Creating Your Bag. Zigzag the raw edge, and again use your straight stitch to close. But not to worry, because this step by step guide will easily show you the way to maintain your own Big Joe bean bag chair. For added durability, the bean-bag chair consists of a muslin inner lining that holds the pellets, and an outer cover. To make a bean bag chair, start by choosing a comfy, durable fabric, like corduroy, for the outer bag. Use a fabric pencil or chalk to make your marks and outlines, since these will wash away when you’re all done. When sewing, remove each pin as you come to it. And you get to choose exactly what your bean bags look like. While there are plenty of bean bags out there, you may struggle to find one that has colours or patterns that appeal to you. How to Clean a Big Joe Bean Bag Chair ? It's easy to make either a child-size or adult-size bean–bag chair.. For the outer cover, select a medium-weight fabric, such as wide-wale corduroy, denim, . Insert the lining into the cover and fill it with pellets. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. 8. Insert the lining inside the outer cover. As long as the blanket provides enough material, then it will work well. Repeat the previous two steps, and make sure to leave the zipper partly open. 4. Of course, if you can’t be bothered to make your own, you can find an excellent range of products at Bean Bags R Us. For this size chair, you will need a 30 pounds (14 kg) package of foam measuring 36” x 36” x 48” (0.91 x 0.91 x 1.22 m). As long as you know the basics of how to sew, making your beanbag shouldn’t be too challenging. Ok, well maybe that's an exaggeration, and hopefully I made up for my slacking tendencies today. Pick out your materials. Mark a place about halfway down, and then swing a ruler and draw an arc 14 centimetres from that point. As an alternate material, you could also use packing peanuts. Once you’re done, you should have two identical circles cut from each fabric, all of the same size, for a total of four circles. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 65,893 times. By adding a zipper, you can then fill your bean bag with foam or other stuffing and zip it shut quickly, and you’re good to go! But, when you sit in a bean bag chair in a ‘just-right’ fabric, it takes the experience to a whole new level of comfort. wikiHow is where trusted research and expert knowledge come together.,,, consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. You can alter the dimensions as you wish, but these instructions are for a bag 28 inches (71 cm) high with a 50 inches (130 cm) diameter. 3.1 out of 5 stars 6. Start sewing the zipper first, using your sewing machine’s zipper foot, with a seam allowance of a quarter inch (0.61 cm). Clip seam allowances at intervals of 1.3 centimetres. Continue unzipping the zipper a little bit at a time, pinning its halves to the bottom circle and rectangle as you go, until you reach the end. ALL MY DREAMS HAVE COME TRUE. For lounging in front of the television or curling up to read a book, use this comfortable beanbag chair. Despite being such a simple chair, there’s no way it won’t need cleaning. May 18, 2013 - I might be the world's worst mother! Stich a 1.3-centimetre seam. Well, I hope you enjoyed, do you have a love sac or a giant bean bag are they worth it? I AM SO HAPPY. Leave a 1.3-centimetre seam allowance. Then, sew each circle to the long sides of the rectangles to create a top and bottom side for your chair, add a zipper, and fill the inner bag with packing peanuts. 5. In sewing, the “right side” refers to the “pretty” side: the one that’s meant to be on display on the outside of whatever you’re sewing. For the inner bag, pick a simple and affordable fabric, such as white cotton quilting fabric. I came up with the most straightforward bean bag pattern. Divide the outer edge of the top of the bean bag into six equal parts, mark them, and pin them to the upper edge of the bag. Have your partner keep their pen or pin perfectly still and straight as you circle the table, tracing a perfect circle over your fabric as you go. After pressing the seam allowances toward the sides of the bag, top-stitch 1 centimetre from the seam. 88. