Bass texture is taut throughout the NAD’s usable volume limits, midrange and treble are clear and linear. Think of the new NAD 316BEE V2 as a well-refined budget amplifier, but also gateway product that does well to give its owners a hearty helping of the audiophile pie. Reviews of Attainable Hi-Fi & Home-Theater Equipment. In my small listening room (10.5' W by 13.1' L by 8' H), I never felt that the JoLida FX 10 lacked power not with the PSB Alpha B1s, and certainly not with the vibrant-sounding, high-sensitivity (92.5dB) Klipsch B-20s but I did get the sense that music wasn't fully articulated. The clearly labeled and input specific selector buttons on the front facia of the NAD were intuitive to my friend Vivian who told me she didn’t want to make mistakes while using it. The lineage is impressive, all the way from the 3020 of 1978 to the current C 328, with many “Best Amp” awards and five-star reviews along the way. The volume knob is new and different but no easier to grip. Stepping up to my trusty Marantz SA8001 CD player, the NAD revealed that it would not be outclassed on either side of the chain in respects to refinement and noise floor. Making murky the waters the case for subjective preferences between the two amplifiers as long as listening levels remain low. When I substituted the C 316BEE V2 for my usual electronics -- a Parasound Halo P 5 preamp and two Outlaw Audio Model 2200 monoblock amps -- I didn’t notice a significant difference in the character of the sound with my usual music. Audiophiles love them not only because they cost so little, but because they’re simple: a basic analog preamp feeding a power amp specified to output 30 or 40Wpc, with no fancy menus or adjustments or digital technologies. The idea of the 316BEE V2 stays the same as its predecessor. The NAD does benefit from its included infrasonic filter, but otherwise, it was no contest as the Kenwood’s serviceable preamp seemed muddy and noisy by comparison. It’s almost as if the designers really favored function in creating a great sounding amplifier but then skimped on form with a plain industrial design. Nothing in the NAD 316BEE V2 is included (at cost) that you won’t use. I heard just a shade more definition in the shaker and a little more breath and air in Landry’s tenor sax. The VPI Player’s built-in phono preamp has a texture of bass that lends itself to a realism with acoustic instruments that the NAD 316BEE V2 just couldn’t exactly render. As grounding through any power cord alone is not achieved, this unit requires a grounded AC receptacle or separate earth ground. NAD C316BEE Amplifier The audiophiles know her well. As featured NAD's Masters Series models, PowerDrive uses a complex analog computer to determine the optimal settings. This time it would not be the heralded Studio Electric M4s and Peachtree Audio Nova 300 that I previously had in for review. For a majority of the review process, the NAD C 316BEE V2 split its time in my dining room system and home office which are relatively large rooms (19’ x 13’ x 9’ and 33’ x 13’ x 8’); the basement home office also features an acoustically treated home theater space and Berber carpeting making it less reverberant/bright sounding. NAD C 316BEE Integrated Amplifiers user reviews : 4.7 out of 5 - 4 reviews - In the midrange and treble the NAD complements the Vandersteen’s laid-back character by exhibiting with extra detail and presence. One of the other attendees in our little vinyl listening party was remarking how clearly the sound could be heard from down the hall. Paying attention to changing markets, it’s good to see that NAD was aware that entry-level integrated amplifiers will more likely be installed outside of the traditional stacked audio rack, and more on the same plane of display as a turntable. