31) The Thank You Economy (Gary Vaynerchuk) Gary Vaynerchuk, Overall: 11.5/15–3.75/5 Story 4/5 Content 3.75/5 Application, *Recommended- Ranks above #32 in recommendation likelihood to break tie. I only wish Brown explained more about applying these concepts to your life. The book describes encounters with, among others, Bill Gates, Eminem, George W. Bush, and Kate Moss. It’s basically click bait in book form. I think the concepts in this book are extremely relevant. I was pleasantly surprised with this book. He talks about how time freedom is everything and literally gives you steps and options to achieve it. Interesting stuff to say the least. The read again! 3) Extreme Ownership: How the U.S. Navy Seals Lead and Win (Leif Babin, Jocko Willink), Overall: 14.5/15–5/5 Story 5/5 Content 4.5/5 Application. Some stories. Read. I have read most of the books on the Forbes and Time Magazine and Huffington Post "must read" business books lists. I only wish there was more to this book. It’s about Trevor’s interesting life and the lessons that went along with it. He’s one of the most consistent with how valuable his content is. Get it on Amazon. Overall: 13/15–4/5 Story 4.75/5 Content 4.25/5 Application. 11) Sell or Be Sold (Grant Cardone) Grant Cardone, Overall: 13.5/15–4/5 Story 5/5 Content 4.5/5 Application. You have to work your ass off up front to achieve more time freedom. He’s great at explaining different steps you can take to get closer to financial freedom. 50 books to be exact. He breaks down different leadership concepts that are biologically proven to work. Connecting the Dots is a must-read for any entrepreneur or leader looking to stave off disruption and ride the next technology wave. They do not influence editorial decisions to include mention of any products or services in this article. Not my favorite of his if you’re going to check him out I’d recommend a different one first. He urges entrepreneurs to pursue the transformative power of "market-creating innovations" that spawn jobs, profits (which can be reinvested in infrastructure and public services), and cultural change, often through democratizing consumer access. I would have ranked this book higher if it wasn’t for the fictional structure, which I’m just not a fan of. His intuition is unreal. It’s basically a giant book created from other books that aren’t even Ferriss’s. 9. However, I did find some of the history about AOL interesting in this lackluster read. I love the structure of their books. Check it out. Start With Why needs to be recognized by more people. Instead, they should focus on raising standards for men. The information gets a little outdated at times. I didn’t know what I would think but I was open minded and it paid off. What’s nice is she makes you feel like it’s never too late to change your situation, which is so true! We researched and cross-referenced lists of the best business books according to influential business people and major media outlets. Overall: 12.75/15–4/5 Story 4.5/5 Content 4.25/5 Application, *Recommended- Ranks above #17 in recommendation likelihood to break tie. MIT economists Gruber and Johnson think it's time to revisit that playbook. Check out his other stuff first. Such innovations, en masse, create the foundation beneath many wealthy economies, Christensen says. Sir Richard Branson is the man. Zig Ziglar is one of the selling gurus. I heard many great things about this book but it definitely met expectations. It’s the perfect storm that will keep you hooked while reading. Drawing from her own experiences as a successful business and industry captain, Sallie Krawcheck highlights that women … ... A fascinating look at the media business models of two legacy and two new pubs (The New York Times, The Washington Post, BuzzFeed and VICE, … These books were all great. I initially heard that this book can be applied to business so I picked it up. However, I think that this should have been kept a vlog. Overall: 10/15–3.75/5 Story 3.5/5 Content 2.75/5 Application. This book is a classic (it’s actually one of the best selling books of all time). Check this book out for sure! Easier said than done. If you’re finding yourself stuck in your ways and constantly giving excuses, check this out. Not only that but his ideas are extremely innovative. ... 2019, 08:00pm EDT. This is a must read for anyone with an entrepreneurial itch, or anyone … This was no easy task for someone that could count the amount of books I’ve read, in my life, with my hands. Clearly a win, win. I only wish he gave different examples from his other book vs. similar stories. 