Diet of the white tailed deer includes grass, acorn, bark and plants. Desert elephants have longer legs as compared to other African elephants. It became extinct in the Arabian peninsula in 1972; later, it was reintroduced in countries like Bahrain, Qatar, Jordan, Israel and Saudi Arabia. These nomadic creatures feed mainly on shrubs and grasses. The Namib, which at an age of 43 million years is widely accounted the world’s oldest desert, is located on the coast of southern Africa. Orientation . The dromedary possesses strong limbs, padded feet and leathery pads on the chest and knees. Select from premium Dubai Desert Animals of the highest quality. etc. The Cape ground squirrel is a type of rodent, commonly found in Africa. The Spotted bat is also known as Death’s Head bat. This animal weighs between 20 and 50 pounds; it feed on birds, reptiles, rodents, scorpions. The pack rat is one of the desert animals found in northern Mexico and western USA. The desert iguana can grow 16 inches long. The snake is slim and its color resembles sand. American Pika is found in the western region of North America. It weighs between 130 and 250 pounds and is 1m tall. The Addax Antelope is found in isolated pockets of the Sahara Desert. Up to 10ft. Precipitation in the inland regions is even lesser. Their population of nearly 100 million makes Brazilian Free-tailed bat the most populous mammal in USA. Rest of the body is covered in brown feathers. We've created informative articles that you can come back to again and again when you have questions or want to learn more! Children traveling on a camel through the desert, Group of People with Camels Caravan Riding in Realistic Wide Desert Sands in Egypt. Desert Ecosystem Desert Biome Images Of Desert Desert Pictures Desert Animals And Plants Desert Plants Plant Pictures Animal Pictures Bingo Pictures More information ... More ideas for you Bearded and ringed seals form the main diet of polar bears. Deserts are regions in which very little rain falls. Pictures of desert terrain often show this tall cactus with its large arm-like branches curving upward. It is one of the many venomous snakes found in the Arabian desert. Their two-toed feet are covered with toenails. Thompson’s Yucca – Planting zone 8-11. Among them are a lot of desert pictures that you can find on this page. Indian Spiny Tailed Lizard. Body length of Fennec foxes is 14-17 inches and they weigh between 2 and 3.5 pounds. Scientific name: family: macropodidae. This evergreen tree is native to the Sonoran Desert and has leaves that are a bluish-green color. These chameleons possess a long tongue meant to catch insects. And we are looking at some of the inhabitants of the driest and hottest places on earth! Penguins are found in the cold desert of Antarctica – which lies in the southern hemisphere of Earth. These hairy spiders inhabit almost all the warm regions of the world including Africa, Australia, America and Europe. The animals of the desert are called “Xerocoles”. The scientific name of roadrunner is Geococcyx californianus. Their skin coat is soft and woolly. Jerboas mainly feed on insects and seeds of plants. The porcupine, basically a terrestrial animal, is also capable of swimming. Ibex is a wild goat found in East Africa, North Africa and Eurasia. Camels Sunrise Travel. The Sahara desert plants mostly grow in regions along the Nile river and highlands. This animal is raised for its wool and meat. The Bilby, also known as Rabbit-eared bandicoot, is found in the deserts of Australia. Length of these vultures ranges from 95-115 cm and their wing-span is 2.5-3 m. The lappet-faced vulture obtains food by scavenging the carcasses of animals. It has got powerful legs and makes use of all the four limbs for walking. The cape hare or brown hare is found throughout Africa. Their specialized nostrils protect them from desert sandstorms. Scientific name of this sheep is, The Roadrunner, also known as Ground cuckoo, inhabits deserts, grasslands, and scrubs of southwestern USA and Mexico. As such, compared to animals in the other parts of the world, obviously their diet and way of living also differs. The onager, also known as Asian Wild Ass is 2.1 m tall and weighs about 650 pounds. Lizards that belong to the Meroles and Aporosaura genera form the main diet of this snake. These herbivorous creatures feed on grass, dates, oats, and wheat. Ears and snout of the armadillo are pointed and it has got small eyes. Gila Monster is a venomous lizard found in the Sonoran, Mojave and Chihuahuan deserts. Meerkats feed on insects and larvae obtained by scratching and digging the ground surface. The Namib Desert overlays coastal Namibia, extending into Angola and South Africa. This creature inhabits deserts, grasslands and open plains. Any orientation Horizontal Vertical. This animal is nocturnal and lives in rocks and sand. It occupies almost all of North Africa. Desert iguana is a herbivorous animal that feeds on fruits, buds and leaves of annual and perennial plants. List of animal names with animal pictures in English. Our Newest Animals Our Most Recently Updated Animals All Animals A-Z You will find all of our animals below. The Fennec fox is a nocturnal animal living in groups of ten. Mature height at 6 ft. tall. The Peruvian fox, also known as Sechuran fox, is found in the Sechura desert situated between southwestern Ecuador and northwestern Peru. Marsupial moles are blind because their eyes are in the form of vestigial lenses. Seeds of plants form the main diet of these birds. The list of desert animals and descriptions about them should help us understand them in a better manner. This hardy animal can endure extreme temperatures ranging from -50 °F to 130 °F. These creatures appear similar to lizards. Size . These donkeys can be identified from their characteristic reddish-brown hair. These burrowing animals are found in deserts of Western Australia. However, it also feeds on leaves, grasses and bushes found in deserts. Their diet includes rodents, insects, birds, snails, berries, fruits, and small plants. Download Desert animals stock photos. A small lizard known as Indian spiny tailed lizard can be found crouching … However, human persecution, hunting, and overgrazing by human-bred livestock have greatly reduced the numbers of desert animals like gazelles, jackals, hyenas, and oryx. Deserts are dry. It enables them to survive without water or food for 3-4 days. Bilbies are rabbit sized animals that live in remote desert areas of Australia. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Abstract Aboriginal Emu dot painting in vector format. They also have nostrils that close up when dust storms occur. These camels have a hump on their back, which functions as a storehouse of fats. A to Z list of animals that live in the desert. African ground squirrels are diurnal and they live in burrows. 304,276 desert animals stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free. It has to stop and sit in the shade of plants during the day so they don't overheat from the sun. The sea fish found in this region form the main diet of penguins. In my childhood, I adopted a puppy that changed my life and attitude towards animals—I have since become a lifelong animal lover. Jerboas are rodents found in drylands of Asia and Africa. Common Name : Asiatic Ibex The Ibex similar to the wild Goat. These foxes are found in the northern region of Africa, especially the Sahara desert. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Skin coat of the ibex is light sandy brown. The animals that live in the Arabian Desert are well-adapted to live in extreme desert climate. Of course, most of them have undergone some level of adaptation so that they are able to survive in the harsh desert. Servals feed on hares, rodents, antelopes, reptiles, birds, etc. This carnivorous animal is found in Central America and deserts of North America. This creature lives in almost all regions of the world except for the cold, polar regions. Editable Vector Illustration, Line wildlife concept with different desert animals . Their diet includes grasshoppers, crickets, caterpillars, beetles, slugs, snails, isopods, rodents and lizards. One of the distinguishing characteristic of tarantula is its strong jaws. There are three kinds of such hares: Black-tailed hare, White-tailed hare and Snowshoe hare. Also, their feet are a bit flatter, which facilitates easy movement in deserts. Stylized vector camel, zentangle isolated on white background. Lifespan of llamas ranges from 15-28 years. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Animals of the Sahara Desert. Discover amazing animals from all around the world with this huge A-Z species list. 70 37 8. K is for Kangaroo. The venom of scorpions can paralyze or even kill the prey. Animals and Where They Live. It has got a long tail, soft pelage and small feet. Length of an adult male polar bear ranges from 2.4-3 m and it weighs between 770 and 1450 pounds. An Exhaustive List of the Animals in the Sahara Desert. The lifespan of scorpions ranges from 4-25 years. Funny camel face vector illustration for T shirt, poster, print design. These herbivorous creatures first swallow their food and then chew it after regurgitating. The desert horned lizard, also known as horny toad and horned toad, is 3-5 inches long. Topography of deserts is characterized by presence of sand dunes and rocks. Larger than × px Color . However, they may also feed on bees, beetles, wasps, snails, lizards, mice, birds, snakes, animal carcasses and plants. Polar bear lives in one of the coldest deserts of earth, the Arctic region. Their skin color can be gray, white or light brown; they have a sharp sense of hearing and teeth that grow throughout their life. The Northern region of this desert, which borders with the Mediterranean sea, has large number of olive plants. Skinks are found across the globe in different habitats ranging from deserts to grasslands. A coyote can have brown, black, gray or cream colored skin coats; desert coyotes have sandy coats. Mescal Agave – Zone 5 – 11. This burrowing animal is basically a mongoose. This eagle is found in the region that lies between Alaska and northern Mexico. Their strong hind legs are of great use for digging burrows. 1. Bat is the only mammal capable of attaining true flight. Desert donkeys are hoofed animals which inhabit deserts and grasslands. The long claws of this creature enable it to burrow, which in turn helps in sifting sandy substrates to obtain seeds. The animals do well in dry areas because they can go a long time between drinks of water. when the rainfall in the area exceeds the annual average, a natural known phenomenon occurs. Teddy Bear Cholla – Zones 8-11 will grow up to 6 ft. in height. Sand cobras can be found in rocky terrains and semi-arid areas. Scorpions, small lizards, and spiders form the main diet of roadrunners. The Great Indian Bustard is a land-dwelling bird with long legs, similar to those of the ostrich. Deserts are extreme. High temperatures and scarcity of water makes sustenance very difficult in the desert. Desert Plants Names and Pictures . Peregrine falcons have a sharp vision and they can spot their prey from a height of 1000 feet. Peregrine falcon is the fastest bird on earth. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. This herbivorous creature feeds on shrubs and grasses. These birds inhabit warm and tropical areas including the deserts lakes of Africa. Variegated Century Plant – Zones 8-11 maximum height is about 6 ft. tall. They feed on reptiles, insects, frogs and some of the birds. Actually this … This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. 934,763 aquatic animal stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free. Feral cats and foxes prey on bilbies. Antistress coloring book. The donkeys found in deserts of Africa are descendants of the African Wild Ass. Xerocoles have a built-in mechanism which minimizes the moisture loss during excretion and evaporation. Desert iguanas are found in the Mojave and Sonoran deserts of northwestern Mexico and southwestern United States. The Sahara Desert is wide expanse of desert land. Large ears of the fennec fox distinguishes it from other foxes. The fan-tailed raven is a member of the crow family. This area is rich in metallic, non-metallic resources and magnesium salt, which is an important source for the Chilean economy.
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