Use it to destroy the vine, then exit the room. Target them all with the Boomerang and if performed correctly the switches will open the door below revealing a chest containing the Big Key. Use your Deku Leaf to bring another platform closer, then hop on over to it. Quickly blow the switch with the Deku Leaf and make your way across the room, then head to the next door. Use your Deku Leaf to make it spin (just send a gust of wind into its direction), then hop onto the platform and use the Deku Leaf again to make the platform move. (Source: Dark Linkaël) Leap across to the suspended flower, lock on to all the vines that hold it up with your boomerang, then cut the cords and fall down to the bottom floor. Valtr - This NPC is the leader of The League and is located in the hut that acts as a shortcut to the right of the first lamp ("Forbidden Woods" Lamp) Map Translation Used M_NewD2 ? Don't get too close to the vine plant or it will retract into its shell. Hop down there to find a treasure chest with a red Rupee. Sadly there is another flower covering this door, blocking our progress. If you are playing the Gamecube version, open the Tingle Tuner and place a bomb here to reveal the chest. Grab another Bomb from the flower and throw it across the vines at the other barricade. Once you are shot into the sky use the Deku Leaf to float over to the platform nearby. Go back down to the bottom floor, grab another stick and climb back up to throw the stick at the vine again. ". Hop into it and you'll be attacked by Morth monsters that stick to you and slow you down. It should be a goner by now. One of … Once they’re defeated head through the next door. Video Walkthrough: Forbidden Woods Part 1 Exit through the door to get to a water-filled room with another small ropeway. Open the door and go into the next room. But there are two shortcut elevators, first one leads to the lamp, the 2nd one leads to the first elevator. Lift it up and place the bomb next to the flower. This cave stretches from the top floor all the way to the bottom -- but a network of vines prevents you from going down to B1. Video Walkthrough: Forbidden Woods Part 3. After exploring through the Forbidden Woods, Link soon meets with the boss, Kalle Demos. If you hear a chime, the vines are gone. Head through the door with the small key we just got. Swing across to another platform and enter the door here. Only one lamp in Forbidden woods (sans the boss lamp). Head through the door nearby and use the Boko Bulbs to climb to the very top of the room. At the north side of the room, you will find a few Rupees and three Baba plants. Defeat the Boko Baba on the next platform and jump into the Boko Bulb that appears. Walk over to the opposite side of the room and use the Grappling Hook on the Peahats, then finish them off with the Boomerang. Once you do so, use the Deku Leaf to fly across to the other side and open the chest here for a Joy Pendant. Next, grab the seed from the left side of the area and carry it over to the door in the center. Jump back down and use the Deku Leaf to fly over to where we originally used the Grappling Hook. Two enemies will be dropped from the sky to give you a little bit of trouble. When the vines pop up in front of you, turn to the left and walk to the wall. Once the vines have been cut down you can charge in and attack the plant at the center. Jump down to the bottom floor and defeat all enemies. The Koroks begin to dance and sing, causing seeds to sprout on the Great Deku Tree. For example, go to the tall room in the very south of the dungeon (you can use a warp to go back to the entrance hall, then go north). You can use your new Boomerang to stun them both and attack one at a time to make this battle much easier. by Amarah Z "Once you've: Fed the hungry refugees, located the apo… Climb up the winding path and stand on top of the tree stump. Cut down the trees you find and open the chest for another Joy Pendant. Bars will slam over the door and a Winged Mothula will drop down off the wall. Dispose of them any way you like, then climb back on top of the tree stump and use your Grappling Hook to swing yourself across to the now unlocked door in the east. This will cause a whirlwind above the large flower in the middle. Continue doing this until you reach a wall and two more Octoroks. Exit the room. Throw the nut directly at the flower and it will die, allowing you to progress. When you get to the corner, turn and use your shield to defeat two Octorocs. Head through the next door and you will find various nuts filled with supplies. Enter the next chamber to find it filled with hanging vines. Defeat them with the Boomerang and then kill the Green ChuChus. Defeat them all to get a stick and uncover a bud that can propel you into the air (on the right). We will need 20 of these for a future quest. Go through the door. Defeat the Boko Baba along the way and use its Bulb to float across the room to a treasure chest. Slash the bushes