21) The Science of Likability (Patrick King), Overall: 12.5/15–4/5 Story 4.5/5 Content 5/5 Application, *Demerit- (minus 1 for not enough meat and potatoes), *Recommended- Ranks above #22 in recommendation likelihood to break tie. He gives you an in depth understanding of business to help dominate in a up economy and out-compete in a down economy. Will machines make human beings the best they can be, or render them obsolete? Cardone is great at bestowing his knowledge about the close of the sale which is a totally different beast than the rest of the sale. Note: This article contains affiliate links that may earn Inc.com a small fee on purchases originating from them. That idea is from Hill and this book. May 1, 2019. 32) Exactly What to Say: The Magic Words (Phil Jones), Overall: 11.5/15–3.5/5 Story 4/5 Content 4/5 Application. Seems like someone wanted to monetize a little bit too much for this one. Simon Sinek does it again! Big differences separated by a fine line. He’s an excellent motivator and his ideas make you realize just how possible massive success is. Not only that but I reviewed them, scored them, and put them in order for anyone looking to read some new books. When it comes to most-anticipated business books, Win or Die: Leadership Secrets From Game of Thrones is the one to beat, if endless Quora debates are anything to go by. This is a must-read for entrepreneurs who are hoping to connect with an audience. It’s about how to get on a “quicker” path to become a millionaire. I love his leadership style and think the world would be a better place if more people lead like him. Just wish there was more info on applying these to business! If you want a good laugh you’ll get many throughout this book. It’s about owning everything you do. The information in this book will knock you on your ass. So when he proclaims that something as simple as eye contact has a profound effect on relationships and the outcomes of interactions, you want to know more. Strange but check it out and you’ll see. Gary does it again with his awesome content! (Thompson himself does some programming in the course of the book.) 15) The 4 Hour Work Week (Timothy Ferriss) Tim Ferriss, Overall: 12.75/15–4/5 Story 5/5 Content 4/5 Application, *Demerit- (minus .25 for not being realistic at times), *Recommended- Ranks above #16 and #17 in recommendation likelihood to break tie. 3. Cardone does it again with this book. First, an idea so audacious it is widely dismissed. I think some of it is a little mumbo jumbo and the book is hard to read because it’s on the boring side. You’ll never forget just how important goals are after reading this book. So how come there aren't more of them? Overall: 9.75/15–3/5 Story 3.25/5 Content 3.5/5 Application. ... 2019-12-18T19:22:00Z ... it is a must-read for … Here, we have compiled an exclusive list of 10 Must Read Best Business Books for 2019. Overall: 13.25/15–4.5/5 Story 4.75/5 Content 4/5 Application. Plus, the Navy Seals are the definition of hard workers. I bought this book to learn about this shark and there was only a couple chapters on him, maximum. It’s basically a book of various characteristics that lead to one being more successful. Go ahead and Google or Bing the phrase "Top 10 Business Books" and you get nearly 1.8 Trillion returns. I read the 8 best business books of all time (so you don't have to)—here are the only lessons you need to know Published Wed, Mar 6 2019 1:55 PM EST Updated Thu, Mar 7 2019 1:56 PM … Books may have received demerits for various offenses that reduce their stars and ranking. 14) Outliers (Malcolm Gladwell) Malcolm Gladwell, Overall: 13/15–4.5/5 Story 5/5 Content 4/5 Application, *Demerit- (minus .5 for getting negative at times). He goes on about different scenarios in his life that lead to his success in business. I think that more people should read this book to help educate themselves. Just be careful not to abuse it. 21 min read. The word "art" in the title isn't incidental: The book considers what beautiful coding looks like and what it can achieve, as well as the moral quandaries posed by tech titans' escalating growth and power. Sincero is great at telling stories. 