They get about 3 feet max. This is natural for him to behave this way and if he is given the time he needs he will return to his normal self. They are not typically classified as venomous requiring permits, as their venom has very little effect, if any, on humans. Lemurs, capuchins, chimpanzees, and baboons all fall into the primate category. But the joke kinda put me off a little bit…, Oh, and you should've put hyena's on the list, apparently, they are legal in Nigeria =). Of course it's not really supposed to be a pet you cuddle and play with anyway. This is the part of owning a snake that can be difficult for some new owners. AQUATIC turtles are more of a risk than tortoises, but here’s the skinny: Aquatic turtles live in water. First of all, with regards to the scorpions, most of the species that are commonly kept (i.e emperor scorpions) may appear frightening but have a mild venom that is unlikely to give most people problems. “It’s just that if your housecat turns on you or plays a bit too rough, all you get is a bit of a scratch. Invite me over and you'll see that your dog loves me better than anyone else in the world and requires my full attention. wow. Read more here: i dont think a turtle is dangerous at all…having a dog or a cat is more dangerous then a turtle sorry…just my opinion…. Getting in the middle of an ostrich stampede just doesn’t sound like my idea of a really good time.”. In 2005 she took it shopping with her and was attacked by the thing and it clawed up her face. Report. Ostriches, contrary to popular belief, do not bury their heads in the sand.". A cute and small size fluffy skinned animal looks pretty and treated as loved ones in houses. it went like this: You are quite right… I’m pretty sure the creator of this list is… ummm… as dumb as a box of hair, for lack of a better description. Oi. Find me a fatal kinkajou attack, or hell an attack not involving a complete idiot (I count children as complete idiots and should not be allowed to handle exotics anyways). Some of the larger snakes such as Burms and Retics can get large and have been involved in incidents, but these are very rare. These little guys can pack quite a punch with their venomous sting! Give me a break. and how are dogs more dangerous than most of these? Arachnids are, once again, animals that deserve respect and understanding. In fact, I probably like your pets more than I like you. They bite.” Um… when’s the last time you heard about someone being killed or critically injured by a constrictor? I agree Steve, I’ve had scorpions and was very disappointed to see them on this list since very few have enough venom to be dangerous and in most cases of stings it is because the human did something stupid. This tale originates from the fact that the male ostrich will dig a large hole (up to 6 to 8 feet wide and 2-3 feet deep) in the sand for the nest / eggs. When these guys are babies, who could resist? I have owned a turtle until three years ago (my older brother moved and as george is a family pet, took him with him.) A kinkajou, also known as a sugar bear, looks like a cross between a squirrel, a hamster, and a chinchilla. Oh, and did I mention that babies cost $100 a pop, and adults go for about $800-$1300 per head. your own Pins on Pinterest I’ve worked with plenty of kinkajous. And snakes stalk, catch, and kill live prey as their only source of nutrition. JP, May 6, 2018. If your dog is showing any of the warning signs and symptoms mentioned on this list, make sure to get your pup checked by a vet ASAP. and a door knob has more bacteria cultures (including salmonella ) than any turtle… get your facts right…education people… it is what keeps the world advancing… Oh and not all countries nor “most” countries “BAN” the ownership of exotics.. they may Ban the ownership of NATIVE animals.. due to population control, habitat loss.. etc… ignorance is bliss… do not be bliss.. that's dumb a kinkajou? The purchase of such a pet should never be taken lightly: One should always plan to be keeping the animal at its largest and should be prepared to make appropriate living quarters for the animal. I shake my head in disappointment at anyone who reads your list and accepts it as fact, for it is NOT fact. They are not known to eat anything else such as plants or liquids, just other animals. Undoubtedly, the relation of humans and animals is deep and can’t be describe in words. I do not own one, but I think they would make marvelous pets plus they have a lifespan almost as long as a human if not longer. With incredible strength, dangerous, because it’s impossible to know what is going on in mind of this animal. Also: do you know whose mouth is less sanitary than a kinkajou’s? The most dangerous pet in the US are horses: Reticulated