basil from seed is truly enjoyable. If you live in a hot climate, you can start the seeds outside instead. Basil is an easy, rewarding herb to grow and once you know how to grow basil from seed you will be on your way to enjoying fresh basil in no time. Spritz soil with a spray bottle every day to keep moist. Basil has a lower germination rate than many seeds, so plant four to six seeds per pot. Recycled Paper Pots from Botanical Interests. If you don’t have one, don’t worry. If you don’t have a fan, then do the following: The basil you see in the supermarket & in the garden magazines is bushy & beautiful. Sow the basil seeds into small, about 7 cm, pots or a seed tray or into bigger pots if … When your seedlings get older and move to a larger pot you can use a soil moisture meter to keep help you determine when your plant needs to be watered. The intense sun will cause Basil plants to bolt rather quickly. The key to getting a nicely branched, bushy plant with lots of leaves for picking is to prune it early & often. Learn more on our Affiliate Disclosure page. Then you can transplant them into their final pots. The first set of leaves you see will be the cotyledon or seed leaves – those don’t count & will fall off as your plant grows. Otherwise, try growing basil in pots and replanting every year. Next, use the tip of a pencil and make a circular motion to form a tiny hole. In the early growing phases, you need to provide as much light as possible to create a healthy well-branched plant. The growing basil seeds should germinate within a week. You can put basil in bouquets, tisanes, soups, and almost any fish dish. Put the lamp on a timer, so it turns on when there is no light coming from your window. If you don't have the sun exposure for a regular eight hours a day, consider getting a grow light. Basil grows quickly and you can have multiple harvests for the season. The growth of a mature herb depends on how much the plant is cut back. Make sure you take a cutting from a plant that hasn't flowered yet. The growing basil seeds should germinate within a week. Seed can be harvested from your basil and saved for next season, or bought in packets. Sprinkle liberally with basil seeds and cover with a thin layer of soil. First thing to know about pruning is that you have to do it for your herb to be healthy. It is easy to start growing Siam Queen basil from seed. How to grow basil. The first set of “true leaves” will resemble the mature plants’ leaves. This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional. The seedling can be recognized by D-shaped seed leaves that will have the flat sides facing toward each other. Sun Requirements. The best way to do this is to put the pot into a bowl of water until the top gets wet. Place the cut just after a set of leaves. Go ahead and plant your seedlings close together. If you don’t prune your basil plant it will grow straight up & not produce enough for all the great recipes you will want to make. The most important things to remember about indoor basil care are: That's all there is to it! Step 5: Cover the seeds with a sprinkling of dry soil to the depth suggested on the packet. It turns out that the easiest way to grow basil is to allow it to grow from seed in the same environment that it will be in throughout the season. Basil is one of the easiest and most delicious herbs to grow, but even so, there are tips that can make your basil plant even MORE flavorful and bigger too. Growing basil indoors is an easy and rewarding culinary treat Basil is one of the easiest herbs to grow indoors from seed. Snip the leaves off & discard the stem. Then you can transplant them into their final pots. This should take 1-2 weeks. The pot you choose should be 8-12 inches deep. Basil loves warm soil. Position your plant about 2-3 inches below your lights. Growing basil from seed . When a basil seed gets the right mix of light, water and warmth, it starts to soften and send up a new shoot. Fill the plastic container with dry soil, add water & mix until your soil is just moist enough to hold together in your hand. Here we will show you how to sprout your seeds, care for them, trim them for a bushy plant & enjoy your first harvest. They're usually still pretty fragile at this stage so make sure they have great sun, consistent temperature and a solid watering schedule. It also dries and freezes well so you can have the herb to use all winter long. Come on in and read about how to grow basil in pots. Just so you don’t mistake it for a weed… new seedlings have two broad leaves. Gather all your materials to a working area. I like to start my basil early indoors around 7 – 8 weeks before I transplant it outside to my greenhouse. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Seed starting kits are also available at your local nursery. You can start harvesting your basil as soon as it has 6 or more leaves. Tulsi Manjari; We harvested two Tulsi or Basil plant from the Manjaris(seed or flower) of the Tulsi, we had purchased in 2018 from a nearby nursery. Month to direct sow. Shop lights are very commonly used to grow seedlings indoors. One of the most popular herbs to grow, basil is a warm-weather fragrant herb in the mint family, whose flowers attract native bees. Keep the soil moist and free from weeds. Basil thrives on lots of sunshine and light, this description is aimed at growing basil in the spring and then placing it outside when the weather is warm. Step 9: Once you see sprouts, remove the dome immediately even if just 1 seed has germinated. Rich soil. Basil is a popular, fragrant herb with a variety of culinary uses. Growing basil is the best to do indoors, under glass even during the summer period as the plants need at least 20 Celsius to grow well and even higher to grow really bushy. Basil is one of the easiest herbs to grow indoors from seed. Just above that is where you want to prune. Sprouting from seed, producing an abundance of fresh leaves, then flowering and going to seed all over the course of a few months. I’ve also included tips for growing basil in containers, growing basil indoors, and how to grow basil in Arizona. Start From Seed. Make sure the soil has good drainage. Basil plants are fun to start from seeds. Seeds germinate slowly, a bit faster when heated from below, and basil enjoys hot weather and full sun. Basil isn't super demanding about light, but it does need to get enough. Add supplemental lighting to promote strong growth, so your seedlings don’t become too leggy. If you have not grown it before, let me show you how to grow basil from seed indoors. Your seedling will drink from its roots, not the base of the plant. Gently run your hand over the tops of the seedlings each day. Basil seeds should be sown thinly and covered with approximately a quarter-inch (0.5 cm) of compost or fine soil. It's best to start with a seed flat, filled with sterile damp seed-starting mix or seed-starting compost. Fill the top with ¼ inch of dry seed starter mix. A tomato plant (center) growing alongside basil. Growing Basil from Seed. The most important takeaway when growing basil or any other herbs indoors is to remember to have fun.
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