13 Best Business Books to Boost Business Acumen What follows is a list of the 13 best business books, some old, some new, to have you thinking like a top business major in no time. If you’re trying to learn more about the digital age, check this book out. I will give him that the content and stats are interesting and kept me listening. Business Books 8 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read in 2019 Business modeling, marketing, and building morale emerge as key themes for business leaders to focus on. He goes through many scenarios to help you develop skills to overcome any sales struggles. Buckingham urges freethinking leaders to toss off the straitjacket of dogma in favor of "the glorious messiness" of individuals working together. A poor dad and a rich dad. Nothing very memorable from this book. It’s great considering a world that more socially impaired than ever. Someone doesn't. Bahcall, a physicist and entrepreneur, explains how to optimize organizations so they don't kill their most disruptive darlings. You definitely can take some lessons from this book but not many, if you’re not in real estate. Not only that but where people go wrong with their goals. 26) The Secrets of Closing the Sale (Zig Ziglar), Overall: 12/15–4/5 Story 4.5/5 Content 4/5 Application, *Demerit- (minus .5 for information seeming outdated at times), *Recommended- Ranks above #27 and #28 in recommendation likelihood to break tie. Subscribe to my blog so you get all my exclusive content! I found it difficult to figure out how to apply it to my life but it’s more of a story. Nine Lies About Work: A Freethinking Leader's Guide to the Real World, by Marcus Buckingham and Ashley GoodallConventional management wisdom exists to reinforce the organization's control over individuals, writes Buckingham, widely popular for his look-to-your-strengths approach to personal development. Jones is a mastermind with helping you understand different verbiage that has a proven track record for success. Zucked is an angry-sad insider's account and meditation on what it will take to protect democracy. These books are collections of business books by best authors that can help you to understand business tactics, business … 10. I enjoyed the ideas in this book because they make you think. 19) Measure What Matters (John Doerr) John Doerr, Overall: 12.5/15–4.25/5 Story 4.25/5 Content 4/5 Application, *Recommended- Ranks above #20, #21, and #22 in recommendation likelihood to break tie. Anyway, I hope these recommendations are helpful for those searching for that next read or audio-book to listen to! I ended up not only hitting my goal but surpassing it by reading 51 books. Just mush. Ever hear of the concept that you’re a combination of the top 5 people you spend the most time with? This book is an excellent follow up to Extreme Ownership. Although there are tons of business analysis books available in the market, I have listed five books that every Business Analyst must read … I kept the review portion as simple and honest as possible. 33 Must-Read Books of Fall 2019 'Tis the season to curl up with some of the buzziest books of the year. Check out his videos on YouTube too, very inspiring. Second, a large group of people capable of transforming that idea from impossible to inevitable. I thought this was an interesting book. I recommend for psychology nerds! I’m a personal fan of military veterans that apply experiences to business and these two knock it out of the park. They help you balance and problem solve even the most difficult scenarios. Coders: The Making of a New Art and the Remaking of the World, by Clive ThompsonMost of us don't go an hour without using software. I mean for real, you get 0% Tim Ferriss original content in this read. Buy. Not only that but you wonder which type of salesperson you are, which is fun. Adamson also talks about what works and doesn’t work with sales these days. Side note: you see a ton of these concepts throughout the movie Wolf of Wall Street and it’ll make you appreciate the movie even more. They’re fantastic at telling stories by incorporating experiences from Navy Seals combat and training. This book is about the psychological concepts that lead humans to make decisions. Miller is great at realizing what captures a customer’s attention and how to hold it the longest. Explore. 33) The Closer’s Survival Guide (Grant Cardone) Grant Cardone, Overall: 11.25/15–3.5/5 Story 4.25/5 Content 3.5/5 Application. One reason is our association of leadership with such undesirable, traditionally masculine qualities as self-absorption and overconfidence, which somehow translate as strength and charisma. Zucked: Waking Up to the Facebook Catastrophe, by Roger McNameeMcNamee, an early investor in Facebook and a mentor to Mark Zuckerberg, watched with horror the relentless revelations of how Russia and other bad actors manipulated the social network to cause vast societal harm. I actually really enjoyed this book. Published on Sept. 25, 2018 Shan-Lyn Ma As readers, we need help, and that … The 23 Must-Read Books of 2019. I’m glad I did because you can definitely get some great business advice. Summer is coming. If you’re in sales, give this book a read. The success of that journey depends on "phase transitions": the scientific principle whereby small changes in structure--comparable to changes in temperature that cause water to freeze or become liquid--make people more or less open to disruptive thinking. 8) Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It (Chris Voss), Overall: 14/15–5/5 Story 5/5 Content 4/5 Application. In all seriousness, 50 was the number to hit because it’s said that CEOs read 50–60 books a year. Brown is an expert in vulnerability and explains how to be more vulnerable and the payoff that it can have for you. 5. I know that if I want to be a high level executive or own my own company someday that I should start doing what CEOs do to be successful. Best books of 2019: Business. He also talks how you can learn quicker from those that are already successful. Gladwell’s work is awesome and I highly recommend it. Game of Thrones is ending. The message of this book is fantastic. In a world that is based on passing the hot potato, this is easier said than done. It can be inspiring while at the same time make you question if you’re at such a disadvantage and if the effort is even worth it. Overall: 15/15–5/5 Story 5/5 Content 5/5 Application. It’s about the power of giving but it’s told as a fictional story. The self affirmations get to be a little over the top for me but the message is pure. The message of this book is nice and I’d clarify more but don’t want to ruin anything for you. I enjoyed this because Jocko and Babin do a great job explaining how you can be too extreme with ownership. Grant is fantastic at breaking down the concept of goal setting and how to apply them to become more successful. I love how his message is similar between his videos and books. I think the content in this one is excellent as you’ll likely get from Gary Vee. 18) Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion (Robert Cialdini) Team Robert Cialdini, Overall: 12.5/15–4/5 Story 4.25/5 Content 4.25/5 Application, *Recommended- Ranks above #19, #20, #21, and #22 in recommendation likelihood to break tie. That’s 10 or less for those that struggle at math. Overall: 14.25/15–4.75/5 Story 4.75/5 Content 4.75/5 Application. I bet a lot of the stuff you’re measuring falls under the ‘doesn’t matter’ category. Someone wins. If you’re looking to become more money savvy this book is a must. Hill studies ultra successful people and explains what leads to their success. By reading a book, you consume a huge amount of research in a relatively … Some of the information in this seems more practical than others. I wanted this book to be so much more. It’s a great book if you’re wanting to learn about different lifestyles that cause people to have success. Listen on … In the world of business books, there are 11,000 titles published every year.The sheer volume of new books makes it impossible to sort through them all. I only wish he gave us more! She’ll make you laugh, imagine, stress, etc. Andrew Hill selects his must-read titles. Things were different in 1940, when government investment in R&D began producing breakthroughs in science and technology, from jet engines to life-saving medicines, to benefit everyone. Disillusionment followed as the company's leaders downplayed the problem. throughout this book. I never thought of that but he’s got some great points in this. I agree with most of his magic words and phrases. 7. Skip. It’s more of story if anything but a damn good one at that! This is an interesting book to say the least. Other than that, great read! Check out their sequel to this book (The Dichotomy of Leadership #30). The first time I read it I was amazed from what I learned. 50) The Lean Startup (Eric Ries) Eric Ries, Overall: 7.5/15–3.25/5 Story 3/5 Content 3.25/5 Application. I think culture is an awesome topic that’s very relevant but I don’t think this book is all that great. 10 Must Read Business Books for the Future Entrepreneurs. Some of the concepts in it are helpful and informative but it didn’t wow me at all. I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s a fastlane but that’s his wording for it. (Some of us have been questioning that last one for years.) Martin Wolf selects his must-read titles from the second half of the year. Hi Todd, I hope you don't mind that I edited the list description to include the two links above -- if a list is entitled "The xyz Best Books on [topic]/published in [year]" etc., folks here on GR tend to ask for a … I was a fan of the different innovative ideas within the book from Ries past experiences but that’s about it. So those who create it are of intrinsic interest. First, the story is phenomenal. 