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I actually liked the sound slightly better with the C 316BEE V2. The NAD 316BEE V2 was following a much more powerful Peachtree Nova 300 (150 watts per channel) on the performance stage, so naturally Vivian’s expectations were low considering the NAD’s power rating. The C316BEE V2 is a modern classic, an old school Class AB amp that harkens back to NAD's original 3020 amp from the 1970s. NAD - D 3020 v2 Hybrid Digital Integrated Amplifier 3.9 out of 5 stars 95. Here I am going in the opposite direction by pairing the NAD 316BEE V2 with speakers that cost nearly seven times as much. All images contained in this review are the property of or NAD and Onkyo. NAD built its name on small, affordable integrated amplifiers. With “Magic Number,” from bassist Ben Allison’s Layers of the City (LP, Sonic Camera), I heard a little less sizzle and detail in Allan Mednard’s cymbals through the C 316BEE V2 than through the Halo P 5. This added flexibility increases the 316BEE V2’s value to the entry-level consumer tremendously. The NAD 316BEE V2 has a rated minimum speaker impedance of 4 ohms through its single pair of speaker outputs and I don’t think many can or will muck this up. When the popular wireless bluetooth speakers of the day come with claims of output power at 40 watts, it is no surprise that jaws were dropped when those gathered heard what a real 40 watts sounded like. NAD has a distinct reputation for creating some of the best performing budget amplifiers of all time. Its rear panel has four stereo line-level inputs (RCA), and on its front is a 3.5mm line input for connecting tablets or portable music players (and perfect for connecting a Google Chromecast Audio wireless music streamer). Using it with a borrowed U-Turn Orbit Basic (built-in preamp disabled) I found it to again be on a higher plane of noise-free operation than the pre-installed Orbit Pluto phono preamplifier. Coincidentally enough this exact information is located on the backside of the chassis but on opposite ends of the device, adjacent to the phono stage. Most reviews are processed and published within 5 business days. The only one of these competitors I’ve actually heard is the original version of the D 3020 (not the V2), which I used for a few months. When I played vinyl, I got the opposite result: the C 316BEE V2’s phono preamp sounded slightly softer than the one in the Parasound Halo P 5. NAD D 3020 Amplifier review. He knows how to make music with a communicative enthusiasm, an invigorating spontaneity and a sense of rhythm that never fails. In this pairing, I do not find the 316BEE V2 to the perfect match for all speakers or source material, but when things are in order, the NAD does shine well against its relative competition and some further upmarket. Only evolving in the way of features by adding a phono stage to it’s stable of abilities. They offer relatively limited ranges of adjustment: ±8dB for the bass and ±5dB for the treble (a more typical range is ±12dB). Still confined to four distinct rows running front to back, here in the V2 they are subdivided into eight rounded segments which add a little drama when compared to the previously simple and boring vents of yore. The NAD C 316BEE V2 reminded me that audiophile-quality sound doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Turning the control all the way down delivered the desired result -- the bass was now well balanced with the other instruments and sounded much more realistic, with no sonic penalty that I could hear. The amplifier section’s output is specified at 40Wpc at 0.03% THD into 8 ohms -- or, at 0.1% THD (a more common but still demanding standard), 45Wpc into 8 ohms or 60Wpc into 4 ohms. On/off and input selector buttons are provided, as well as controls for NAD CD players. It is there, and the NAD 316BEE V2 didn’t pretend that this 10khz bump was not. Power On and Power Off both receiver their own color-coded buttons. Characteristically I found it to be more open and detailed across all spectrums, having most in common with the Pluto in terms of bass. Firstly (and most likely to go unnoticed) are the changes in the venting. But if they find that having a simpler, more compact system is more emotionally satisfying than a floor full of monoblocks and a rack full of complicated components, who am I to argue? Why is every recommendation followed by “ for the money”? When it was replaced by the C325BEE, the price went up to $449, and NAD saw an opening for a new 40Wpc option, the C315BEE ($349). From my experiences using the tone controls., I would likely never employ the bass tone control to boost or defeat, and where I would use the treble control is only to correct recessed movie dialog in a two-channel theater. However, the Nova 300s warmer character does give way to the NAD’s more insightful midrange presentation at lower listening levels. Missed a post? Directly below the aforementioned junction of power cord and chassis is the mains power … It is not the removable or upgradable type. Bass, Treble, and Balance knobs with a Tone Defeat button nestled in between. ELAC EA Series Integrated Amplifier, Silver (EA101EQ-G) 4.0 out of 5 stars 48. No extra speaker outputs, no extra pre-outs. But you can learn to operate the most important function -- volume up/down -- by feel. All contents available on this website are copyrighted by SoundStage!