I have also created over 306 posts on magick, and occultism, and over 1356 sigils. Is it possible to overdo it? Things improved for me at night. Moonstone is another one where should i place it near me i crash out quick. My sleep has gotten better. Saturn will make trouble for sun, Few people whos saturn in good place they might not feel any sleep disturbance if they keep amethyst under their pillow, I am a beginner in crystals. Depending on what sort of emotions and planets etc…but I will try the ones you mention namely black and red. Can we say that all grounding stones are good for sleep? Most people do not recommend you use crystals on someone without their knowledge. Amethyst Amethyst is a powerful stone of protection that can also be used to enhance psychic awareness and promote balance and peace. All day long it isnt on, yet at night it turns itself on. I also find these only seem to occur very early morning before I awake. Absolutely terrifying! But when it doesn’t, I won’t be able to sleep, and I will kind of turn around in my bed, and nothing, so I always end up removing it from under my pillow and placing it on my nightstand , and then it’s alright I can sleep. I have got 2 different point of views on this. Rose quartz isn’t really a good stone for me (at least for me) – I always have dreams about love or relationship issues whenever I sleep with it lol. I find that labrodite helps me sleep the most. Many thanks, However I am going through difficulties Ive always kept red root/base, sacral, and most yellow and orange or solar plexus stones on the other side of the room, a complete flip of this almost! There are lots of other protective stones though. lol I’m going to replace it tonight with a red jasper. Hi. Selenite is the perfect sleep stone. Do you have information on crystal movement? Hi Ethan, I will be trying to go to bed without it tonight. My soul could not rest literally. I dont recommend storing under the bed or near the head. Thank you for the great article! As this is a very yound child might be safer placed outside her bed on a stand. I’m not sure if it’s something I would need a break from. Garlic under your pillow in order to promote sleep well. And put it by my bedside slightly above my head last night. I just started to get into crystals and I started a mini collection but had no idea where to put them. ( Log Out /  I’ll take it away when I’m feeling a bit more settled as I don’t usually have a sleep issue but will also keep the others in mind for more gentle help in the future. You said not to use crown or third eye chakra crystals but i personal find that lumurian helps me with nightmares and getting back to sleep after them. Thank you Avoid crystals with action orientated properties, Crystals For Sleep, Which To Avoid In Your Bedroom. I want to get her some crystals for under her pillow. I wrote this because I have not found the usual crystals to be that helpful and to even have the opposite effect. Do I need to cleanse them every morning? If it was them it will stop if they are moved. I put one in my pillow and have been having incredibly lucid and active dreams the past few months. would you recommend celestite for kids bedroom? If you want to tap into your dreams, under the pillow is amazing! I sleep pretty good but have very intense dreams. And place each rose and amethyst under the bed in each corner and the moon stone in the center. Incredible article dude! I'd deeply appreciate it my friends. I started having very weird dreams recently. One playing with my foot and then jumped down to eat, the youngest followed. I am going to try moving them to another location and see how it goes. Thanks for the great article. Thank you for your insite one this. As soon as my head hit the pillow, the light turned on in the cabinet, and this time my husband saw it. I shared the energy with my window sills backdoor and front door. I hope I sleep better tonight. It need reacharging by light of a rainbow so don’t use it too often. Thanks!! I’ve slept with my amethyst for years and I actually couldn’t sleep with out it sometimes. One chose a rose quartz and the other clear quartz. Here is a small list of constructs you can put underneath your pillow, that will provide to you certain energies, minds states, and physical stimulus throughout the night based on what they are: Hello, I’m the Wolf Of Antimony, and I am an eclectic, and syncretic occult practitioner. I sleep like a baby. I have also created 58 servitors that helped me throughout my practice. To me it acts like a mini force shield … Much like the moon it’s named after it reflects other energies. 5-7am. Hi Carrie, I personally would not recommend a clear Quartz standing point by the bed because although Quartz can cleanse it is also a powerful amplifier. It used to keep me up all night, but recently, it just knocked me out in an hour these days. Depending on what cycle. 6 Different Crystals To Sleep With Under Your Pillow Selenite. Less is more with the bedroom. I am very sensitive sleeper (sounds, what I eat, emotions, energies around me). With my guys, they know I am organic and get tired and not to keep me up late. I don’t understand the reason why I cannot subscribe to it. I must say I’m getting sleepy but my cats just woke up. Yes, pyramids energise and amplify, they are also full of angles and not a rounded shape conductive to sleep. I’m ordering your book, can’t wait! When you create a balanced circuit with crystals you enter a deeply meditative state. I think it was trying to bring up all of my issues relating to love and was just too intense. Should I not have it in my bedroom at all? I have had very good results using a Smoky Citrine Crystal Point (You could try any natural Citrine point if you cant get it) for nightmares that might help. That was a very powerful. It’s interesting that you mention that about amythest. You might want to read again what I said in the article about this under the section on crystals for sleep support. I’ve just learned I need a protection stone for my bedside. From shop OnePeacefulNight. I chose smokies quartz, amethyst, black tourmaline, moon stone, clear quartz and my moldivite. All this was more than l needed in one room.