@vatman . CAPshift also adds half second delays to the F1, Insert, Num Lock and Scroll Lock keys. i press the caps lock key, and the light next to that button turns off, meaning no more caps lock. Item (2) Caps lock light On: Caps lock is on, which switches the key input to all capital letters. If pressing the CAPS LOCK key will not work that could mean it's the keyboard that is faulty. Open Settings, and click/tap on the Ease of Access icon. To toggle these functions on (lock) and off (unlock), push the respective key (Scroll Lock key, Num Lock key, or the Caps Lock key) once on your keyboard.Pressing the key toggles that keyboard function. Click Apply , … the Caps Lock key is placed at the left site on most keyboards. You can press the Ctrl+Win+N keys to directly open to Narrator settings. 2. Caps Lock will be automatically turned off after 2 minutes of keyboard inactivity. i even connected another keyboard to my laptop, but it just won't turn off! CAPshift is portable and only consumes around 2MB while … I'd like to know if there's a way to disable the LED light of my capslock key. In most cases, the User Guide for a particular series is going to provide basic information, including the various lights, controls, and keys included on the computer. Caps Lock is enabling light I recently received my new Anne Pro, but I'm having a problem with the caps lock key. Whenever I put my lighting mode on something such as the rainbow waving effect or the pulsing effect, if I turn off my lighting effect, pressing the caps lock sometimes re-activates it and it takes me two presses of Fn+R to turn it off. Turn the scroll lock light off by hitting the scroll lock button to toggle scroll lock mode itself off. this isn't a joke. Under "Indicator settings for NumLock and CapsLock" section, look for "While the numeric lock or caps lock is ON" section, choose the "Show the indicator for a few seconds" option. Lock' Press it once and the green light should turn it self off. Step 4: … For example, if Num Lock is turned on and you push the Num Lock key, Num Lock is turned off, and vice versa. Steps of the setting to turn off Caps Lock with Shift Key: Step 1: When entering the desktop, move the mouse pointer to the upper right corner to open the Charms Menu, and then select Settings in it.. 1. Have you tried turning off the CAPS LOCK key by pressing on CAPS LOCK? Step 3: In the Control Panel, click Clock, Language, and Region to go on.. Step 1: Type Regedit in the Start search field and press Enter to access Registry Editor. i can only get 1 letter when typing with the onscreen keyboard, then it goes back to caps lock. If I understand the problem with your laptop, it does boot up just fine but the CAPS LOCK light is always on right? From the User Guide for this Series: Page 11. Caps lock works as left arrow. But you can disable it via Registry Editor. You should find a key named 'Caps. Originally, when scroll lock was introduced in the early 1980s, scroll lock was set up to adjust … 1. There should'nt be anything wrong, … I'd like to use it for gaming but everytime I press it the LED turn on and it blinds me. Click/tap on Narrator on the left side, and select Always (default), Only when pressing Shift, or Don't warn for what you want in the Change when you receive Caps Lock … How Scroll Lock Works Scroll lock is a mode on a computer that adjusts how scrolling through a set of data works. Hi, I bought an Acer Nitro AN515-51 recently and 2 weeks ago I noticed that the caps lock on-screen indicator wasn't working anymore. If you don’t want those keys to be affected, the settings ini file can be edited to turn them off. Step 2: Choose Control Panel in Settings panel.. Stack Exchange Network. but when i start typing it comes back. If you mean you want to disable it, Windows doesn’t offer a straightforward way for users to do that.