® and Schneider Publishing Inc., unless otherwise noted. For example, when I played “Words We Never Use,” from singer-songwriter Ron Sexsmith’s Ron Sexsmith (16-bit/44.1kHz WAV, Interscope), there was just a trace of difference in the sound -- a little bit more edge and detail in Sexsmith’s voice through the NAD -- but no difference in the sounds of any of the instruments. It’s been said before that the Vandersteen 2CE can be powered by an alarm clock, and though I won’t go that far, I will say that the NAD 316BEE V2 has no problem taking this 86db 4-way tower up to demanding levels that will astonish you when taking price tag differences into account. Using it with a vintage Kenwood, I found that it was adept at getting the best possible out of what I felt was a turntable from the darker days of hi-fi. This statement of power did set the bar of expectations low with the crowd of three as they had become accustomed to outrageous power claims put forth by mass market electronics companies. It sounds much better than its price. Maxima Amator, the New Addition to Sonus faber’s Heritage Collection, List Of Black Friday Deals For Audiophiles, Linear Tube Audio Announces Upgrades to Flagship MicroZOTL Preamplifier, Weiss DAC501 Now Available in North America, DS Audio Introduces the Grand Master System: A Flagship Optical Cartridge and Phono Stage/Equalizer, VPI Player Turntable with built-in phono preamp, U-Turn Orbit Turntable with built-in Pluto phono preamp, Peachtree Audio Nova300 (onboard phono preamp), Transparent Interconnects and Speaker Cables, Blue Jeans Cable Digital Coax Interconnect. Of note, however, the NAD phono preamp to my ears does have a lower noise floor than the one installed on the VPI Player. . Uncluttered by features that will likely go unused, the unit’s cost is kept low and focus on sound is squarely kept high. Bass with the pairing is everything it should be. What the NAD 316BEE V2 did well was to underline the AR-H1’s detailed and fast bass capability. When I cranked up “Kickstart My Heart,” from Mötley Crüe’s Dr. Feelgood (16/44.1 WAV, Mötley), to an average level of 95dB SPL as measured at my listening chair, about 12’ from the speakers, the system began to sound strained. So my advice is to take note of the information if it pleases you, but make no decisions about quality based on it and move on. So much so, that it competes with many compromised designs well above its own price class. The remote is a token effort, with an area smaller than a business card, covered with 6mm round buttons. Its first model, the built-in stereo amplifier 3020, marked its era and was the best-selling product in the history of Hi-Fi with nearly a million copies sold. No digital inputs to go unused with upgrading down the road. Allowing blind use of the remote to become quickly second nature. Yamaha’s A-S301 ($349.99) beats the C 316BEE V2 in power, with 60Wpc, and also includes coaxial and TosLink optical digital inputs, but it’s much larger and rather Japanese-receiver-ish. This was possibly because of distortion, but more likely because the amp couldn’t deliver enough power for the woofers to keep up with the tweeters’ output. Thank you! If you’re tired of the rising prices and increasing complexity of so much of today’s audio gear, try a C 316BEE V2 with a good set of bookshelf speakers. Using the NAD 316BEE V2 with the Studio Electric M4’s ($2,500 pr USD) monitors it becomes clear that the NAD has more than enough power and refinement in its haunches to get the M4’s up and dancing. £299 RRP. In the here and now we have the all-new, all-digital $499 NAD D 3020 amp, and it earned a rave review on CNET, but I wanted to check out something that stayed closer to the original, all-analog amp. 14 June 2010 The VPI does most things as well or better, more leaning towards the better. