We gave the Ryobi 4-Cycle Trimmer a 6/10 for performance because it delivers a lot of power within a small form factor. works great. 4-Position Ratchet produces up to 35 ft./lbs. It’s a “green” product (in more ways than one) that indeed delivers less fuss when fueling since you don’t need to pre-mix your oil and gas. Can that engine take ethanol in gas? RYOBI introduces the 18-Volt ONE+ Cordless 3/8 in. This is a powerful trimmer. RYOBI Tool Reviews – Fit for Pros. 1 product rating - Carburetor For Ryobi 4 Cycle S430 WeedEater Replacement carb. Sort by What kind of oil does it take . The oil needs to be changed after every 25 hours of use. If you are all about the environment, then this Ryobi 4-cycle’s fuel efficiency and cleaner emissions are going to stand out. George for model number Ryobi S430 asked on 2018-10-25 Hi George, thank you for your question. It’s important to not overfill the oil, so be careful and use a funnel (a paper one is provided for first use). After suffering through many bump heads in my time I saw no reason not to quickly disassemble and remove the bump head (on by default) and substitute the much better pro style head. The trimmer needs to be operated and even stored in this position to avoid oil leaking out of the carburetor or muffler. Meanwhile anytime you turn it upside down - the oil leaks. RYOBI introduces the 12 in. Customer Reviews. We have 2 Ryobi S430 manuals available for free PDF download: Operator's Manual . We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. It's a piece of dookey! It reminds us of the plastic panels found on a cool motocross bike. What, you thought all we did here was go to Disney World? This Ryobi is lighter than the old one and i can actually use it with a single hand. I threw it in the garbage can today and its brand new. When MasterForce Tools made the change to 20V Max cordless, [...]. … DON’T EVER BUY ONE OF THESE! Accessories for the Ryobi RY34440 (S430) Questions & Answers. Want more? I have never ran it out of gas. Harbot 309368001 Carburetor for Ryobi RY13010 RY13015 RY13050A RY34000 RY34420 RY34440 S430 RY64400 30CC 4-Cycle String Trimmer 309368003 with Fuel Line Adjustment Tool 3.5 out of 5 stars 20 $12.99 $ 12 . This thing is a piece of junk. In 2008, Clint founded Pro Tool Reviews followed by the landscape and outdoor power equipment-focused OPE Reviews in 2017. The increased piston action and additional mechanical construction really takes its toll on your hands. Greenworks Chainsaw Reviews 2020 | What to Know Before You Buy! dust … Thanks for helping us do what we love. Ryobi One PLUS+ AC80RL3 OEM .080 Inch Twisted Line and Spool Replacement for Ryobi 18v, 24v, and 40v Cordless Trimmers (Pack of 6) 4.5 out of 5 stars 16 $12.05 $ 12 . Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. As a result, the only “safe” storage position for this tool is lying horizontal on the ground, properly oriented. Be the first to review this item! Downloading Ryobi X430 Repair Manual from our website is easy, so you shouldn’t have any problems with it even if you’re not very tech-savvy. Tool Manufacturers and Tool Brands by Logo, Average number of pulls to start when cold: 10, Average number of pulls to start when warm: 1, Average number of stalls during use: 1 (mostly during idle). I'd buy it again. It should be checked with the trimmer placed horizontally on the ground. SUPPORT OUR ADVERTISERSgoogletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1448375265475-0'); }); When he's not remodeling part of his house or playing with the latest power tool, Clint enjoys life as a husband, father, and avid reader. The ONE+ Cordless 3/8 in. It’s summer. Ryobi 4 Cycle Trimmer Build Quality. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. The system is available as a straight or curved shaft. Hello Debbie and thank you for writing. Yes, when the piston moves up it will create a vacuum in the crankcase that sucks the air/fuel into the crankcase. What we did experience was a tendency to flood easily. Ryobi 4 cycle gas trimmer maintenance ryobi gas string trimmer ry34440 s430 ereplacementparts 4 cycle full crank curved shaft trimmer ryobi tools the ryobi lives you ryobi 4 cycle 30cc attachment capable straight shaft gas trimmer ryobi s430 straight shaft trimmer 4 cycle reviews viewpoints. manufacturer_part_number: wyl-242-1. I use it weekly and have had it for a couple of months now. Checking it is just a matter of cleaning off the dipstick and then making certain the oil falls within the hatched area of the stick. Vibration on the Ryobi 4-cycle Straight Trimmer was considerably greater than with our reference 2-cycle trimmer. Get specific details about this product … Homelite ry34427 30cc string trimmer parts diagrams ryobi 4 cycle gas string trimmer ry34441 ereplacementparts 4 cycle full crank curved shaft trimmer ryobi tools ryobi 4 cycle trimmer ry34440 review pro tool reviews ryobi trimmer air filter base embly 308398004 for online ryobi gas string trimmer ry34440 s430 … You simply twist the accessory knob to loosen it up, depress the spring-loaded coupler mechanism and remove and replace the Expand-It accessory. Copyright ©2008-2020 CD Media, Inc. All rights reserved. That’s a shame as this takes up much more room than hanging it from a double hook with the engine side up (two cycle engines can be stored in this way since the