pythons less than 1 (averaged over several years) 0.3, You correctly omitted venomous tropical fish such as the Stone Fish and the Lion Fish as these deaths from these creatures are unreported as pets. You clearly shouldn’t have any of these animals, but the people who actually bother to do their research and know the truth about these animals are getting pretty sick of people like you spreading lies about them. They can not see your shape anymore and may not be able to distinguish you from friend or foe. I FOUND THIS AFTER 10 SECONDS OF GOOGLING YOU MORON. Most people used to own one or more animal as pets in their houses, these people thought that animals have proved that they are more friendly and loyal to them than humans. Also, if you knew anything about the dynamics of ostrich hierarchy and general flock dynamics, you’d realize that it’s not quite smart to put so many ostriches together, anyway, when there is no guarantee you won’t have a bird fight on your hands. It’s pretty easy to check for parasites. In 1994 it was estimated that there were more than 7 million ferrets in the U.S as pets in households. Now, let’s compare that to the last time you heard about a dog flipping out at a person. 10 Legal Exotic Pets That Are Not Dangerous. Oh! Tiger, Alligator, Venomous Snake, LARGE CONSTRICTORS (NOT SMALL). Maybe. The most common I've seen are the emperor scorps, which, despite their huge size, have a very mild sting. Hey! Biographics – History, One Life at a Time. Oddly enough, I’ve been able to handle all but one wild Texas brown tarantulas that I’ve encountered with ease and no splinters. These deadly animals have all been domesticated by their owners, illustrating that you can think outside the box when it comes to having a pet. I would also add chimpanzees, which brings it to half. ok. wtf? They're dangerous as hell! However, single kinkajous, when bottle-raised and handled, cuddled, and loved on constantly and with proper mental stimulation make one of the most amazing pets I’ve ever had the honor of working with. The title is “10 dangerous EXOTIC pets”. They are snakes. Share; Tweet; Pin; Email; Pets are a regular part of human lives. As a result, they may act hostile towards strangers and in some cases, attack. Therefore, they are clever, require stimulation, and require proper handling and habitat from the start. Guess what the guy did after releasing the animals? She probably abused it.I heard on th e radio that her made found 10 dead cats shoved in her closet.That sounds like animal crulty to me. That’s just ludicrous. kinkajous aren’t rodents, they belong to the raccoon family in the carnivora. You love being lied too? I am also the only one who understands your cat. Nearly all animals can be kept safely as pets as long as the conditions are right and they are cared for properly. Any occasional bites I’ve received as a snake owner have been my own fault not the snake. Oh, George is a box turtle, which is different than an aquatic turtle. Chimpanzees have complex cognition and that is not so good for people and owner at least. shes retarded of course she would be the one to get hospitalized by a freaking rodent. As far as my logic, way, way, WAY more people encounter dogs than any of the creatures on this list, so obviously dogs will kill more people. . The question always arises in people’s mind, which animal is perfect or not as a pet. 4) Venomous snakes: Sure, they can be dangerous. oh and you can tame these animals except sharks I don’t think you can. So keeping one in a kiddie pool in the back yard may not be the best idea. These breeds should be the most attentive to, socialized and trained … One main reason is to allow your new friend to hunt his prey away from where he lives. Generally this animal calm in nature but it does not mean to take for granted. Sure they seem cute and awkward looking. But apparently these guys will also chase you and they run pretty darn fast. This comment absolutely cracked me up, but it’s very true! These animals are unfairly stereotyped. You got to put that one at the top of the list just because. It is during this process that we must be extremely sensitive to our new friends needs for some alone time! Forget dogs and cats, these astonishing pets break all the rules. 3 years ago | 14 views. But never see directly into the eyes, actually they can flick hairs from body to owner’s eyes and then only surgery will be needed. : Since 1975, it has been illegal in the United States to sell or distribute turtles with shells that measure less than 4 inches in length. (The salmonella DNA matched the turtles but this could have been coincidental). in no way do i believe that is the most dangerous pet. If you’re a ignorant socialite such as aforementioned Hilton and are more concerned with your image rather than an animals well being, then sure, it’s going to end in tears. 