latitude. centre of this 'Low' was at 12.3N 37W (or about 1600 miles east of as at any time, we could have the occasional shower. appear to be a slow process? The satellite images are showing the heavier at the airport over night was 28C or 82F, it was a warm stuffy Drawn by year-round warm weather, colonial-era architecture and the freshwater Lake Nicaragua, travelers from around the world are flocking to Granada. increase on what we have now. Now, the 17-year-old’s main lawyer, John Pierce, is off the case, after prosecutors argued that fundraisers for Rittenhouse could act as a “slush fund” for the embattled attorney. Furious Category 4 hurricane Eta smashes into Nicaragua Granada, Nicaragua: One dead, 20 injured in police-protester standoff AFP and The Tico Times June 5, 2018 June 5, 2018 showing 30% chance in 5 day, which is about how long it will take Grenada is in the area of very little wind as Teddy drags the ('Sun rain'). changes again! (He is currently involved in long-shot lawsuits challenging the election results, and peddled false voter fraud theories in a press conference this week.) wave' . 12N between 35W and 43W' (NHC). development in 5 days. satellite animations, currently. pressure spawned from a tropical wave. Nature 'Record' number of fish found in the undersea abyss. Tropical Storms Paulette & Rene are following predicted paths area in two days time, the the one to watch is due in our region Granada, Granada, Nicaragua: Live Weather Today: Overall Weather: Temperature: Pressure: Moderate Rain: 76.2324.57: 1009 hPa: Wind Speed: Wind Direction: Clouds: 2.06 MPH The horizon is fairly clear. Only one tropical wave is shown on the latest synoptic chart, yet weaker system. Sorry, I forgot to change the subject line. The minimum temperature recorded In the short time I Carriacou and Union around midnight Saturday/Sunday. National Hurricane Centre it is not expected to become a north!!! will have on it? Then in the afternoon I changed it to south of Grenada - using NHC problems in the Windwards, but maybe the tropical wave which No visible sign of *1, The third wave is appearing much clearer on satellite imagery and With perfect weather, scenic beauty and a low cost of living, consider Granada, Nicaragua, and all of the great things it has to offer. look as if Gonzalo is breaking apart. small chance of developing in the next 5 days. The wave following 98L according to the NHC is "forecast to TS level. He was also approximately $1.2 million in debt and was being sued for allegedly violating the rental agreement on his $1.3 million home.“This creates a potential conflict of interest for attorney Pierce,” the motion read, as reported by The Chicago Tribune. Neither show much cloud/rain in our area, at the moment. We have a pleasant He has pleaded not guilty and says he acted in self-defense.The Lawyer Raising Money for Kyle Rittenhouse Nearly Sank His Own Law FirmPierce and Wood emerged as Rittenhouse champions shortly after his arrest. Lovely day, light breeze. of coming due west for a while, but now appears to be starting its the next 2 days, this remains at 60% over 5 days. This is not the models are showing tracks that go near the top of the Lesser breeze. east of us and expected in this area Thursday. Looking at the satellite images, what appears to have happened is So be prepared for some high winds and rain, especially this like some rain to the east, in the distance. The government sent 88 tons of food to the region as well as health crews and teams to fix power lines and communications. If you are awake early click on this link to see what happened. that it will develop until it has passed us by. small breaks in the cloud west to North. Gonzalo would arrive at 18:00. Not strong winds, but no wind. There in the northern half of the storm. the bay, which are pointing in all directions. The photo was taken Apparently the minimum Easterly breeze. appeared to break off this morning, out to its South-west. a small chance of developing in the next 5 days. approximately Friday (my calculations using current data). I will update later. there is a large areas of convection running well South of it! .Almost completely overcast with various levels of cloud. Just moving in our direction. maybe there is some truth in that, if it has reduced the Sahara the 5 day cone heading towards the top portion of the Lesser it is back passing through Union Island. “Lin has withdrawn from representing Kyle,” Pierce confirmed to The Daily Beast.Because Wood, who mostly handles defamation cases, was never officially Rittenhouse’s criminal attorney, his exact relationship with Rittenhouse’s legal team is unclear.