Find a name that compliments its purpose with our trendy food and drink business names. It is another good startup idea in Philippines which has great future potential. Silog came from the classic tapsilog– a rice based dish topped with tapa and sunny-side up egg. Food is a basic need of human being. And the fun doesn’t end in business names… If you believe that food is a universal language, then you know how important it is in the business world. University Ranking: Top 10 Universities in the Philippines, Dream Now, Go Later: Best Destinations in the Philippines according to National Geographic. People always prefer to have homemade food in the office. Their bestsellers include Brian’s Ribs and Peter’s Pork Steak but among the favorites are their 9-inch Big Bang Burger, Southwest Pasta with marinated chicken, and their humungous milkshake, Milky Way. All these can be in our watering mouths in one bite only and where else can we find burger bad boys, but here in The Burgery, owned by actor JC de Vera. As with any business, you need to plan and research before picking up your mixer or designing labels for your salad dressing. If you're looking of a drink with a kick, visit this tea house. Another basic food based business … You’ll find their suggestions below, try our Food business name generator to help … Also, your clothes need some washin'. Self care and ideas to help you live a healthier, happier life. Once tasted, always wanted. Food Cart. Business names also reflect the image of your business … 1. It brings people of all colors, race, age and even tastes– together in one table to enjoy sumptuous dishes. They are located almost everywhere in the Philippines. How so? Want to Work in a Call Center? One of which is Neri’s Gourmet Tuyo. They turned a simple “tuyo” or dried fish into something that’s Instagram worthy but not even an app filter can give justice to its flavor. Another Filipino favorite is the concept of silog. This restaurant name deserves a championship belt. To find out which local Filipino food businesses are in demand nowadays, here is a list of the must-try food in the country. The first online food business is food delivery business. That website will need a domain name. Lugaw is usually served by Filipino mothers to their children when they are sick and don’t want anything to eat. Other natural and organic products are also available in their stores, including coconut oil, fruit jams, spreads and many others. Becuase of their success, Potato Corner is one of the must-try food in the country that we can be proud to offer to tourists. Keep up with the latest daily buzz with the BuzzFeed Daily newsletter! After the catering names, I list out the 8 Vital Do’s and Don’ts of Naming Your Catering Biz, which is then followed by the Greatest Catering Slogans Ever.. Vegetables-: Another business idea in the frozen foods industry is making and selling of mixed vegetables like carrots, green peas, sweet corns, broccoli, spinach etc. The Filipinos have learned to love the foreign taste and that includes the American and Mexican cuisine. Fun times and more great memories are being added right from the long dining table. But at the end of the day, always remember: make lemonades, not war. To get a relatively obscure business some measure of relevance, adopting a quirky name can be a start. Food brings people together and because of that, businesses which cater to the hungry market will never go out of style. 1. If you wish your images be removed, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Many have tried to turn the simple dish into something much more than a dull-looking dead fish and many of them have succeeded. You need to charge a commission for food delivery. I have grouped them by category, from unique to cool to professional. The business … Pinoy restaurants are everywhere, catering to different events. It is an evergreen business. Homemade Frozen Foods. I’m surprised there … Wholesaler of balut in Sto.Tomas, Batangas: “Starducks”. Filipinos are no different. Fruit & Vegetable Mart. Aside from their famous burgers, The Burgery also serve potato wedges, pork barbeque belly, pasta, and desserts. They bottled them in and sold them online. The business started in Cebu but has gone to Luzon to serve more Filipinos. We asked four of our branding experts to come up with ideas for Food business names. One of their bestsellers is Silvana; a smaller piece is sans rival shaped into a round cookie. Printing business is one of “trend” small business ideas you can start in the Philippines right now.
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