(bedroom). I haven’t had any problems sleeping with an Amethyst under my pillow. Crystals For Sleep (Pin this to Pinterest!). Since then I started having such a deep and nice sleep. I have active young boys who can’t fall asleep, or often woke up screaming in the middle of the night. You can also enjoy the clear quartz healing properties in the following ways: Place clear quartz stones around your home and garden Wear clear quartz crystal jewellery in the form of earrings, necklaces or bracelets Sleep with a small crystal under your pillow Hold a clear quartz crystal in your hands while meditating Carry a quartz … Then I couldn’t sleep, but if I did fall asleep paralysis set in. Is there anyone else having the same RSS problems? I am also a Reiki practitioner, and have been attuned to the third level of Reiki. ... And finally, if you’re really stuck on a problem, place a piece of Rutilated Quartz under your pillow while you sleep. Emory Cotton Throw Pillow UGG Color: Blue Wayfair North America $ 69.99. Again, you can just test these out, they may work for you. In the shop it was sold like phantom amethyst. Based on your article, rose quartz sounds like the best fit, but I once slept with it under my pillow and had terrible and weird dreams that night. Hi, What about sleeping with selenite under the mattress under your body…aligned head to toe? Notify me of follow-up comments by email. All dream stones have the potential of giving you ‘dreams’which are distrurbing, thats the risk you take if you have them by the bed all the time…, Hi Ethan 🙂 it’s important to try and see which crystals you connect with because everyone is different and what may help me might not help another. If you are really under … I was having immensely vivid night terrors, and the well trusted shop owner that I confided in is not sure why I had a drastic reaction to the stone. This list is awesome. Do you think you know why? You could send a pic to my Facebook page or Instagram. I recently bought a amall carnelian, which I have never been drawn to before. Fire Agate, for example, would be overstimulating in my opinion. Smokey quartz reminds us to reconnect with our true and higher selves. Black obsidian is a very healing stone but I’ve often been told it’s a harsh and brutally honest healer, and that it may cause things like this if you don’t build your experience with it gradually through meditation. Other crystals at the bedside or under my pillow change often. I always had my crystals that were blue or purple as well as selenite and howlite night to the bed and all along my headboard, and I can tell you it’s a lot of amethyst haha, and I’m fairly sure the amethyst and selenite have been especially helpful to my sleep and vivid dreams have been wonderful for me. YES! Hi this article is great and very helpful. Amethyst Geode Table Custom Glass 26.00 Iron Stand Custom Glass Rare Mineral GG-18s $ 1,525.99 $ 1,399.99 Should I keep the quartz in my car or should I remove the torquoise pendent while I sleep? It took years for me to dream again and it is rare now that I dream like I used to. They can be dangerous. It doesn’t disturb my sleep rythym and is a very positive and pleasant experience for me to get a clear message from my guides and helpers before I awaken. I think it depends on the person and what they “need”. Someone told me to use amethyst I have been having trouble sleeping and was gonna try it tonight glad I read your article before I took that persons advice and have stayed up another sleepless night I we’ll be using rose quartz thanks again. All she wanted to do was go with me, but he said she did fine she would listen to directions and even sing songs but she would still scream. Thanks much in advance. But I add rose quarts to it. This may explain why a small Amethyst tumble stone inside my pillow case did not help my sleep issues at all!! Is it true? If cleansing is important while you sleep use a dark stone like Black Tourmaline. My experience (and it is only my experience!) I was wondering if there are certain crystals that cause hallucinations? This is always a personal thing and your experience with the crystal is always the most important factor. It is rare I hear of this. Clear Quartz Clear quartz is a crystal that is relaxing to some and energizing to others. Chamomile under your pillow in order to promote relaxation, and good  dreams. Id read that having Amethyst and moonstone under the pillow is meant to aid sleep and connect you to the Moon’s sleepy tone. Where in the bedroom are crystals best kept? Also any crystal worn/carried daily especially for protection needs regular and ideally daily cleansing. And why I had a rather stressful dream when tthe tourmaline stones are supposed to help with sleep? These are polar opposite crystals but work exceptionally well together in healing and shielding layouts. Celestite is very spiritual and did not give me a peaceful nights sleep either. I have a bloodstone and smokey quarts necklance I made and I hang them on my wall above my headboard to the right of my bed and have and a moonstone under my cats bed right next to mine. Thank you. It’s a new concept, all of this, for me. Is it ever helpful to keep crystals for sleep under your pillow or under your bed? Clear Quartz can disturb some peoples sleep, you could test that by removing it from the bed area. Amethyst is a protective stone, so that might be why. For me, I have anxiety and worry going on at the moment and amethyst is my go to crystal for a lot of things so I just chucked one of my rough chunks (maybe 2inches big) under my pillow to see if it helped! I also have used this year aqua marine, howlite and sometimes lepidolite (lithium). Learn how your comment data is processed. How about agates? Chamomile under your pillow in order to promote … Scott. Not to scare anyone but I bought a 7 by 7 inch Amethyst geode with 4 big natural prismatic crystal on top. Martin Knit Throw Pillow UGG Color: Quartz… And sleep. I like smokey quartz for sleep. I think it’s the selenite. Shop Wayfair for all the best Quartz & Never Wind Grandfather