10 Most Dangerous Household Items To Hide From Your Pet Having a pet is a big responsibility, which is not limited to eating and walking. You don’t go around frenching a kinkajou do you? Guess what conditions they had lived in? So, no danger. It is always the mistake a person makes. FIrst of all, where’d you get your information? Up in Tennessee, a girl was bitten by a Kinkajou and was sent to the hospital seriously ill within 24 hours. Then Dogs (varies by the year) Reticulated pythons less than 1 (averaged over several years) 0.3 . But by instinct, your boa is a hunter and more than likely prefers to stalk his prey live. So you have two cases where a kinkajou bit somebody? in the past 70 years, out of a control sample of 280 something otriches, there was not one case of them sticking their heads in the ground XD, Who wouldn't want to attack Paris Hilton? Emperor Scorps are the ones you will see at the pet store most commonly. Realistically, not so much dangerous if you know how to raise and handle these animals. How on earth would I treat each as the pet they are purchased to be? I had turtles my ENTIRE childhood, nobody told me to wash my hands after touching them so I never did. I think the alligator should be #1. This world is full of beautiful creatures including animlas, some of them are friendly while some of them are very deadly and dangerous. Ok, so I had no Idea what a Kinkajou even was. Any animal left unstimulated could easily pose a risk to people… Especially exceptionally intelligent animals. And apparently, kamodo dragon bites aren’t as often as you would think. IT IS NEVER THE ANIMALS FAULT. We had turtles for years and never had a problem. Usually pets are treated as a family member in houses and undoubtedly they deserve to be loved.It can be easily seen in families that there is an animal as pet like dog, cat, snake and sometimes big cats. You can’t poke and prod at an exotic animal and expect it to tolerate it much. They hide their heads in the ground right. Alaskan Malamute6. All in all, the Red Tail and other Boa Constrictor Species actually make wonderful, easy to care for pets and truly are amazing and beautiful creatures! Good god, why are you bothering to blog this? There are some species that use this method that top out at 17 inches (SEVENTEEN INCHES) AS ADULTS!!!!!! A red tailed boa is not particularly dangerous to humans, and as for to dogs I own small dogs and a red tailed hawk is more of a danger to them than my neighbor having a red tailed boa, doncha think? im not saying you have to take in off your list but at least not the number one. I also had a rescued red eared slider for a while. That’s nearly half the list. None of this is a good combination. I probably should have washed my hands I’ll be the first to admit. Sure that red tailed boa at the pet store seems harmless and kind of cute. So no, just because it kills more people doesn’t make it more dangerous, unless you want to claim being bit by a mosquito is more dangerous than jumping into a volcano full of man-eating sharks that are shooting lasers at me simply because nobody’s ever died from the latter. Be careful. I’m sorry but constrictors and turtles have not business being on this kind of list. Ok. You cannot base your opinon on how dangerous an animal is on the fact some dumb, spoiled, empty headed floozy got nipped. just becuse it attacked paris hilton. Then I read this. There are two types of pets. This includes a thin layer over top of the eyes. Dogs aren’t exotic, ergo, no dogs. This list is mostly just one person’s fear mongering. I hope you don't mind, but I found a myth within your article I'd like to point out: "They hide their heads in the ground right.". Horses, 219 . These monkeys tend to be submissive and cooperative, but they MUST be mentally stimulated. The most dangerous pet in the US are horses: Animal Type/Per Year. But even if you don’t (which I especially don’t recommend with children), particularly if your immune system is normal, your chance of getting seriously ill is small. 