Patriot Express. The Patriot Express is one way to make that travel happen. The Patriot Express, also known as the “Rotator” or “Cat B flight”, is a Department of Defense contracted commercial charter flight which provides international support to travelers on official duty and their families. PCS Passengers Can Book Their Pets (Dogs & Cats), On the AMC Patriot Express Flight! DO NOT download the ROK COVID tracking app. Roll Call Time can be 0430 or 0530 based on time of year (due to Daylight Savings Time). USAG Casey Patriot Express Shuttle Camp Casey to Osan (Tuesday and Thursday) Note: For all personnel on official travel in PCS, ETS or TDY status and manifested for the Patriot Express. SeaTac only has departures to Japan and Korea as follows: Sunday: Misawa, Osan; Tuesday: Yokota, Osan; Thursday: Yokota, Iwakuni, Kadena; See the SeaTac Patriot Express Flier (as of Mar 15) - contains generic schedule and Space-A Roll Call info. The Patriot Express (PE) is a commercial charter flight contracted by the Department of Defense to transport passengers on official military duty and their families. As with other Space-A flights, extra seats on the PE may be available for non-duty passengers after all space-required passengers have been accommodated. Early bird check in for the outbound flight will begin at 1000 on Wednesday. Military members and their families receive permanent change of station orders from stateside bases to overseas bases, and vice versa. For more information, please call DSN: 768-6127/Commercial: 05033-68-6127 Some take assignments from one overseas base to another, and Patriot Express flights may be used to facilities that kind of travel, too, depending on circumstances. for … Inquire With Your Local Transportation Office. "One of our goals during this whole process was to expand service to Korea," said Larry Lorentzen, USTRANSCOM operations directorate's senior commercial air requirements analyst. Inbound members will arrive via into Incheon or directly into Osan on the Patriot Express. The West Coast Patriot runs in and out of the Seattle-Tacoma (SeaTac) Airport and services at Misawa, Osan, Yokota, Kadena, Iwakuni, Travis-Hickam, and Yokota-Singapore. Nine service members and a dependent tested positive after arriving at Osan Air Base aboard the Patriot Express from the U.S. on Oct. 25, 28 and … You will catch your flight overseas at one of these three hubs. We will continue to provide updates on the Osan Passenger Movement Expense Paid by the Owner. LRS will pick inbound members up and transport them to Medical testing where they will receive their first COVID test and then transported to their designated quarantine facilities. Osan Air Base, Osan (RKSORKSO) flight tracking (arrivals, departures, en route, and scheduled flights) and airport status. Patriot Express. Osan Air Base is also the departure and arrival point for U.S. government-contracted "Patriot Express" flights bringing service members and their family members to South Korea from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in the U.S. state of Washington, Misawa Air Base and Yokota Air Base in Japan. It will arrive as originally scheduled on WEDNESDAY and depart on THURSDAY, 28 July. Your primary port of arrival into the Republic of Korea will be the Osan Air Base passenger terminal located in Area 5 within the city of Pyeongtaek, via Patriot Express operated by Omni Air International and Atlas Air Worldwide. The Patriot Express scheduled to arrive on 27 July will no longer be delayed. How The Patriot Express Works. The Patriot Express has three hubs in the states with corresponding routes. Patriot Express flights have been available for Japan-based personnel since October, and in April the service will connect Korea-based personnel. The PE also provides Space-Available travel opportunities for eligible members.
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