here and use the Deku Leaf to fly to the door on the other side of the room and enter it. Video Walkthrough: Forbidden Woods Part 2. Climb up the small platforms nearby and make your way through the door on the western side of the room. Next, get the nut on the left side of the room and throw it at the plant on the door to kill it. This will open the door to allow us back out. These enemies will not hurt you, but they will drain your magic once they grab a hold of you. Hop into the flower bud to get on top of the pillar with the pot, then make your way up to the highest pillar to find a Joy Pendant. You are given Farore’s Pearl as a reward for saving Makar. After defeating Kalle Demos, Link r… Continue doing this until you can reach the door on the northern side of the room. If you are playing HD, you will have to wait until you obtain the Bombs to reveal this chest. Described by Professor Silvanus Kettleburn as 'massive', the forest is thick with trees — beech, oak, pine, sycamore, and yew are mentioned, as well as undergrowth such as knotgrass and thorns — but there are paths, brooks, and some clearings. Each path is closed off by tree stumps with long, linear branches acting as turnstiles.A distinguishing feature in the nearby foliage, from the behavior of flowers (which resemble creeping dogwood flowers) … Inside the tree ahead you’ll see a chest with another flower on top of it. You can use your Leaf to float into the hole if you don't think you'll make it. To figure out how to get into the Forbidden Woods dungeon, please refer to the. Jump over to the central platform and walk around the tree. Walk with the nut until you are a few feet in front of the door. After you’ve defeated it a locked area will open, allowing you to open the chest inside for the dungeon item: the Boomerang. Jump onto the flower with the bomb and then throw it at the wooden panels to the north to blow them up. Go through the door. Blow some air at the switch to bring another cart over to you and then hop on it. Hop down onto the flower and grab a bomb on the south side of the room. Back in front of the entrance to this room, use the Deku Leaf to blow away leaves on the platform in front of you. As part of the Master Win… Hit the switch nearby with the Deku Leaf to bring another cart over. Forbidden Woods Go to the right, follow the passage and pick up the Map from the chest. You can now enter the door with the two vines growing on it. Go through the door. Fight the enemies on the bottom floor, then catapult yourself up on top of the tree branches. While it might seem like a dead end at first, jumping onto the rocks on the far left allows the player to reach an area that is out of bounds and normally inaccessible through normal play. Use your Deku Leaf on the windmill to bring the ropeway platform in close, then push yourself off by fanning the leaf to the north. There is another treasure chest in this room, but you'll need the Boomerang to open it, so come back later. Look for the grappling point shown in the above picture, but instead of swinging from it, climb up and stand on top of the bar. Link will peer down to a hole in the trunk of the tree you just stood on. Kill it with your sword while it’s still lying on the ground. Use the Deku Leaf and blow air at the eastern wall to move the flower along the top of the water. The Forbidden Woods are one of the most treacherous areas in all of Bloodborne, and even making it to them alive is a challenge in itself.In this Bloodborne Forbidden Woods … Next, grab a stick from the pot next to the boss door. Turn right, then right again almost immediately, and you will find a bomb in the grass. When you're about in the middle of the pit, turn around and use the Deku Leaf on the windmill contraption on the far right to get to the other side. You can now open the locked door with your key. Hop on the cart that comes towards you and move it forward by blowing a gust of air at the door you came in from. NPC: Hinterlands Healer QUEST: A Common Treatment more QUEST: An Advance Treatment more QUEST: A Rare Treatment more 03 NPC: Corporal Valecan become Inquisition Agent by Klaus Prehn Pedersen & John Cruise "After helping the refugees by giving them clothes, food and a healer, you can speak with Corporal Vale and gain an additional agent." When it's next to you, jump and use deku leaf. Can be directed towards Iosefka's Clinic or the Oedon Chapel. Quickly jump into the Boko Bulb and fly into the whirlwind which will shoot you upwards. Walk back through the maze and return to the door we entered from. Grab the Bomb and use it to blow up the vine guarding the door. Open it for Treasure Chart #1, and then return to the door you came in from. Use the flower bud to get up high and float to the platform. Jump across to the other side of the room via the suspended flower and open the treasure chest (10 Rupees inside). You will need to use the boomerang on the tentacles in order to knock Kalle Demos down.