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Buy a cheap fabric for the interior. Plan on buying about 300-400 litres of pellets for an adult-sized bean bag. Make the top stitch now and keep the clip seam allowances at a distance of minimum 1.3 cm, which will come handy. Next, cut out 2 circles with a circumference of 170 inches and 2 rectangles that are 87 inches by 32 inches from each fabric. I decided to make a teardrop-ish design. Although the name implies that the bag is filled with beans, it is actually filled with polystyrene pellets, making the chair lightweight and moldable. Repeat the same process to make the lining. Putting the cover on the finished bag takes a little time, but it can be done. In case you need a refresher, the circumference of a circle is the total distance around its edge. You will need six side patterns for the cover and six side patterns for the lining. The most durable bean bag chairs have inner linings and outer covers, and the “beans” are poured into the inner linings. Bean bag chair patterns are readily available, and we’re happy to provide detailed instructions for your convenience. I decided to create a bean bag chair to store all of that mess, but leave easy access to those toys. That said, if you are using expanding foam, a zipper is strongly advised. Find a bean bag chair pattern online. Once your inner bag is sealed, stuff it into your cover, zip your cover shut, and you’re done. Then use the menu's above to browse our bean bean bags by fabric or Bean bags by style.All of our rucomfy Bean bags are available as a Cover Only at GREAT PRICES!. Just scale the pattern you find to make the size you need and draw the cutting line accordingly. But it's also fairly easy to make some more creative shapes. Running Low on Beans? How to Refill Big Bean Bag Chairs, Bean Bags Buying Guide: How to Select the Perfect…, Safety First: 9 Bean Bag Chair Safety Tips to Follow, How To Make Your Backyard Like A Resort With Waterproof Bean Bags. Place the zipper teeth on the seam line and stitch down each side of the tape 6 millimetres from the teeth. If you’ve ever sunk into a squishy, comfy bean bag chair, you probably already know that these make a pretty comfortable place to plop. All measurements in the cutting diagram are in centimetres. The diameter is the distance of a straight line drawn from one side, through the center, to the opposite side. Lemme know. Stitch together the long, right sides of the side pieces. Catch both seam allowances by top-stitching 1 centimetre from the seams. Be sure to keep the string pulled tight between the two of you until you complete your circuit. Make your own bean bags that are perfect for kids and even adults too. Here's an easy solution: slipcovers for cheap beanbag chairs.Buy them during back-to-college sales and cover them with fabric that matches your decor. 6. Re-stitch with a regular stitch length 2.5 centimetres from the edges. Once you settle on which fabrics and filling material to use, it’s simply a matter of cutting out the appropriate pieces for your bags and sewing them together. Start again from the top, sewing left then right side in order to leave enough of a hole for the cover to go over the bean bag. Open the fabric back up, and you should have a nice symmetrical curve on one side. The cheapest way to DIY bean bag. The most important thing is to have detailed instructions and functional patterns. Sew the Bean Bag Cover together. This bean bag design is excellent if you want to have back support when you work on your laptop or watching TV. This way you don’t have to sew the gap shut as the foam expands inside the bag. You can adapt these bean bags in many ways, changing the size, shape, and materials as needed. Bean Bag Cover, Soft Cotton Linen Bean Bag Cover for Kids Adults(no Filler), Machine Washable Covers,Ergonomic Bean Bag Cover,for Living Room, Bedroom, Playroom, Dorm Room, Etc. It’s easy to make either a child-size or adult-size bean-bag chair. $19.88 $ 19. Your new bean bag chair is now ready to use! If you’d rather do without one, simply sew the bottom circle to the rectangle as you did with the top. Next, cut out 2 circles with a circumference of 170 inches and 2 rectangles that are 87 inches by 32 inches from each fabric. Invert the pillow to hide seams. These may be purchased in 100-litre bags at places like Target and K-Mart. How to sew the bean bag sewing pattern. Leave the last stitch open. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. If you really can’t stand to see another ad again, then please consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. References. Make Your Own Bean Bag Chairs! Just be sure they are the type that won’t dissolve when exposed to water, just in case you spill anything over your bean bag chair. To create a bean bag chair pattern, first measure the radius that you want for your bean bag. 3. Join Tanner & Courtney as they're sharing how to create this fun DIY Bean Bag Chair. SUBSCRIBE to become MADE!!! For the bottom patterns, of which you will need two for the cover and two for the lining, do the same thing that you did for the top pattern but make the arc 30.5 centimetres from the halfway point.
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