34) If You’re Not First, You’re Last (Grant Cardone) Grant Cardone, Overall: 11/15–3.25/5 Story 4/5 Content 3.75/5 Application. It’s basically about how to make your life easier and how multitasking is a false concept. 8. This book has some awesome content and you can tell that Ferriss is great at explaining ways to become more productive. If you’re looking to increase your negotiating skills, this is your book. 25) Be Obsessed or Be Average (Grant Cardone) Grant Cardone, Overall: 12.25/15–4/5 Story 3.75/5 Content 4.5/5 Application. They include new offerings from business celebrities Clayton Christensen, Simon Sinek, and Marcus Buckingham--and one from Oscar-winning producer Brian Grazer, who wants to look deep into your eyes. I like this book because it’s a simple, grassroots approach to becoming a millionaire. Some are definitely better than others. 9) The Millionaire Fastlane (MJ DeMarco) MJ DeMarco, Overall: 13.75/15–4.75/5 Story 5/5 Content 4/5 Application. Overall: 10.5/15–3.75/5 Story 3.75/5 Content 3.5/5 Application, *Demerit- (minus .5 for too many self affirmations). Here is a list of thought-provoking books by top business … Although originally published in 1936, much of the advice in this book is timeless. 7) Crushing It (Gary Vaynerchuk) Gary Vaynerchuk, Overall: 14/15–4.5/5 Story 5/5 Content 4.5/5 Application, *Recommended- Ranks above #8 in recommendation likelihood to break tie. It reminded me of Tools of Titans in the fact that it’s mainly other successful people’s content. You’ll learn a lot about him, his leadership style, crazy lifestyle, and even some of his life’s history. December 30, 2018. If you’re in the sales profession, this book is a must… oh yeah, Cardone breaks down why every person in this world is in the sales profession, whether they know it or not. Tony is great at explaining different concepts to achieve financial freedom. BE PREPARED TO WORK YOUR ASS OFF. The 100 Must-Read Books of 2019 Stirring novels and short stories, thought-provoking histories, affecting memoirs and more. Sincero is a great story teller and you’ll understand that after reading this book. He tells you various experiences that taught him many valuable lessons on leadership and entrepreneurship. I’m a bigger fan of Elon from this book though. 49) The Third Wave (Steve Case) Steve Case, Overall: 7.75/15–3.5/5 Story 3/5 Content 2.5/5 Application. But if you like Cardone and want more, here you go. I absolutely loved this book because it’s literally a book about war tactics from the ancient China era. Why Do So Many Incompetent Men Become Leaders? You’ll get a ton of motivation from this book as well because his solutions are simplified. So grassroots in fact that Cardone states that the first step to becoming a millionaire means that you have to know what math will get you there. 28) The Richest Man in Babylon (George Clason), Overall: 12/15–4.25/5 Story 4/5 Content 3.75/5 Application. 20) Unshakeable: Your Financial Freedom (Tony Robbins) Tony Robbins, Overall: 12.5/15–3.5/5 Story 4.5/5 Content 4.5/5 Application, *Recommended- Ranks above #21 and #22 in recommendation likelihood to break tie. Best Business Books Top shelf picks: Best Business Books 2019 Studies confirm that both men and women tend to equate confidence with competence because they assume that those … 2. 6) 10X Rule (Grant Cardone) Grant Cardone, Overall: 14/15–4.5/5 Story 4.5/5 Content 5/5 Application, *Recommended- Ranks above #7 and #8 in recommendation likelihood to break tie. I think that anyone in a leadership role could benefit greatly from this book. I have books … A word that typically has a negative connotation can be a wonderful word if applied to the right medium. I wanted to learn more about Trump since he became president and picked up two of his books. To me, this book is about social conditioning and figuring out the best ways to inspire (aka influence) human beings. This book was so boring that even writing this review put me to sleep! Case talks about how he co-founded AOL and the history of it systematically being ran into the ground. 