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Scanning further along the back of the 316BEE V2 you find the usual warning and hazard labels, along with a specific designation of design and manufacturing locations. Considering the KEF and NAD system we were using was almost one tenth of the price of the Peachtree and Studio Electric system previously used, Vivian was now convinced that hi-fi sound was well within her reach. Only falling short of more powerful amplifiers when it comes to depth, speed, and control of the bass. Hit the. You get the amplifier, the remote control, and a manual. Thanks for submitting your review. Be it with either new or inherited turntables that do not supply their own pre-amplification. As grounding through any power cord alone is not achieved, this unit requires a grounded AC receptacle or separate earth ground. In use with the NAD 316BEE V2 that 10khz bump in the AR-H1’s become less of a noticeable ear-sore (within the EDM genre) and more of a convincing charm. Our scene-stealing C 315BEE, an award-winning design that exceeded all expectations, has given rise to the C 316BEE Integrated Amplifier. The NAD 3020 wowed the world back in 1978, setting a template for today’s modern budget ‘super integrateds’. I’ll bet you’ll be reminded why you probably got into this hobby in the first place: the quest for the long-term joy of good sound. People who are just now getting into traditional stereo audio because of their interest in vinyl understand this, and it’s for them that NAD has produced the C 316BEE V2 ($399 USD), an integrated amp designed to deliver all the power and options a basic stereo system needs. All rights reserved. The 316BEE V2 and its predecessors have been serious players in the arena of value-conscious audiophiles for some time. ), but its Bass and Treble controls can be adjusted only via a menu displayed on its front panel (nay!). The lineage is impressive, all the way from the 3020 of 1978 to the current C 328, with many "Best Amp" awards and five-star reviews along the way. What has changed at either ends is the rounded edges that sweep a smooth radius around to the sides of the new 316BEE V2, overall achieving a more refined and upscale look. When using an iPod classic through the front mounted MP input, the NAD did not turn it’s nose up at the device, but definitely left me wanting far more capable digital sources as I now know what 316BEE V2 is capable of with proper digital nutrition. To my delight, the NAD 316BEE V2’s headphone output handled the AR-H1’s marvelously. $449.00. It’s still a powerful Class AB amplifier with PowerDrive technology, Bjørn Erik Edvardsen‘s initials still flank the model number, and all of the classic NAD design cues that made the brand famous remain intact. It is of the two conductor 18 gauge variant. Reviewer: … Pickering, Ontario, Canada (905) 831-6555 !NOW INCLUDES PHONO INPUT! It’s hard for me to say exactly how good the VPI Player’s phono preamp is when compared to others on the market, so in some terms, I am still just as lost with how good the NAD phono preamp is. Ads are what helps us bring you premium content! Over time, however, I predict that these labels may wear away leaving mystery to the unfamiliar as to what function they correspond to. Above that, the NAD’s phono stage operates with more grace, speed, and immediacy of mid-range and treble. NAD's latest D/A integrated also smartly combines trend with functionality, lifestyle convenience with technological advancement. The lineage is impressive, all the way from the 3020 of 1978 to the current C 328, with many “Best Amp” awards and five-star reviews along the way. In “Stardust,” Ari Munkres’s double bass sounded absurdly boomy, as if its soundbox were 8’ tall. Attach what works best for your listening habits. Undoubtedly the M4’s love power and the NAD’s rated 40 watts per channel sits at the minimum power prescribed for the M4’s, however, the NAD doesn’t flinch at this challenge until much further up the volume knob. Exposed as that may be, the updated NAD now has more than one good side to look at. Is the NAD a faithful representer of music ? For most of my listening, a budget-friendly Schitt Audio Modi 2 Uber was employed, and I found that the NAD did well not to abuse what it was given, and neither embellish it. Putting the NAD 316BEE V2 in the hands of the uninitiated fared well in comparison to the Emotiva TA-100 (another amplifier I had brought along for review). Directly below the aforementioned junction of power cord and chassis is the mains power switch, which I like to call the “vacation switch”, as I know most users will default to the standby mode button on the front of the device for daily