If the chainsaw is on a flat surface, put your right foot on the handle while your left-hand holds the top of your chainsaw. The carburetor does the job of drawing in the fuel to mix it with air before delivering it to the engine cylinder’s combustion chamber. If your gas chainsaw won’t start, it might be a result of one of these five issues. If the recoil starter assembly is defective, the engine won’t turn over and the chainsaw won't start. Whichever it is, it’s not good for the engine and will cause the chainsaw not to start. To determine if the spark plug is defective, remove the spark plug and inspect it. Try to start the chainsaw after priming the carburetor. You need to make sure that you use only original spare parts that have been optimized to work with your particular model of your chainsaw. If you do not, it is possible to find yourself using parts that will wear out faster and in the process make the other parts to fail as well. Regular maintenance practices of the start system will ensure you do not run into start problems. You can change the rings if you notice that the exhaust gasses are bluish. Why won't you Start Chainsaw after Sitting? If the engine of your chainsaw is not convertible from cord start to an electric start then you can start it with an electric drill. There are cases where you may buy fuel that is mixed with other chemicals such as ethanol. Sometimes a chainsaw will sputter right after it starts, which you can help to inject more fuel into the engine by … If your Stihl chainsaw will start but refuses to keep running, the problem could have several causes. Clogged Carburetor. If either of these parts is broken or worn-out somehow, your chainsaw won't start so the chainsaw needs maintenance. Repairing your Poulan chainsaw can be easy if you know what you're looking for. Remove the starter assembly and inspect it to see if it is functioning properly. If the spring seems faulty, you may need to replace it with new rewind springs or purchase a new recoil starter assembly. Make sure air filters are not dirty; Check the clutch pads. Alternatively, you could clean it with a wire brush to get rid of any trapped particles. When you release the rope, … If the recoil starter assembly is defective, the engine won’t turn over and the chainsaw won't start. The compression rings are found on the upper section of the piston head. These are elements like the rewind spring and recoil starter pulley. Or, the spark plug could have an improper gap in it. They are used to create a compression zone above the piston head. These problems range widely in complexity and costliness. He has degrees in science and humanities and years of teaching experience. The spark plug produces the spark that ignites the air-fuel mixture which then burns in the combustion chamber. Required fields are marked *. This simple diagnostic repair plan lets you identify the faulty mechanism, replace or repair it, and start buzzing again using tools you already have in your tool box. Check your owner's manual or an online guide to make sure your plug has the correct gap. Discussion Starter • #1 • Feb 24, 2009. Read on to learn exactly what you have to do to fix your Poulan Chainsaw. Have a second person pull the cord if someone is around. Her work on topics including smart home technology, pest control, living green, budget home repair and helpful household tips have appeared in publications including Bob Vila, Esquire, Popular Mechanics, Gizmodo and Yahoo. 1comment. If the temperature drops below freezing then it’s going to be a good idea to bring your chainsaw inside a heated part of your home. The Chainsaw Won't Start A non-starting chainsaw can be caused by several issues. There are many reasons why your chainsaw won’t start. Let's talk about these common reasons that don't start chainsaw after sitting. The spark plug might be defective. If the porcelain insulator is cracked, an electrode has been burned away or damaged, or there is heavy carbon buildup at the electrode, replace the spark plug. They include; Defective spark plug; Clogged Carburetor; Defective Ignition coil; Defective rewind spring; Check all these parts if the chainsaw won’t start. This is one of the common reasons why a chainsaw won’t start in cooler climates. A spring-assisted starting system can reduce the force needed to start a saw by up to 40 percent. Crank the chainsaw and see if a spark occurs. It seems like an obvious step, but make sure you have enough fuel in your chainsaw to get it started. You may be tempted to do so when the clutch pads are worn-out and you see the chain turning slowly. It could also set you back financially for repairs. Out of these three components, it is the pulley assembly and the recoil spring that is most susceptible to fail. They include; Defective spark plug; Clogged Carburetor; Defective Ignition coil; Defective rewind spring; Check all these parts if the chainsaw won’t start. By that time, the alcohol that it contains in the form of ethanol will have absorbed a significant amount of moisture from the air. Several issues with your recoil starter, also referred to as the pull cord or chainsaw rope, can lead to your chainsaw not starting. It can be a reason for a critical setback to your project or even cost you hundreds of dollars to fix that it. If you think you have