Clocks & Floor Clocks Under $500. Now I sleep at a reasonable time, stay asleep, and the nightmares have stopped! If you feel inclined to support me further, please consider donating. I will be moving that tonight as I’m sure that was the change that disrupted my sleeping. I know this is an old article (and comment) but I slept with Moonstone last night and it gave me the most terrifying dreams! I had my daughter sleeping with amethyst under her pillow and she would take for ever to go to sleep and wake up multiple times a night! I have had it on my nightstand for the last two nights and have had insane dreams – all about stones – for the past two nights. Sometimes it does work, and it does allow me to sleep, and when it does it’s really interesting because it gives me the most amazing dreams! I would reccomend any from above, maybe Hematite while you sleep. Thank you for this article.I don’t have problem sleeping but I dream a lot with lots of people all the time. Different sources will always give different advice in any field. You can easily test its effect on your sleep too. I read this article last night and tonight I took it from under her pillow and placed it on the other side of the room and she was asleep within 15 minutes! Lavender under your pillow in order to promote calm, and in order for you to sleep well. First of all, the light inside my case will turn on by itself when I go to bed. I had an smoky quartz the last 2 nights and it was really bad… some people told me it help them sleep…. I Love Amethist it is my birth stone. Recently, I’ve gotten back to a small clear quartz piece that had a bit of black on it’s tip (black tourmaline?). Thank you for this article! How about moss agate? Ethan, I was fascinated reading your suggestions as to what crystals work best for sleep, and weather to wear many crystals together or not. And I had the worst dream that night in my life and Ive had some bad dreams aka night terrors at a teenage kid. This is a quote: “It is the ideal crystal to place in your bedroom to bring tranquility and encourages a restful sleep.” I Just ordered two clusters and was really looking forward to using them. I can’t seem to find any information on crystal movement, yet I’ve heard other accounts of it. Moonlight is great for Rose Quartz, and all other crystals too. Thanks again! This is interesting, as I am only using my new, small Amethyst (already cleansed, charged, and purposed) to help with my lucid dreaming, dream work, etc. Hi, I am hoping you can help me. I decided tonight to lay with most of my stones as I previously done before. Very Interesting I must say about Amethyst ,so i get it now i have Amethyst by my bedside and cannot or have not been sleeping well at all so yes very good to know. Article by Sporteluxe. So i have had them both under my pillow the last couple of nights and have had the worst sleep ive had in a long time. Create grids, wands, and amulets using clear quartz to receive and amplify your energy during ritual work. I have been trying to research which stones, crystals, work best for the Nervous System. I have a pretty big Pyramid by my nightstand/cabinet next to my bed. (artose Pain) Another stone that won’t allow me to sleep if I have it in my room is obsidian, but it’s a high vibration stone, so I get why. A very good read. Have a nice week and thank you for all the beautiful information. I have explained why certain types of crystals do not have energy that is conductive to sleep in the article and in even more detail in the questions in the comments section below. I carry the quartz in my wallet and my purse is near my bed( on the side). How can I send you a picture of it? I wanted my young son to sleep better and placed a raw rose quartz (about the size of a ping pong ball) under his bed and he had horrible nightmares that night!! But not sure. Selenite is kind of the MVP of crystals—if you’re looking for a mineral that’ll instantly clear your energetic... Angelite. I would like to know if I am wearing a number of crystal bracelets, can I remove them during bedtime and place them somewhere else away from bed, only wearing those supporting sleep and again wearing the removed ones in the morning? Choose crystals wisely and position them carefully. I want would like for her to feel safe and relaxed in her own bed. I deal with the public daily so when I get home and on the weekends I just want to be by myself to decompress so it bothers me that I constantly dream with groups of people. Under $50 $50 to $100 $100 to $200 Over $200 Custom. I have been sleeping with a a nice display of crystals across on the shelf of the head board, and been having fitful sleep. He began wearing a black tourmaline bracelet and placed an amethyst stone under his pillow. (There is one that is recurring that I haven’t figured out how to handle) That’s when I looked online and found your page. If there is only ONE crystal you can get, let this be the one! I may cover general stones for child’s bedroom in a future post. I guess the rule of thumb here is – when you wake up after a night’s worth of magical dreams do you feel energized or worn out? It is rainbow in colour. Thanks for sharing this. Also just to add if you read this article fully you will see I do not reccomend Amethyst for sleep. any thoughts on this? Quartz Crystal assists you to concentrate on your dreams. I wish you explained why we shouldnt have certain crutslas and arrangements in bedrooms. I was keeping way to many crystals next to my bed and I was waking up at 2-3 every night. I am also assuming you cleansed the crystal before placing it there. It is such a great learning experience. I do plan to write about this subject soon. 😉. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. I have found great success with black tourmaline for removing my nightmares but still find that my mind can wander for hours while I lay in bed. I sleep every night with three large pieces of amethyst next to my head and then I swap out other crystals on a regular basis to see what comes of them – but I always have a wonderful night’s sleep!
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