use. Power from the 316BEE V2 headphone output was strong and controlled, and in-turn highlighted some of the shortcomings of the AR-H1’s. You will receive a confirmation email once your review has been published. Coincidentally enough this exact information is located on the backside of the chassis but on opposite ends of the device, adjacent to the phono stage. I read a review somewhere which described the NAD’s build as “workmanlike”. Only a few years ago, NAD’s 50Wpc C320BEE was the definitive answer in integrated amplifiers under $400 USD. . They seemed to have no negative effect, and were precise enough that I could get my less-stellar-sounding records to sound much better. Meaning, the input jacks and source input selector buttons are in perfect (however offset) alignment. In theory, this tightening up of the chassis could help eliminate micro-vibrations from affecting the performance of the amplifier during listening. NAD C 316BEE V2 Integrated AmplifierPrice: $399 USD.Warranty: Two years parts and labor. I’ve owned three of the NAD 316BEE integrated amplifiers (website here). I don’t like NAD, but I have to admit that the (first) 316BEE is a killer little amp! Posted on June 30, 2018 by Eric Franklin Shook in Components // 4 Comments. Using the NAD 316BEE V2 as a headphone amplifier with either the Marantz SA8001 CD Player, VPI Player or Schiit Modi 2 Uber proved to be better than I expected. I do think the AR-H1’s are voiced for modern music more than Grandpa’s records from the 1960’s. Using the EQ with smaller and more affordable speakers wasn’t as successful as I hoped it would be. For my review, the C 316BEE V2 was fed by a Bluesound Node 2i source and Burson Conductor 3X Performance DAC. NAD 314 Amplifier review. Access (formerly GoodSound!) Another significant competitor is NAD’s own D 3020 V2 ($399), which has a phono input, and built-in Bluetooth and coaxial and TosLink inputs -- but only one line input, and a class-D amp that puts out only 30Wpc. I experimented with digital of the highest order and on down to its worst examples. I noticed much the same effect when I played Yerba Buena Bounce, by the Hot Club of San Francisco (200gm LP, Reference RM2503) -- but I also found something wonderful that I really love about the C 316BEE V2. Control in the palm of your hand however is where the 316BEE V2 could win me over for practicality. Some audiophiles believe these small amps sound better than larger ones, although there’s no evidence to support that belief -- after all, a big amp is just a small amp with a larger power supply, more gain (and thus potentially less feedback), more output devices, and a bigger heatsink. Of course, I can’t know for sure what’s right, even though I attended the recording and mastering sessions for the album, but I did like this track through the C 316BEE V2 ever so slightly more. Once everything was in position we started off with familiar tracks from ODESZA, and the KEF Q100 and NAD 316BEE V2 combo did well to hold its own against the Peachtree and Studio Electric M4s previous performance. The C 316BEE lived up to … The NAD 3020 integrated amplifier was a marvel in its day. To contact us, please e-mail, Rotel RB-1582 MkII Stereo Power Amplifier, Musical Fidelity M6i Integrated Amplifier, Definitive Technology Mythos ST-L SuperTower Loudspeakers. I first tried gently reducing the bass about one-quarter turn counterclockwise, but this wasn’t enough. However, in the immediate state of newness, the labeling looks clean and leaves the remote free from that all too common airplane-wreckage-smattering of screenprint and buttons that you’ll never use. The 316BEE V2 is designed and engineered at NAD’s international headquarters in Ontario, Canada, but manufactured to NAD’s strict specifications in China. A basic integrated amplifier or stereo receiver hooked up to a good pair of bookshelf speakers can deliver realistic and satisfying reproduction of music, which is most -- perhaps even all -- of what most people want from an audio system. At the farthest is a moving magnet phono stage input with ground and a gang of four line level inputs each color-coded red and white for stereo channel identification, and with corresponding source labels on the front of the device in mirrored fashion so as to accurately map the inputs function physically if rear visibility of the back panel isn’t an option. is part of. Under review here are the C326 integrated