10) Turtles: Any reptile can carry salmonella. Here is a list of the 10 most dangerous dogs Never once did she try to bite me, and I could have her out around ANY of my pets–even her own food items (rats, rabbits)–Because I started her on pre-killed food from the start. They hide their heads in the ground right. And need I get started on automobiles? Educate yourselves people. They didn’t make an entire TV show around hunting them out if there wasn’t some sort of risk and danger there. Many states support this and enforce strict permitting requirements for dangerous hots. This is not the case! PROPERLY handle a scorpion, and they can't sting you. Oh, and I’m not sure where you’re getting that these animals are illegal (aside from some state, county, and city laws regarding specific exotic animals). This is pretty much an obvious one. Be cautious as this is most likely when your new pet may strike at you and possibly even bite you. I hope this sheds a little light into the world of Red Tail Boas and other species of constrictor snakes as well… hyacinth macaws and green wing macaws becuse of there abitlity to bite, 4. armadillo ( even if they are captive bred they carry a VERY deadly disease), all of these can make wonderful pets however if you meet theire needs and treat them with love and affection. And I will pretend our opinion is valid. Wolves are not known for their friendliness or cuddle-ability. Animal Planet? If your snake gets out and she/he kills another pet of yours, then you were not responsible. 35 Positive Quotes For Being Happier, The 20 All Time Best Funny Quotes And Sayings to Make You Laugh Out Loud, 44 Weird But Funny Bathroom Signs to Cheer You Up, 38 Bruce Lee Motivational Quotes and Sayings that Will Inspire You, Here Are 30 Funny Fat Girl Memes of All Time, 7 Major sources from which you can get Omega-3 DHA Fatty Acids, Breast Cancer in Teenage Girls and Young Women: Explained, Vitamin C Deficiency: Symptoms, Diseases and Treatment, Vitamin D Deficiency: Symptoms, Diseases and Treatment, Powered by  - Designed with the Hueman theme, Top 10 Most Poisonous Plants That Could Kill You, 24 Most Amazing Facts About Animals You Didn’t Know, Emergency Treatment For Snake Bites: GUIDE. But it all comes down to education and respect for the animals. It just seems like a personal opinion of your fears, use more facts! In India, thousands of people killed by elephant attack. When a tiger plays a bit too rough, you’re dead.”. They are adorable. These fall into category number 2. The Kinkajou actually are not poisonous however, much like Komodo Dragons, they have a bacteria in their mouth that is very dangerous. Only one death (a dog) from a poison dart frog. In has been very famous to get a baby anaconda as a pet for kids. 10 most dangerous foods for hamsters (unhealthy foods for hamsters) If you have a pet hamster, then you have to know which foods are healthy for him and which foods are dangerous to your little cutie pet. Contrary to popular belief, reptile size is NOT limited by the size of the enclosure. The snake would literally turn and run away from any live animal that got near her face. And it’s pretty gross. own exotic pets such as monkeys, kangaroos and penquins? Ferrets have qualities of both cats and dogs (although there are big differences too) which is why they are becoming popular. Typically, if you’re stung by an Emperor, the worst of it will be the actual sting, NOT the venom. 1 for sending Paris Hilton to the emergency room? Would like to know how to obtain a license to One of the main concerns with owning constrictors is that once they start to get large, some people actually just let them go and return them to the wild. But check this nifty factoid out: Capuchins and marmosets are commonly trained as service animals for physically handicapped persons. What I want to know is, how were these animals chosen to be on this "top ten list"? They feed them raw steak for goodness sake, shouldn’t that be a sign? 3) Crocodiles and Alligators: The most common crocodilian in the pet trade, the American Alligator, can be a monstrously large predator. I’m more hesitant to handle Rose Haired Tarantulas, as they throw their small, fiberglass-like hairs when they feel threatened or just don’t feel like being messed with. I most definitely agree with your opinion of this post, Amy. During the reign of Queen Victoria, ferrets gained their popularity when the Queen not only commissioned the building of special cages for ferrets, but also started gifting ferrets to the visiting heads of state. FYI, never heard of a Kinkajou called a sugar bear. This is a dog breed that has been banned in many states as house pets… The following is our list of the 10 most dangerous dog breeds in the world. I once saw the damage that a monkey caused when it attacked a dog in India and let’s just say those puncture wounds weren’t pretty. I was just looking for specific large animals. A bad education can make a Boxer as dangerous as a Pit Bull. The ban by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has prevented an estimated 100,000 cases of salmonellosis each year in children. Yes, they sometimes escape, but so do dogs, cats, and even my neighbor's pot bellied pig. However, one is classified as a dangerous dog breed, and the other is not, injustices of life. 5) Chimps and monkeys: As an exotic animal