oils and gas are mixed together and sealed within the engine). The first member of the RYOBI Ratchet Family, the 18-Volt ONE+ 3/8 in. My Ryobi 2 cycle weed wacker was left outside in the rain, and now it dont want to start.. How could I fix this or do I have to buy another one?? | Video, Mulching Grass the Right Way for a Healthier Lawn, DeWalt 20V Mid-Torque 1/2" Impact Wrench with Tool Connect DCF896, Worx 20V Cordless Orbital Buffer and Polisher WX856L, Hart 20V Inflators for High Pressure and Volume. Ryobi will never gain access to my property again. Ryobi S430 Operator's Manual (52 pages) 30CC 4-CYCLE STRING TRIMMERS. Going back and forth between 2-cycle and 4-cycle was like night and day and we understand why 2-cycle might still be the first choice for most professionals and homeowners. This 4-cycle trimmer is a wonder to use. Best Gas String Trimmer Starting Lineup. When it starts it runs pretty well, but I have had it for two months now and could only get it started twice. First, reduced noise output during idle dramatically reduces fatigue on the ears when you’re spending an extended amount of time less than a yard from a hard-working motor. By continuing to use our site you are agreeing to our, Wrenches, Drivers, Pliers & Socket Reviews, Milwaukee Quik-Lok Attachment System Video Review, Milwaukee Quik-Lok Multi-head Attachment System Review, Stihl KombiSystem Adds a Battery Powerhead – KMA 130 R KombiMotor, Best MasterForce Cordless Tool Reviews | Now With Boost Technology, How Much Torque Do You Need In An Impact Driver? This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Have replaced the spark plug. Sliding Miter RYOBI introduces the 12 in. OK, I’m being generous… you’ll pull on it almost a dozen times before it starts. The 4-cycle Straight Trimmer comes with just the string trimmer attachment, but does include both a bump head and a pro-style head that facilitates easy string replacement and will handle larger diameter string (anything from 0.095 to 0.105 in.) Carburetor For Walbro WYL-242 WYL-242-1 Ryobi MTD Troybilt Craftsman s430 carb. The heavy duty 15 Amp motor delivers up to 3,800 RPM for the power to make difficult cuts. Start Right Here Find appliance parts, lawn & garden equipment parts, heating & cooling parts and more from the top brands in the industry here. We were disappointed to see the noise difference go away once the throttle was depressed. The Ryobi 4 cycle trimmer is a beautiful looking product. I absolutely love the feature i can use to reload the string in it. Have had tons of Electric tools from Ryobi, Sorry this trimmer was a pile of garbage out of the box. Finally took it to repair shop after calling Ryobi and getting no help. We make sure that our database is constantly expanded and updated so that you can download all the files you need without any problems. Have a look at the manual Ryobi 4 Cycle S430 Manual online for free. At this point, with the oil leak, the engine dying at idle, I threw in the towel and took it back. If so, is the shut-off valve open and the fuel clean? We didn’t find the unit to leak all that much oil during our use, provided we kept it horizontal during storage. Compare this to our competing 2-cycle which measured 85 dB SPL (around 50% louder in terms of perception). We got used to starting up the trimmer and after a while it just seemed like old hat to us, but it definitely took more energy than any of the 2-cycle trimmers we’ve used. We did try hanging it vertically with both the engine and blade sides up. It comes with a 3-year warranty. I am very happy with the way it works and how quick I get every thing done. If you can get it started. The bulb looked to be well-made and is a device you will expect to replace after several years due to the fuel taking its toll on the synthetic material. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. This took all of two minutes and now I can buy bulk line of excessive thickness string (up to 0.105 in in fact) and cut it to length as needed. got this trimmer because of all the attachments Ran for one use then would never throttle up again. Have owned it for about 4 months now and every time i go to start it i have trouble. This is not a tool we’d recommend for most women or teens looking to cut lawns. The RYOBI 4-Cycle Curved Shaft Trimmer brings power and performance to your yard with lower emissions and less hassle. Debbie for model number S430 asked on 2019-09-18. We also purchased the tiller attachment and used it in our garden for at least 13 years before it died. The last thing a 4-cycle motor offers is separate gas and oil (engine lubricant). I followed the manufacturer's instructions before my first attempt to start it and have never had a problems starting it. 99 I had this for just a few months. Treat them right and they will provide years of continuous use. You don’t apply any gas to the throttle until the unit has been running for 6-10 seconds. Never buy a 4 cycle for anything that that isn’t going to be used flat on the ground like a lawnmowerr. So when it needed to be replaced we decided to get another Ryobi. 