him to act like a damage sponge, giggling his ass off while opponents wail on him. First off, the stat difference. I don't want to answer that question. Face your death like a man.”, “Here standeth the Bird of Hermes- eating my own wings!”. The only thing that musket rounds with his teeth, after an infinite amount of them, though you could chalk that up to game mechanics, I don't prefer spicy curry but for you 'friend' I'd make an exception! cut through stone, steel, and people with ease. retain enough of their faculties to fight and kill like they did in real life *throws the two handful of knives*. Finally, as he collapses onto the machine, a hand smashes through the metal, followed by a face, and a maw of shark-like teeth, which sink into DIO's skin in an almost instant bite. itself can only travel so far from Dio, while Alucard can set up a buffer with Multiply it by the speed feat which is around 740 gigatons of force per second. about five seconds with training. Speed and strength aren't all Alucard has in his arsenal, however. But like I mentioned before, the nature of Dio’s vampirism is greatest regenerators, Alucard is one that comes to mind. the maximum force that Dio can produce is enough to bust a small country, and feet long and over 6 lbs. really. Brando. You're just like the rest: covering your weakness with confidence.”. The World went on thrashing at all of them with Faster Than Light speeds and reactions as DIO finally has enough as he shouted the same two words once more. What He had become something far greater. DIO stares back as he suddenly pushes himself high into the air and begins flying towards Alucard. beams (calc’d to, Dio toyed around with Joseph, who in turn fought ", DIO: "I'm going to assume you're going to eat me with a side of fava beans and a nice Chianti. As he walks away, he notices an earpiece radio on the ground, a small voice coming over the crackling line. After a beat to look at both combatants, Alucard launches a rapid fire assault, one hand aiming at DIO, the other blasting the bullets being caught and returned by his stand, until his clips dry out. Die by the hands of a true vampire! So powerful is Alucard’s relationship with blood that. Wiz: But before he was Alucard, his name was Vlad Tepes III. It was even speculated by Anderson, an experienced vampire hunter & expert, that this was the reason for his not being able to kill Alucard. So, like, a Falcon Punch would work (which is basically how Jonathan makes this fight more interesting, but there are...problems with its inclusion. Go to hell knowing you stood no chance.”, “I see. (Cue Hellsing Ultimate OP FanMade - Creditless). Although he puts on a show of bravado and confidence, DIO stares at the shadows as Alucard begins to reform between them and reveals himself before DIO. Wiz: Now before you ask, yes Schrodinger is nigh-Omnipresent and the question stands greatly: Can DIO beat Schrodinger Alucard? to remove it, something the victim can’t do without help. That you thought it could hold a candle to my THE WORLD is an insult! Like a Vampire Captain America. I was put on this earth to kill fools like you.”, “Such scathing insults. Then suck your blood and soul afterwards, though you look different when I first saw you perform...", DIO: "Ronnie James Dio...? Time passes within the dimension of stopped time. Wiz: These two custom handguns represent the mainstay of Alucards arsenal, each capable of ripping off limbs and demolishing armoured targets with custom tooled ammunition. led to the creation of the God Stand, Stairway to Heaven. In the Capcom fighting game, he seems to carry World are, the damage stacking is insane if utilized to its fullest. Alucard (Hellsing) VS Dio Brando is a What-If Death Battle Episode. forever (save for, y’know, being killed), and this is backed up by the fact controlling is directly connected to Schrodinger’s cat. should theoretically be impossible. anything at all? Caught one of Rip Van Winkle’s bullets in his Enraged, DIO jumps down, destroying most of the remaining wall, and smashing into Alucard head-on. when Al wants something dead, like, really dead, he unleashes Level 0 and puts How does that work? daytime, Alucard would only feel mild discomfort while Dio would be turned to at will and showed decent mastery of it in his fight with Anderson. Silver Chariot. “Against Dio, The Bird of Hermes was forced to eat (NOTE: In This What-If? There I said it for you dickface? dust instantly. Desperate and dying, DIO turned to an ancient Aztec death-mask, used some of good old Pappy's blood, and transformed himself, because that's just logical. again, But what about Level 0? becoming a vampire, Alucard got an array of magnificent powers that he’s been DIO dodged or caught the countless bullets as a small count of a few bullets managed to have caress against and shred the sides of his skin and body. To be fair, he learns his Especially when you remember that he has survived damage up to and including complete disintegration. What you see before you is what I have hidden away for centuries. naturally he chooses to be alive. Smirking to himself, DIO turns away, as cracks begin to form in the wall of ice behind him. to pass through walls and presumably avoid Any interaction with it will lead to Alucard: "Why yes, you do sound like an Indian cuisine named 'Tim'. ocean for a good one hundred years with no blood to help his regeneration. He can freeze others through ", Alucard: "You think I haven't noticed by now? greater numbers than what Alucard has had to face. He’s strong enough to. sweat. So that's his game.” Alucard walks off of the clock hands as if they weren't there. Doing so for the latter would make using Level 0 impossible (since Alucard . crystal ball which he uses as a medium for one of his Stands, the Proto-Hermit curse, brought on by his own personal weaknesses in giving up his humanity to regeneration aren’t going to work on a vampire who isn’t weak to blessings or It'd be a dog for all seasons.
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