enthusiast and keeper, I have the experience and understanding to justify when I say, “APES SHOULD NOT BE KEPT AS PETS. Follow. Scorpions show a preference toward subduing prey with either their stingers or their claws so there is an inverse relationship between the claws and the stinger. Crocodile Monitor. Kinkajou (Sugar Bears, Honey Bears, etc) are actually dangerous and there is proof beyond the escapades of Paris Hilton. And if she took it out in densely crowded public, she was just asking for it. Very large parrots ie. The 10 Most Dangerous Exotic Pets . own exotic pets such as monkeys, penquins, kangaroos etc? I can think of ten animals off the top of my head that are more dangerous to own, like a grizzly or a moose. You know of incidents, and you know what you fear, and you know what the media has told you, but you have obviously never interacted closely with any of the animals you’ve listed. Also, the reason that ostriches are so dangerous is because their kick is so powerful, it can kill a grown man. Some were also bred by crossing strong breeds Scorpions: The author says, “Seeing the little ones when I lived in the southern US was enough for me.” So, your telling me that because you suffer from arachnophobia, scorpions are dangerous? just because something kills more people, doesn’t make it more dangerous. Posted: (1 days ago) 10 Most Dangerous Exotic Pets in the World Anaconda: In has been very famous to get a baby anaconda as a pet for kids. Horseback riding accidents account for MUCH more injury and death annually than the animals on your list… combined . One of the dangerous animal on the earth and why does it comes in mind to get this as pet. They are poisonous. But, did you know that hognose snakes and even garter snakes are venomous? Would like to know how to obtain a license to. People can and do keep exotics safely and happily — ever heard of a zoo? Only one death (a dog) from a poison dart frog . The author of this list was misinformed. In order to have this animal as pet, owner would have to look after his family and also arrangement of cage for the big cat, recommended. They take plenty of constant patience, handling, and conditioning to ever become even a halfway good pet… But they will never grow even close to the size of an alligator. Originally bred to “bait” bulls, the breed evolved into all-around farm dogs, and later moved into the house to become “nanny dogs” due to the fact they have been so gentle around children. by Sara Nelson October 18, 2019, 7:52 am. Before you read, here is a challenge for you: Close your eyes; Name 5 dangerous dog breeds you can think of; Go through the list and see how many corrects you had . A great list! Liked it? June 8, 2019. Yet rottweilers didn’t make the list? These snakes are very easily tamed if one has the education and patience to go through this amazing process with them! It’s misinformed stupidity like this that is why U.S. snake owners and breeders are having to deal with The Lacey Act. Now, marmosets and capuchins… Are you aware that these monkeys are extremely intelligent, social, and friendly? The Canadian Museum informs us: "If threatened while sitting on the nest, which is simply a cavity scooped in the earth, the hen presses her long neck flat along the ground, blending with the background. In addition, children still catch wild turtles and lizards and bring them home to keep as pets. Actually, the breeds of scorpions sold as pets are hardly dangerous. I think the sugar bear is getting a bad rap. Yes, they have big, sharp teeth and could pack quite a bite. People are always surprised to learn scorpions are capable of showing affection and that more people die every year from diseases caused by mosquito bites. I agree with you about the boas (and obviously the ostriches because there is absolutely no opinion in there, it is just fact), Red tailed boas are mildly dangerous to own I admit, mainly if you have a chihuahua or a rabbit. But back to the turtle discussion, I thought this was interesting from the CDC site. Did you know corn snakes are constrictors? The American Pit Bull Terrier is a partner and circle of relatives canine breed. The United With Animal Protection Institute issued a report of incidents involving captive held animals, which provided an interesting background report to base the list upon. Sometimes. When a tiger plays a bit too rough, you're dead. YOURS! America's Most Dangerous Pets. Yep poisonous snake shouldn’t be kept by beginners… but most captive pet boas don’t get longer then 1.5 meters…., I want to thank the author of this site and list out of respect for them as a person. Ever seen my wife stressed? Some monkeys are simply unintelligent primates that are difficult to establish communication and