4-Position … ECHO – SRM-2620T; Honda – HHT35SLTA – 4-cycle; Husqvarna – 525LST; Makita – EM2650LH – 4-cycle; Ryobi – RY253SS; Ryobi – RY4CSS – 4-cycle; Shindaiwa – T262; Stihl – FS 91 R – 4-mix – 4-cycle running premix (oil and gas); Tanaka – TCG27EBSP; Troy-Bilt – TB6044 … Please read and accept our website Terms and Privacy Policy to post a comment. There’s one key thing to note about Pro Tool Reviews: We’re all about the professional tool user and tradesman! We never felt the motor bog down (not even once) and in fact had to keep reminding ourselves to “goose it up” during use because the trimmer did a decent job when the throttle wasn’t even fully engaged. List price was $75 more than a comparible 2-stroke model. He has a degree in recording engineering and has been involved in multimedia and/or online publishing in one form or another for the past 21 years. Just in front of the choke is the starter grip and rope which you will undoubtedly become very familiar with when using this tool. The included Extended Reach Trimmer attachment comes with both a bump head and a pro head. The Ryobi also didn’t feel as nimble as the Ego in tight spots, like between the rose bushes. If 2-cycle trimmers are the cats meow, then 4-cycle trimmers must be better, right? SUPPORT OUR ADVERTISERSgoogletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1389975325257-0'); }); The Ryobi 4 cycle trimmer RY34440 promises, among other things, quieter operation and greater fuel efficiency. Well, the Ryobi 4 cycle trimmer offers a couple things its 2-cycle counterpart doesn’t. As an Amazon Associate, we may earn income when you click on an Amazon link. I am just in the process of replacing the timing belt on the Ryobi.The crankshaft does in fact have 2 main bearings but they are in cantilever fashion(you may want to correct review) The belt sits behind the outside front bearing which I am still trying to remove.Owing to the way it is built this either requires a special tool or can’t be removed.If the unit runs low on oil because of the way it is stored the belt will stretch without the motor seizing.I would not recommend buying one of these. We had also rebuilt the engine on it once. It's quieter than the origional and lighter and works just as well. We measured the idle noise output from 3 feet away at 80 db SPL. We actually used an old Edger attachment from circa 1998 that fit perfectly onto the shaft and allowed us to edge our lawn after we had made quick work of the weed-whacking. This machine runs alright for about 30 minutes or so and then it keeps dying when you get it to where you can use it. At maximum throttle, the 4-cycle measured 101 dB SPL and our compatible 2-cycle (using the same string and Extend-It attachment) measured 102 dB SPL. Manuals and User Guides for Ryobi S430. I have a Ryobi tiller as well, its headed for the garbage also. ©2006-2020 Viewpoints. The repair shop told me they get so many of these in for repair and they just cannot find a permanent fix. Needless to say after it was in the repair shop they started it twice, I used it once and it is dead again. Average time on single set of string: will depend on your string. Mechanic's Assistant: Do you have fuel in the tank? C $16.73. We prefer straight as it works better for taller people and facilitates cutting underneath decks and other tights paces. Our site uses cookies. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Here are some interesting stats we accumulated when using the tool over the course of a couple weeks: We edged a decent sized lawn with this tool several times and really got a feel for the weight and power it possesses. It’s possible to download the document as PDF or print. Worked great about 10 times then could not start it. Product Review: Ryobi C430 4-stroke Curved Shaft String Trimmer. You will need SAE 30-weight oil for your model. The system is available as … The system works with Ryobi’s Expand-It system whereby the single 4-cycle body can be used with multiple attachments. The oil will always give you trouble. All rights reserved. We decided to judge this trimmer against other 4-cycle trimmers since Ryobi makes both. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. The comment form collects your name, email and content to allow us keep track of the comments placed on the website. Compared with the Ego, the Ryobi … Sliding Miter Saw with LED. Write a review. Was hoping it was a break in time....but it isn't. Many years ago we purchased a Ryobi trimmer. Specifications. Dalom C1U-H60 Carburetor + Adjustment Tool for Ryobi Homelite 25cc 26cc 30cc S430 SS26 SS30 CS26 CS30 String Trimmer Brushcutter 985624001 308054003 985308001 3074504 4.4 out of 5 stars 225 $15.85 Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. It reminds us of the plastic panels found on a cool motocross bike. Our website collected and compiled various consumer reviews about Ryobi Tools and Troy Bilt as well as customer ratings and recommendations for these brands. Luckily, Ryobi has both 2-cycle and 4-cycle products available, so you’ve got some choices. Reviewer’s Note: See our article on 2-cycle vs 4-cycle engines. It takes a few more pulls than we were used to. I mean, they’re two more, aren’t they? 7 — English ASSEMBLY UNPACKING This product requires assembly. For value we gave it a 7/10 since this trimmer offers slightly more power and features for less than the price of many competing 4-cycle models. In Florida that means copious amounts of perspiration and many hated weekends spent trimming up the grass and edging the lawn.
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