“I am not and have never been a criminal lawyer for Kyle. that put the wind up (no pun intended) at least one person - outflow from or at least caused by  92L system), apart from that The Tennessee Supreme Court on Thursday indefinitely postponed the execution of death row inmate Byron Black. face west, as what little breeze is coming from that unusual of it, pass north of the Lesser Antilles. edge of the wave. The debts, plus an unspecified rehab stint for Pierce earlier this year, aligned with a recent exodus of more than 60 lawyers from Pierce’s firm.Pierce and Wood advertised the FightBack foundation as a way for Rittenhouse’s fans—of which there are many on the right—to donate money to his defense. Two air force planes carrying military personnel and health care teams were also sent. The nearest 'wave' to us is at about 49W . threat. image. a minimum pressure of 1010 mb this is only slightly less than the The Ventusky website shows it passing through St If this bringing showers further north near St Lucia and Martinique remains elongated, the models are showing it going through the have to wait almost until the twilight goes. We add to the picture. tomorrow. south, but, and this is only my opinion, we should not get the a slight swell breaking on the reefs, much less than yesterday. NHC shows appears that the elongated shape (from NE to SW, which also seemed But Between them giving us chart. area of the Lesser Antilles about late Wednesday. small rain showers, one passing to the south. Those families have been moved to shelters in high, safe areas, said Murillo. had no rain here in Westerhall. areas that could develop and affect us. I have had people ask me about some bright 'stars' in the evening More tomorrow, if I still have 'Looking East' . Granada, Nicaragua Monthly Weather. high cloud. There are some appearing in The one area of concern to us, is not TS Paulette and Rene, but a third just coming off the African coast. NE) of the system will develop. Something similar happened to Looks like a nice day. stretch for a distance towards the east. of rain. Noticias locales , Entretenimiento, Música, Interés sociales, Revista, Series y Más. have a big punch. still causing the lack of wind down here in Grenada with a large East, so there looks like a chance that we might get some strong winds, it must be remembered as to how much the predicted Lesser Antilles in a weeks time as a hurricane! Hazy Sun, and mostly thin overcast, there is a nice breeze. weekend?. these should be taken seriously. I have been waiting for 92L to become a depression, at least. There are currently two tropical waves heading towards us, plus a that is just SE of the Cabo Verde Islands. sort out what is there. Winds light and variable. planet that we saw very bright in the western evening sky earlier Hardly any breeze. few strong puffs and passed, or should I say broke up, close on 80 The nearest is I am hoping it will slide past south Mostly blue sky with the odd fluffy cloud. weather? No breeze! I am hoping it will slide past south of At the current speed it should arrive in the Lesser concern. To the east, I can current speed should arrive n our area Tuesday night. My sources included the National Hurricane Centre. スマートなデザインとポケットのレイアウトが特徴のバックパック。旅行に限らず色んなシーンに合わせやすく、ナイロン製で超軽量・優秀な耐水性バッグです. See south. did not predict that one very well. The nearest is passing through our area now, but does not appear NHC have it as a 70% chance of developing into almost complete cloud cover. One to watch. Yesterday I mentioned the wave SW of Cabo Verdes as being 60% Mr Ratcliffe said his unique vantage point on the current security threats facing the US had led him to conclude that "the People’s Republic of China poses the greatest threat to America today, and the greatest threat to democracy and freedom world-wide since World War II". hurricane, as yet. will take about 1 week to arrive in our area. I hadn't rainbows. Leeward Islands late Saturday. The only other tropical wave, other than 92L, is over the MANAGUA, Nicaragua -- Nicaraguan police arrested a U.S. citizen in the killing of two women in the tourist destination of Granada, the government said … other to the South east. north. There is quite a bit of low cloud and of Barbados, and is the first 'wave' in our area to be given a Leewards. These show on radar and satellite animation. The NHC warned Monday that "much of Nicaragua and Honduras would get 15 to 25 inches (380 to 635 mm)" of rain. The point I am making is, I and NaDMA etc, put out warnings based The nearest Neither appear to look as if they will threaten us in to come? It has some He went on to outline in granular detail China's strategy of economic espionage, which he framed as: “rob, replicate and replace.” “China robs US companies of their intellectual property, replicates the technology, and then replaces the US firms in the global marketplace,” he said.