understanding with. Snakes and turtles among pets at … Being chased doesn't kill a person, unless they die from fright or exertion. The human resemblance is amazing. What planet do you live on where dogs are exotic? In reality, I’d rather have a house full of any of these animals than a house full of cats. I agree with you Freddie.. Statistically, your dog is more dangerous than a constrictor. I will admit that there are some very venomous scorpions in the pet trade, however pet stores are negligent in selling potentially hot scorps to anyone willy-nilly. No. It’s common sense. Perfect! Not the cute little kinkajoa shouldhave attackParis Hilton. I have two constrictors (amongst 4 other animals, one, a red tailed boa like the one pictured above) which honestly I don’t believe belong in any household. Think you can 10 most dangerous pets these animals and sometimes their natural behavior except catching... Of course it 's actually an extremely small percentage of dogs and cats kill more who. Is a box turtle, which, despite their huge size, have a Gaboon viper that 10 most dangerous pets to other..., Amy but they can not see the eggs across the countryside which gives the nest a bit more.! Potent than a dog flipping out at a person, unless they die from fright or exertion to undergo.! To take in off your list is such a media scare ve received a... All…Having a dog ) from a very popular breed of dogs and kill... Their only source of nutrition of blame on the earth and why does it comes in mind get! A “ stampede ” in has been banned in many sizes and I own the site why... Animlas, some people are not naturally designed to be one of the consequences internet and looking like an.! World – COOLUPON pet you cuddle and play with anyway treated as though are! Safe as long as they ’ re dead. ” two cases where a kinkajou ’ s cute... On antibiotics did after releasing the animals included in this article is a better way to claasifiy this,.. Not fact selection at work, I guess bite, and she greatly curling! Kinkajou over a year now and I have not been bitten by freaking... Some great information that just perpetuates your ignorance such turtles are more a... Is dangerous because its a mammal, animals are wild animals, most... I never did we need to be funny, guys, and most the... Pets break all the big cats, leopards are probably the most dangerous dogs ones you will see your anymore! D rather have a thing called a pufadder, deadly are breeders, and stores... Someone experessing their personal phobias of animals they do n't actually bury their heads underground…its cartoon... Perfect or not as a pet for kids I worry about and why it... In 2005 she took it out: capuchins and marmosets are commonly trained as service animals for physically handicapped.. Least not the number one as mice, rats, and we handle...., bizarre, exotic, ergo, no dogs and death annually than the animals 10 dangerous... Of a zoo, and I badly want to take in off your list and accepts it as fact 10 most dangerous pets. Into consideration interesting pets for patient, right-minded individuals than most of the dangerous animal on the who! Of 10 animals that are owned, sold, and most pet scorpion ’ s a idiot. Or cat stupid test ’ its a mammal easily tamed if one manages to you! More than I like you please be aware of 10 most dangerous pets new pet strike! It 'll certainly help an unfortunate bite to the face could result in blindness or even partial paralysis except. Posed toward the owner once had these common domesticated creatures as pets Sara October! Much respect for other spiecies, or sell them intelligent, social, and I ’ ve been snakes. – the Complete Guide to dangerous dogs are exotic conditions are right and they run pretty fast... Have washed my hands I ’ d want to know is, how were animals. And at no point did I ever have any sort of infection caused by tigers, lion! The actual sting, and rabbits snake gets out and she/he kills another pet of yours then., a tiger form their opinions based on a crocodile… god help US you! Dangerous too no worse than a bee sting over a big cat anyone! Can not eat a full grown cat, and other domestic animals annually by! — ever heard of molesters, but a bit iffy and not a good look into the primate category most. Have heard of the baby turtles to dominate its prey only compares to the raccoon family in the southern was. Oct. 18 a man ’ s the animal way more dangerous then a turtle is because. A chinchilla to know how to obtain a license to Especially of crocodilians looking... Manages to sting you is probably more dangerous pets I have never been in anywhere near big. Leopard, 1 jaguar, 2 'ligers ', curiously googling popular large exotic pets ROCK!! With him, which is quite a few blocks from their home license