In medicine, this is called a "near miss". Boeing certainly screwed up with MCAS. The Boeing 737 MAX has now been grounded for over half a year. Even the FDA is extremely dependent on pharma companies being highly honest and competent -- unless there are serious injuries in a final trial or when released to the public, it is not implausible to just sweep serious issues under the rug. Then management at Boeing decided that this was too expensive and that the system had to be simplified so that it only relied on a single set of sensors, not two, and hence had no redundancy. Yep, the same [Re:Captain failed to mention...], Still not really redundant - needs 3 sensors, Re:They should just get rid of it entirely, Re:Still not really redundant - needs 3 sensors, Re: Still not really redundant - needs 3 sensors. So the answer is to put a totally unsafe module into the airlines to avoid that. For the First Time Scientists Detect Neutrinos Traced To CNO Cycle Inside the Sun. Look up the tech documents or just pick a photo and count them. Lion Air Flight 610, a Boeing 737 Max, crashed into the Java Sea off Indonesia on Oct. 29, killing all 189 people on board. But Trump grounded it anyway. On the 29th of October 2018, a brand new Boeing 737 MAX 8 was lost in a fatal crash. Amid the investigation,  Boeing replaced Kevin McAllister with Stan Deal as the new president and CEO of its commercial airplanes division. Some articles I find now mention "take-off throttle" which is near maximum in a fully loaded plane. Lion Air's Boeing 737 Max Experienced a Near-Crash The Day Before 2018's Fatal Crash ( 6. Yes, as you say, the free market is ready to kill the 737, based on the relative merits of comparable aircraft. Did they investigate this problem in any way? Lawyer allegedly embezzled money from Boeing settlement. Indonesia has ordered the inspection of all Boeing 737-MAX aircraft following the Lion Air crash on Monday. A redesigned aircraft can be fast-tracked in terms of certification and training if the handling of the. The poor we today call "deplorables" and we wish to remove them from civilized society. What's not mentioned is how the FAA allowed Boeing to rubber-stamp safety reports. The agency's decision to revoke Xtra's license was a separate action from the KNKT investigation, and was issued as part of a settlement agreement with the company. But if they give discrepant readings there's no easy way of telling which of them is wrong, so this really isn't a very satisfactory fix. Even though this plane had MCAS the pilots were trained on how to manage a runaway elevator trim problem. I agree with your take that the MCAS shouldn't have been allowed to do what it did, period. Copyright © 2020 SlashdotMedia. Trademarks property of their respective owners. Yeah, I was gonna say... didn't we read all about this specific story roughly two years ago? Tom Girardi of law firm Girardi Keese, and his wife, Erika Girardi of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” are accused of misappropriating settlement funds intended for victims of Lion Air 610. MCAS was sold as an addition to the old STS to the FAA and the airlines. Boeing lied in order to cheat on training, so that customer costs would appear to be lower than they truly were. And my understanding is that the two AoA sensors are in mirror locations on the aircraft, is this accurate? If that increases costs of operation and pushes some sales towards Airbus thats the free market doing its job. Photo: KNKT. If the pilots are alerted to the fact that they're unreliable, the pilot can usually figure out which one is bogus pretty quickly (typical failu. If there's a failure in STS or MCAS then there might not be time to think through which is failing.
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