amplifier and C545 CD player, priced at $499 each. You do have to get up out of your seat to use the tone controls, however; the remote doesn’t include them. That’s all we need to know before we go check it out. That system with the VPI Player included pushed well into the thousands. I’ve always been a subscriber to the school of thought “spend the bulk of your budget on the speakers.” Obviously, that comes within a few limits, but when I’m referring to the Vandersteen 2CE Signature MkII’s, it comes with all sorts of freedoms. You can’t make extreme adjustments -- nor can you mess up the sound much. NAD M32 Wins EISA Award for Best High-End Amplifier August 14, 2018 NAD C 368 is ‘Effectively Bulletproof’ in AVS Forum Review October 23, 2017 D 3020 Wins What Hi-Fi Digital Amplifier Shootout November 27, 2014 D 3020 Product of the Month in Gramophone October 30, 2014 Almost all of my listening was done with the NAD in Tone Defeat mode. Only 2 left in stock - order soon. Each input of the unit gets its own gray button with the name screen-printed atop the rubber button itself. Make no mistake, I’ve long since graduated from the entry-level, but it is all too easy to return back to my roots with the NAD 316BEE V2 and find myself blissfully enjoying a truly capable and captivating reproduction of music. Each of the aforementioned models has been proclaimed by NAD to be the "new 3020." I experimented with the tone controls with more recordings and really loved them. Using the NAD 316BEE V2 with a pair KEF Q100s I felt the pairing imbued the music with more life than other integrated amplifiers that I’ve owned in this price range, and also did well to communicate the detail inherent in the speaker design. 3 of ... NAD C316BEE V2 integrated amplifier. It is not the removable or upgradable type. NAD Electronics C 316BEE V2 Stereo Integrated Amplifier. NAD C316BEE V2 reviews. The NAD remains king of the entry-level integrated amplifiers by offering the distilled experience of true audiophile performance. The addition of the phono stage only corrects the course as NAD intelligently navigates the changing markets. There are a few aesthetic refinements over the previous 316BEE that, as a bonus, also serve functionality. Please support this website by adding us to your whitelist in your ad blocker. Success. The Emotiva from the front facia controls on the other hand proved to be confusing at first for Vivian, and the text display menus accessible by the remote didn’t exactly help the situation without a guided run through or explanation of how to use the four-way toggle controls. Gone are the two dimples that flanked either side of the rigid steel chassis cover. For C 316BEE V2, NAD's Director of Advanced Development, Bjorn Erik Edvardsen, developed a clever new computation circuit requiring fewer parts at a much lower cost without any reduction in effectiveness. For a brief moment, I am wondering how good this little phono-pre addition could be in the NAD 316BEE V2. There is a dead space on this remote which to me feels much like a “home position”. It is of the two conductor 18 gauge variant. Green for On, and Red for Off. My source devices were a Music Hall Ikura turntable with an Ortofon Blue MM cartridge, a Musical Fidelity V90-DAC digital-to-analog converter, an Audioengine B2 Bluetooth receiver, and a Samsung BD-C6500 BD player. It features the same glossy curvature and similarly chunky dial, yet somehow still it succeeds in making its predecessor seem dated. The lineage is impressive, all the way from the 3020 of 1978 to the current C 328, with many “Best Amp” awards and five-star reviews along the way. No idea WTF is on this site? The highs lacked air, the mids some delicacy and voluptuousness, the bottom impact. Volume and Mute controls are three simple buttons, unremarkable in detail, but clever in placement. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for NAD C 316BEE Integrated Amplifier with Phono at A small remote control is included. Its sound is comparable to that of the far more expensive and powerful gear I normally use, and it’s so refreshingly simple to operate that the mere lack of frustration on the user’s part has to be worth something. In the future we’ll look back at this delineation of production geography as pointless to its previously negative aspects as global sources of manufacturing are greatly leveling.
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