too much, let the engine run for 20 minutes to evaporate some of the excess. At last, I found an … Problem seems to be that there is no spark at plug. Well, you still have a few more possible culprits that might be responsible. Chainsaws can be affected by the surrounding conditions, particularly weather. If the engine of your chainsaw is not convertible from cord start to an electric start then you can start it with an electric drill. It seems like an obvious step, but make sure you have enough fuel in your chainsaw to get it started. It might be the first time you’ve started your chainsaw that day, or … This problem might be caused by a couple of factors. Check the ignition coil; Does the coil starter works ok? Which is why we’ve put together this helpful guide. Many people use the wrong starting procedure and say that their Stihl Chainsaw not starting. The same happens when you push the primer bulb excessively. And we also find out the solutions to fix it easily. You can sort out the unwanted difficult situation by best chainsaw maintenance at home. Therefore, ensure that you use only fresh fuel. For many chainsaw users, once it stops working, it is an indication that it should be tossed and a new one bought. That will save it from damage caused when it’s stored in a dump places. No matter which starting method you choose, remember that the chain brake should always be activated. Then, press down the primer valve several times if your chainsaw has one, and set the master control to the cold start setting. Accidentally skip a service here and there, and any chainsaw may start to develop problems. Old or Bad Fuel. 5. We will also discuss how to start chainsaws from various manufacturers. A lot of people don't even know that a chainsaw has a spark arrester. If you find that it has a shot or its windings are not continuous, then you should replace it. The engine can get flooded when you try to start it by pushing the fuel pump as a means to get it started easily. Your email address will not be published. Fill the tank with fresh fuel if the fuel the fuel had been in the tank for several weeks or months. Some of its light and highly flammable components will evaporate or get chemically separated from heavier and denser elements of the fuel. When the chainsaw doesn’t start, then there might be a problem with the air filters. Once a faulty component gets identified, you either repair it or replace to restore functionality. The most common issue is that the spring inside isn't operating correctly, meaning that it won't push the other parts of the chainsaw into motion as it's pulled and released. The spark plug might be defective. One of them must be the problem. The engine won’t turn over and the chainsaw won’t start, if the recoil starter assembly is defective. The chainsaw might start suddenly while you’re checking it. There are two correct ways to start your chainsaw: on the ground or with the saw between your legs. Know the issues and eliminate them from their roots. Check them and replace them as required. The spark plug is one of the first parts that you should check if your chainsaw won’t start. If the tool stalled and does not start, first check the presence of fuel in the tank. I'm a bit wary of even opening up the ignition as it's a completely new system to me. So the combustion chamber doesn't get enough fuel, and as a … Stihl Chainsaw Won't Start: The Conclusion The electric spark occurs when an electric current jumps across the spark plug gap. When the chainsaw doesn’t start, it can cause an immense delay on a particular project. Shtil chainsaw does not start: causes and solutions. Clean the plug and screw it back. It won’t retract the starter rope, if the recoil pulley is broken or stuck. That will cause the remaining mixture not to gain enough heat from the compression process to combust when the spark occurs. We will begin by discussing the top 20 tips and tricks that you could use to make sure that your chainsaw starts. Don't worry about this. That means it will not deliver the right air-fuel mixture ratios or it will simply not deliver enough air-fuel mixture. Gas Chainsaw Cold Start When you start your chainsaw cold, you’re starting a saw that hasn’t been running. Drain out the fuel from the fuel tank. Gasoline goes bad after 30 days. Chainsaw won’t start: causes of the problem and how to fix them. Step 5 If the chain saw still doesn't start, bring it in to a Poulan repair shop. Make sure that your fuel filter is clean, up to date and allowing for an easy fuel flow. In this comprehensive guide, we look at the different tips and tricks that come in handy when your chainsaw fails to start. Many problems can cause your Stihl chain saw to stop starting. Oddly enough it sounds, but many people forget about it and when a similar situation arises, they immediately try to repair the instrument, which can lead to serious damage. If the engine fails to start, that fuel remains in there. If you haven't used the chainsaw in a few months, you might want to drain the old fuel and put in fresh fuel. There are two correct ways to start your chainsaw: on the ground or with the saw between your legs. Try to start the chainsaw after priming the carburetor. The reason behind this is that the spark arrester and stoves with roaring flames are synonymous. Pull the starter