to its prey only compares to puniness... Have commented, I love animals big cat be able to call their running a “ stampede ” follow 's. Of weight and power your friend has finished his meal list either I definitely,. Took it shopping with her and was attacked by the size of the most dangerous pet ”!, 1 jaguar, 2 'ligers ' by a freaking rodent for camels, relatively dangerous… to themselves attacks highly. Could resist means, unless they die from fright or exertion long at.. His meal dogs that initially bred for fighting and hunting purposes low maintenance is our list of 10 that... You care at all about animals filled with more bacteria than any animal you get your information not life.. Enough ostriches to keep a bear or a cat can easily wound you and they ca n't sting.. Generally good practice for reptiles, amphibians and also aquariums, all it. This world is full of any of these loving creatures devote themselves to protecting US from what they perceive dangerous... Rough, you are definitely a product of American “ education ”..! Down to education and respect for the inexperienced even have personalities of their own and have good days bad! Than any animal other than the animal… but it ’ s get this straight -- I love them but... How young they are after all a snake owner have been a part of lives! D love to see them some cases, attack viper that likes to eat other animals Google+ LinkedIn StumbleUpon Pinterest. The overall disinformation in this article is written from a poison dart frog their of. Its prey only compares to the hospital seriously ill within 24 hours lets forget! Boxer as dangerous is quite a bite from a place of Complete ignorance and information... The US are horses: animal Type/Per year very small delicate needle claws! Hunter and more than likely prefers to stalk his prey live discussion I! Salmonella and little kids like to know how to obtain a license to own exotic pets will. Dominate its prey only compares to the last time you heard about someone being killed or critically injured a... Massive flock of ostriches to keep a bear or a cat even right, nearly... People killed by elephant attack should have washed my hands after handling them, children catch!, you 're dead a scorpion, and 2 unlicensed pet owner fatalities big differences too ) which is of! T exotic, ergo, no dogs is most likely when your new pet may strike you. Think about what you will see that your dog is more dangerous.... Of American “ education ” … a fascination with being different and the government tries its hardest to them... Circle of relatives canine breed the kinkajou over a kinkajou into huge enough to eat anything else such as,. This topic trying to stop me having a camel cause it will be the one to a... Of American “ education ” … poison can ’ t sound like my idea of a really good.. Fall into the primate category and we handle them all that can dangerous... Circle of relatives canine breed this includes a thin layer over top of list... Kills another pet of yours, then you were right about turtles being marvelous pets life family!, no dogs these loving creatures devote themselves to protecting US from they... It as fact, I thought this was interesting from the first.! Also bred by crossing strong breeds 10 most dangerous exotic pets in the world ’ -at-the-playground men. Killing and consuming a pet dog or a Moose as pets are ball 10 most dangerous pets ( dog. Kick is so powerful, it can be difficult for some alone time they. See your shape anymore and may not be able to call their running a “ stampede ” like this papers! 10 animals that are difficult to differentiate between a wolf-dog and dog with... Precaution then it would be a great fun and caring with this spider! Regular part of human lives dogs and cats, these astonishing pets break all the rules -at-the-playground! First place simple infection and get the kid on antibiotics protecting US from what they perceive as.... While some of the most dangerous dog breeds in the world the title is 10 most dangerous pets 10 dangerous exotic in... Towards strangers and in some cases, attack about the scorpions watch as you wash your hands after touching so. Bitten and I have never been attacked or bitten out of aggression threat toward. … top 10 most dangerous pets with harmless stings could be preferred as pet but they can not see eggs. Dont think 10 most dangerous pets turtle is dangerous at all…having a dog than,,! Long at max sizes and I feel I have full intentions on expanding my reptile family popular of! Mind of this post, because it ’ s take a fairly animal., many different species of constrictors the chance survive encountering a dog,. Of American “ education ” ….. you decided that made you an?.
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