The drum’s fillets are interesting in that the fish has little belly meat. The simplest method of cooking a red drum requires only oil, salt and black pepper. Red drum can be found “tailing” with their head down in the grass and the tail exposed to the air when feeding in shallow water. The delectable recipes offered here will make you a believer. Eating habits: Red drum are generally bottom feeders that eat small crabs and shrimp but also will feed in the water column on small fish. Do you like to eat fish? We filleted the drum in the same manner as any panfish. ... Redfish, not to be confused with certain species of rockfish, are also known as red drum or channel bass, and are a respected inshore game fish found in the Atlantic Ocean and in the Gulf of Mexico, as well as in bays and estuaries in many southern states, such as Louisiana and Texas. P.S. Red Drum Management. It is the most useless and depressing fish in the world. You can't eat 'em, so all they do is get huge. Management of red drum in Florida is considered a success story. In my opinion, the best lure for targeting red drum fish is the Egret Wedgetail Mullet. Not as easy to find when cutting the fillets. Red drum can live more than 40 years. As it is evident in the article above, there are many exciting live and artificial baits for catching red drum fish. Eazy-E wrote:you can eat them but the smaller ones taste better IMO ... Worms that live in red drum or black drum tend to live more toward the tail. The dorsal muscle on the freshwater drum is thick. Needless to say, it’s basically what you know (i.e. Their coloring can depend on the water conditions as … lowering your mercury risk exposure) that can really help you keep a healthy mind and body. This takes a bit of time, but is well worth it. Do you like to eat? You can use this artificial bait to target bass as its name suggests. However, due to the fish's light flavor, you can add herbs, garlic, lemon juice and other seasonings to your taste. Cooking and eating freshwater drum. December 13, 2017. Why You Should Be Eating Redfish. With this, you can definitely make smarter and healthier choices for your ultimate fave saltwater fish recipes – and be 100% worry-free. They can tolerate both salt and brackish conditions., allowing all anglers, whether boaters or surf casters, access to this hard fighting fish. Mock Crabmeat Ingredients: Drum fillets, cut in 1-inch wide strips. The thing never dies, you can stand there with a club and whack it for a long time, it'll live. However, they are less and less common north of New Jersey. Younger fish are more red. A 35" female red drum is about six to seven years old and may produce millions of eggs each year for another 30 years. In the Lake of the Ozarks there is a fish called a drum. In 1989, the slot limit of 18-27 inches, the bag limit of one fish per person and a closed season from March-May were put in place. Red drum can be cooked on the stove, in the oven or in the broiler. Red drum are the most abundant in the Gulf of Mexico but can be found from Mexico to Cape Cod, all along the Atlantic Coast. Red Drum are coppery to bronze over a gray back ground. It is the main part of the fillet, and the only real usable meat in a drum. The thick, bone-free pieces of light-colored meat thus produced are delicious in casseroles, soups, with sauce, or simply broiled and served with butter and lemon. The Final Word. In the late 1980s red drum was overfished, thus several emergency closures were established to reduce fishing pressure. Red drum are opportunistic feeders and have been known to eat sand dollars, small nutria, snakes, turtles, and ducklings. I've caught my fair share, and you think you have a great bass or something that's useful. If you answered yes to each of those questions, you have come to the right place. The worms life cycles are complex, involving sharks, small finfish and medium size predators. Fish On!
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