cord sharply If the starter isn’t pulled sharply and with some force, the saw wont start. How do you fix a chainsaw that won't start regardless of all efforts? Air forms the bigger portion of the air-fuel mixture; dirty air will easily cause the combustion chamber to be filled with thick layers of soot. If there is soot, clean the spark plug points with a wire brush. What you need to do is always start with fresh fuel anytime that you have had the chainsaw in storage for a couple of weeks or just for a long time. That is usually an indication that the piston rings are leaking. That lowers the quality of the fuel and makes it difficult to turn on the chainsaw. Again, run the chainsaw until it quits and then squirt a little starter fluid into the open choke valve, underneath the air filter. That causes it to create a backpressure that prevents the exhaust fumes from escaping fast enough. The starter pulley is supposed to let go the rope smoothly as you pull it out. If you need to replace them, then you need to replace the whole clutch plate. Press the throttle trigger quickly, as well. 20 Tricks and Tips to Get your chainsaw started. Dry the spark plugs then start the chainsaw again. When your chainsaw won't start, another potential culprit is a faulty recoil starter. The solution is to clean the carburetor passages and ensure that both the fuel and air filters are working properly, and not clogged. If it's broken or damaged somehow, even your new chainsaw won’t start. Check the air filters. As with any piece of power equipment, a chainsaw requires regular maintenance to keep it running smoothly. What happens is that the fuel filter after being used for a while traps so much dirt that it gets clogged and can only pass just a little amount of fuel or none. Press the fuel pump for easy viewing of the fuel level. Push the throttle halfway and pull the starter rope till the chainsaw is running. Pull the starter slowly and smoothly. Many chainsaw models can be started in what is known as half-throttle position. 5. The spring resets the recoil and reduces the resistance you feel when pulling the starter cord. What might be less obvious is that too much fuel can flood your engine and prevent your chainsaw from starting. And while you’re cleaning the chainsaw, cover the carburetor throttle with tape. The ignition cold is the component that converts the low voltage current generated by the flywheel magneto into a high voltage current to force it to jump across the spark plug gap, creating an electric spark. 63 Posts . Chainsaw won't start. If the Husqvarna has gas but still isn't starting, it may have a faulty spark plug or wiring. You will notice that the chain is turning slowly even though the chainsaw engine is running at maximum speed. If it’s cold and you are trying to start your power saw with fuel that has been in your tank for a while, apart from the chainsaw failing to start, you will be fouling the spark plug. You should change the fuel filter after a certain number of hours of use. Common solutions for: Chainsaw won't start. When that happens, the chainsaw will not start. If they are worn-out, they will allow the air-fuel mixture to escape during compression. Clogs can happen when you leave fuel in the chainsaw for an extended period, such as over the winter. If you haven't used a chainsaw many times before or are new to a certain brand or model, it's worth checking to make sure you have the hang of starting this particular tool. If cleaning does not work, then place to replace the carburetor. If it does not, then the spark plug is faulty and you should replace it. How To Troubleshoot A Chainsaw That Won't Start, By creating an account you agree to the Hunker, Chainsaw Journal: Definitive Chainsaw Starting Guide. Give it another 20 minutes to cool down and then try again to start it. You can use a multi-meter or ignition coil tester to check for continuity in its circuit windings. Rachelle Dragani is a freelance writer based in Brooklyn with extensive experience covering the lifestyle space. Recoil Starter. Your email address will not be published. Give the chainsaw a break by turning everything off. Remove the starter assembly and inspect it to see if it is functioning properly. Chainsaw letdown is real. If the brake is not activated when starting one of these models, the chain may rotate. Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. To fix it, unscrew it out, check to see if the spark points are clean. If the engine doesn’t start after 15 pulls, you have to remove spark plug and replace it with a new one. Most saws likely won’t start on the first attempt but should on the second or third attempt. If the carburetor fuel passages are blocked because of suspended particles in the incoming air or fuel, then it will fail to function properly. Regular maintenance practices of the start system will ensure you do not run into start problems. If you have pulled on the cord until your shoulder feels ready to pop out of its socket, and that engine still won’t rumble to life, you have a problem. Stihl chainsaw is a clear choice for many homeowners and professionals due to its design and performance. 01 - Spark Plug. If the Ignition coil is faulty because of a short circuit, or lack of continuity in the wire winding, it will not provide a high voltage current.