For … If you want more details, check out the “Know-How” section in Crazy Sexy Kitchen. I’m trying to slowly replace my bakeware as it wears out (I bought some not-so-sturdy stuff in the days before I considered how long-lasting items would be, and it’s giving out piece by piece). Making the best vegan dishes often comes down to having the essential vegan kitchen tools, as well as the best ingredients. Tofu press. They’re a great company, and the specs for the blender I have are better than the ones of a Vitamix but half the price!      1c. This vegetable scrubber looks durable and has two sets of bristles of varying hardness for use on hardier root vegetables and softer-skinned veggies. I have one fine mesh sieve which works for many uses, like draining pasta, washing salad leaves and draining quinoa. Recent Posts. If you really want to be a minimalist or are short on space, you could go without the smaller sized chopping board. Readers often ask me which tools I use in my kitchen, so I’ve created this page of all all-time favorite and essential vegan kitchen tools: Food Chopper & Immersion Blender. Vegan kitchens are easier to outfit than non-vegan kitchens; for example, you only need one chopping board. A food processor can easily be the most versatile tool that you’ll find in a kitchen. Plus, they’re relatively inexpensive and will last for generations. They’re useful for getting into nooks and crannies. Chopping boards are an amazing vegan kitchen tool for chopping plants. Christine Chiao March 23, 2012. You probably didn’t think that this would make it onto the list, but hear me out. Stock your kitchen with these 12 essential vegan kitchen tools to give yourself an easier cooking experience. I make bliss balls, grate vegetables, make raw desserts, all the dips you can imagine, and mixes for my falafels and patties. Turning fresh, nutritious fruits and vegetables into juice not only creates great beverages but also makes a flavorful addition to raw soup stock, sauces, and marinades. Over time we’ve found that we only need three knives, including: Keeping my chef’s knife sharp and ready to use is critical. Being vegan, we don’t need that, but it’s nice to know that they’re powerful enough to cut through a lot of things with good precision. Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything… Imagine neat and organized drawers. I discovered it one day when I made a big pot of rice and served the rice only to discover it was covered in pepper…except I hadn’t used pepper…and the pepper was bits of non-stick coating (so gross, and potentially bad for you).      4e. Every kitchen need it.Thank you for sharing this post. One of the easiest ways to adopt a healthy lifestyle is to start cooking for yourself, but doing so can be challenging for those who don’t have the proper kitchen tools. I use a metal strainer for everything! Tofu is an essential for vegan kitchens, and it can be fun to experiment using it in different dishes. With serving utensils!      4f. Contact Essential Vegan Kitchen on Messenger . Whether it’s adding variety or saving labor, these electrical appliances are must-haves for vegans who love to cook. Measuring scale: click here to check the latest prices. Vegetable scrubber: click here to check the latest prices. If you want to make vegan mayo, tartare sauce or aioli, or you want to puree creamy soups (and don’t have a blender that will blend up hot liquids), then an immersion blender (aka a hand blender or stick blender) are some of the best cooking gadgets for vegetarians and vegans. This constant stirring motion will help to prevent clumps of flour from forming and to create a nice even sauce. Tofu presses make cooking tofu to perfection much easier. After all, the world of kitchen equipment can be overwhelming! As a Vegan since 1994, I know what works in a busy vegan kitchen. For this reason I consider a wok an essential piece of vegan kitchen equipment. Cooking with a sharp knife is less dangerous than a blunt knife, so make sure you buy a sharp knife and maintain it. Essential Cooking Tools For Vegan Kitchen. Take it from us: These pieces not only cover the basics, but make healthy cooking a breeze. As minimalists, everything we own needs to have a purpose. I try and limit the number of baking dishes I have; however, they all have a purpose. A whisk is a great tool to use when you want to mix some liquids or mixture that is more liquid than solid. A crockpot/slow cooker can make your life much easier, particularly if you work long hours and would like to come home to a hot meal. Be sure to season and maintain yours properly. This is my list of vegan cooking kitchen essentials. Kitchen gadgets are always fun, but some of them don’t have much utility for vegans. Optional vegan gadgets for the kitchen Saute some greens for toast? Making a dressing? In many ways, the vegan kitchen’s toolkit doesn’t look all that different from that of a meat eater or vegetarian, but there are some differences. Vegan or not, these are useful tools and appliances. Veganism has never been more popular. High Speed Blender. Vegetable juices can be the most nutritious component to a healthy vegan diet, which is why a device such as the Omega Juice Cube is essential. Lodge cast iron products are incredibly durable and last generations. I have two that I rotate between and love them both. I’ve put together a whole vegan blender buying guide. If possible, I try and use it more than once. Good quality, heavy-bottomed pots will last decades and will be in use every day, if not multiple times a day. We have two chopping boards, one small and one large one. Essential Vegan Kitchen. They’re also great for grinding up spices, if you like making your own spice mixes. I have the following dishes that serve a variety of purposes, including: For someone like me that bakes a lot of different things, these dishes are all essential to me. Required fields are marked *. These are also great if you want to dry herbs on if you don’t have anywhere you can hang them in your kitchen. Can openers are almost falling out of use these days with so many cans coming with a tab opener on top, but if you do buy canned ingredients without openers, this can opener opens cans and blunts the edge so you can't cut yourself on the lid edge. Ideally, again, try and buy ones that are not non-stick! Click here to read my food processor buying guide. And if you love making curries, then nothing beats freshly ground spices. 