44) The Culture Code (Daniel Coyle) DanielCoyle, Overall: 9.5/15–2.5/5 Story 4/5 Content 3/5 Application. I enjoyed this book because the setting is in ancient Babylon. Check out this book to find out the difference. Just be ready for some very dry parts with this book. This book is a classic and if you haven’t read it, make time for it some day. 29) How to Win Friends and Influence People (Dale Carnegie), Overall: 11.75/15–4/5 Story 4/5 Content 4/5 Application, *Demerit- (minus .25 for information being outdated at times). Not only one lacks experience, but also there are certain business basics that entrepreneurs don’t know at the start. I only wish I read this book right after the first one. Read this book before the concepts are outdated. If you haven’t read it, let this be the next one you read. Cialdini is great at helping you understand them. Buy. I just wish there was less self promotions throughout the book. Also, get ready for many self affirmations (which I think are good) because she overloads you with them! I gave this book demerits because it’s a little outdated but Crushing It (the sequel) is way more relevant! He doesn’t spoon feed you all the answers you’ve got to use your brain for some of them (similar to the Art of War). ... Best books of 2019: Business. You can see how knowledgeable he is in Crush It. That's why this self-help classic also has a place on the shelf of must-read business books. That being said, I gave this book demerits for not being that realistic. I wish he would have broken down the various customer age groups a little more but that’s if I’m getting nit-picky. This book is fantastic. I’m not sure what to think of this book. But here are 10 other titles that have us intrigued. 24) Crush It (Gary Vaynerchuk) Gary Vaynerchuk, Overall: 12.25/15–4.25/5 Story 4.25/5 Content 4.25/5 Application, *Demerit- (minus .5 for information being outdated at times), *Recommended- Ranks above #25 in recommendation likelihood to break tie. 35) Zero Resistance Selling (Maxwell Maltz), Overall: 10.75/15–2.75/5 Story 3.75/5 Content 4.25/5 Application. This book is about the word obsession. Meh. Overall: 13.5/15–5/5 Story 4.5/5 Content 4/5 Application, *Recommended- Ranks above #11 in recommendation likelihood to break tie. I’m not sure if this is considered plagiarism or if the other Authors are making money from this or what. But in all honesty the lessons are good as he basically just puts various questions he’s answered on the AskGaryVee YouTube channel in book form. Don’t forget that important reminder! Leaders require not just the resources but also the will to win such contests, organizational expert Sinek explains. Why 50? It all starts from childhood too. This review of the top 50 business/self help books will help you determine which books to read and which ones to avoid like the plague. Voss is a former FBI negotiator and it’s amazing what those guys have to endure. (And How to Fix It), by Tomas Chamorro-PremuzicWomen generally outperform men as leaders, research shows. 30) The Dichotomy of Leadership (Leif Babin, Jocko Willink), Overall: 11.5/15–4/5 Story 4.25/5 Content 4/5 Application, *Demerit- (minus .75 for contradicting first book, book #3, at times), *Recommended- Ranks above #31 and #32 in recommendation likelihood to break tie. If you’re in sales, it’s imperative to know what makes people tick and this book will help you with that. Maltz is definitely an expert in psychology and you can tell with this book. The concepts are interesting because it breaks down every area of your life from business, to health, to spirituality, etc. Keep in mind that these are all business books related to self improvement, leadership, sales, money, mindset, and bettering your current situation. If you’re interested in leadership, entrepreneurship, or own a company you have check this book out. Read. Please note that only 50 are ranked because one was so great I ended up reading it twice. What is humanity's role in a world ruled by algorithms? Overall: 12/15–4/5 Story 4.5/5 Content 3.5/5 Application, *Recommended- Ranks above #28 in recommendation likelihood to break tie. It’ll help you figure out if what you’re measuring even matters or if it’s busy work. ... Keep in mind that these … For how much time I invested in this mammoth, I was salty on the RIO I got. I love the content in this book. 40) Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future (Ashlee Vance), Overall: 10/15–3.75/5 Story 3.75/5 Content 3/5 Application, *Demerit- (minus .5 because author is too biased), *Recommended- Ranks above #41 in recommendation likelihood to break tie. BTW: if you really want some great content check out Grant’s YouTube channel.
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