2. Chef's knife. If you have a Kitchenaid stand mixer, you can also get a pasta maker attachment. Tip: If you want to avoid using parchment paper, one trick that I learned from my mum is to season the baking dish to create a non-stick surface.      3b. This these foods on hand, you’ll always be ready to make healthy plant-based meals. The right tools make healthy cooking even easier. Want to veganise the rest of your life? A colander or sieve is a great addition to your vegan kitchen. I recommend a wooden or bamboo chopping board like this (bamboo for its strength, durability and (relative) sustainability). Both are solid timber and get a workout multiple times a day. Get my vegan tips and guides in your inbox. These are the things every vegan should have. Click here to read it. Below you'll find links to purchase essential kitchen tools including small electrics, kitchen bowls and gadgets, and more! 10 essential kitchen tools for a vegan kitchen in 2020 Spice grinder. Let me know in the comments below. Please note that the links in this post are affiliate links. While it’s possible to make great vegan food without, it’s much easier with a blender. Chef’s knife Budget option: I have two large bowls—one stainless steel and the other ceramic. In order of importance, here is a short, simple list of items that, once you own them, will make an absolutely great, complete Raw kitchen. Was it a hand-me-down or did you pick it up in a charity shop? Alongside the usual savory and sweet items that every pantry needs, there are a few ingredients that are particularly useful for vegetarians and vegans, as well as those wanting to eat more meatless meals. Lodge makes the best cast iron pans and I recommend their 10 1/4 inch cast iron skillet. I’ve boiled it down to the vegan kitchen appliances and the essential vegan cookware, vegan tools and vegan cooking utensils I use at least weekly, if not daily. Sassy's Vegan Kitchen Essentials Part 2. High-quality knives are among the cornerstone must-have kitchen tools for any chef, and they’re just as important for a vegan kitchen as any other. It's easier than you'd think: 2-3 excellent knives; A powerful blender; A good food processor; A juicer (see the video below to help you decide which kind fits your lifestyle) Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. There are a couple different options when it comes to a steamer. In the vegan kitchen, we don't need to worry about knives as much as a kitchen where someone is preparing meat. We’ve been using a Neoflam frying pan for years. Bakeware, baking trays and roasting tins, 3. Make sure you have at least one wooden spoon. We walk you through all the lingo, equipment, and how-to info you’ll ever need to be a star chef in your own home. We use it every single day. You’ll never have to dig through an over flowing drawer of random utensils, or not be able to get into the drawer that got jammed because the tongs got pushed up. Keeping your kitchen pared down to the essential minimalist kitchen tools will help you stay organized. A good-quality blender will make a massive difference! Not only have I reduced cutting incidents in the kitchen, and improved performance, but I’ve also increased our knife lifecycle. There are plenty of other single-use vegan cooking accessories (like cherry pitters) but I'm not a fan of single-use kitchen implements. This is especially helpful if you’re baking something that’s a little more sticky or is in a deep baking dish. The beauty of those is that once they’ve been seasoned correctly, they create a natural non-stick surface without all the nasty chemicals that come along with a conventional non-stick fry pan. A high speed blender is one of those things I waited awhile to … Vitamix — these will last a lifetime (my parents have had theirs for 25+ years) and the newest models are low-profile, meaning they fit easily under your counter. Click here to read my guide to the best vegan blenders. They can do everything from chopping, slicing, and grating, to blending, and beating. Tip: Wipe your wooden chopping boards down (not soak) straight after use and make sure that they’re stored somewhere with good air circulation, so they don’t start to smell or worse, grow mould! Jun 4, 2020 - Homestead Kitchen: 7 Essential Tools An Off Grid Life Check out these 7 homestead kitchen essential tools to help save time with your old-time cooking. They became immensely popular a few years ago, and while I don't own one, I know many vegans who adore theirs and making crispy, 'fried' style treats with much less oil. The other reason it’s great (well two reasons) is that it’s not bleached like the ones you find in the supermarket, and it doesn’t contain any plastic, which is why those white baking sheets cannot be thrown in with your compost. No spam (it’s not vegan! Blender by Jarone Ashkenazi. Vegan kitchen accessories and essentials, 3f. I’ll use them for mixing the batter, smoothing out the ganache on a cake, and getting every last part of whatever I have in my food processor or blender. Raw Food Kitchen Essential Tools.