The wettest month is May with an average of 114mm of rain. Include a date for which you would like to see weather history. New York City - Recent Annual Temperatures, Rain & Snow The numbers here describe what the weather in New York City, New York was like for every year since 2010. NOAA National Weather Service New York, NY. Weather by month, temperatures and climate table in December for New York New York: Climatic table and weather throughout the year. The best time of year to visit New York in United States of America. historical climate data web site is a gateway to information on matters such as past (hourly, daily, monthly and almanac) weather includes: temperature, snow, snow on ground, precipitation, rain, wind speed and direction, heating and cooling degree days, visibility, relative humidity, wind … A product of the New York City Department of City Planning, the NYC Flood Hazard Mapper provides a comprehensive overview of the current flood hazards that threaten the city today, as well as how these flood hazards are likely to increase in the future with climate change. Rochester averages 86 in (218 cm), and Syracuse 110 in (279 cm). Use the tabs below to view the data for each location. The annual precipitation totals are averages based on weather data collected from 1981 to 2010 for the NOAA National Climatic Data Center. See the rainfall today for the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut region. Past weather data includes: temperature, snow, snow on ground, precipitation, rain, wind speed and direction, heating and cooling degree days, visibility, humidex, wind chill and relative humidity in Canada. Rainfall, month to date. New York Weather History for the Previous 24 Hours. New York City … Rainfall, past 30 days Air Dwpt Rainfall is a design studio in Seattle and New York that specializes in creating rich, engaging experiences from brand identities to digital products. In the snow belt, Buffalo receives 92 in (234 cm) of snow. Select sites by number or name. This is true even for the driest month. Government Internet Service Home page. Climate Data Online: Dataset Discovery Click on each dataset name to expand and view more details. WATCH VIDEOS. Quick tutorial on how to download climate station data from the NOAA website using the Mapping Tool. Temperature Converter Enter a number and click on the "Calculate" button °F = °C --- Predefined displays --- Group table by. July is the hottest month in New York with an average temperature of 24.5°C (76°F) and the coldest is January at 1.5°C (35°F) with the most daily sunshine hours at 11 in July. This location is classified as Cfa by Köppen and Geiger. Snow is concentrated in winter months. The partners include: State Climate Offices, Regional Climate Centers, and the National Centers for Environmental Information. PROVISIONAL DATA SUBJECT TO REVISION. It contains the first six months of 2016, for a weather station in central park. The best month to swim in the sea is in August when the average sea temperature is 23°C (73°F). This page contains climate data for Binghamton, NY, Syracuse, NY, Scranton, PA and some miscellaneous information. To see current weather conditions, view details on More generally, spring in New York City brings budding flowers, light winds and rain, with the season’s temperatures ranging from cool to very warm. (Snowfall was not considered in this study.) NRCC supports a three-tiered national climate services support program. New York City weather can vary from day to day, and even hour to hour, but a guide to the seasons can help you plan your wardrobe. New York has a significant amount of rainfall during the year. Temperatures start to drop early in September, but you likely won't see cold weather until some time around the end of October, making fall one of the best seasons to visit New York City (in terms of the weather). ; Our updated section includes new charts and information, as well as all of our previously displayed data. NYC Mayor de Blasio briefing. NEW: Our new layout of COVID-19 data focuses on: Latest Data: What we have seen in the city recently. Check to see how much rain has fallen in your region within the last week, month or year. Information generally includes a description of each dataset, links to related tools, FTP access, and downloadable samples. These precipitation reports cover the 24, 48, and 72 hour periods ending daily at 7 AM EST/8 AM EDT/1200 UTC. The original data from NCEP is in GRIB (GRIdded Binary or General Regularly-distributed Information in Binary form) format (files pre … Average values and totals based on weather data of recent years: The graphics consist of summary overview charts (in some cases including data back into the late 1860’s) followed by year-to-year plots that depict daily temperature ranges, precipitation, and snowfall. Current Conditions for New York: Precipitation -- 35 site(s) found. For many people summer should be avoided. New York weather is very changeable with moderate precipitation all over the year, some heat waves in summer and very cool weather in winter and even in the early spring. Soliciting comments on the use of NWS frost and freeze products and services through December 17, 2020 Temperature (ºF) Relative Humidity Wind Chill (°F) Heat Index (°F) Pressure Precipitation (in.) Weather and Climate offers all the information you need to know about the climate in New York. The daily average temperature ranges from 0.5 °C (33 °F) in January to 24.5 °C … Weather Data Viewer DVD 6.0—Comprehensive climate data for the 8,118 locations listed in the 2017 ASHRAE Handbook—Fundamentals, plus tools and calculators to help use the data effectively. The Daily Climate Report (CLI), Preliminary Monthly Climate Data (CF6), Record Event Report (RER), Monthly Weather Summary (CLM), Regional Summary (RTP), Seasonal Climate Report (CLS), and Annual Climate Report … You can jump to a separate table for each region of the state: Downstate New York, Hudson Valley & Catskills, Adirondacks & Seaway, Finger Lakes & Central New York State and Western New York State. Hourly Precipitation Data (HPD) Publication 174 views Follow the link for more information about the related Hourly Precipitation... Visit page . Climate data web site is a gateway to information on matters such as past weather, climate normals, historical radar, almanac averages and extremes, and engineering climate data. WEATHER ALERT Flood Warning. Contact NRCC. A series of tables gives data by year for temperature, precipitation and snowfall. Weather Sky Cond. Full Story. 1123 Bradfield Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY … Watch Now. We collected past weather data from many thousand weather stations around the world. The starting point for official government weather forecasts, warnings, meteorological products for forecasting the … Dates. Find historical weather by searching for a city, zip code, or airport code. Using outdated recurrence intervals that rely upon extreme rainfall data from a period that ends in 1960 for such projects could potentially result in inadequate design of important structures. The temperature is measured in Fahrenheit and the depth is measured in inches. Multiple time spans, ranging from 1 to 72 hours, are available. Downstate New York Weather data collected from the National Weather Service. So find on this website the historical weather averages in other cities in United States of America and climate and forecast data for all other countries in the world. The New York lies on 20m above sea level In New York, the climate is warm and temperate. Customize table to display other current-condition parameters. Many recent researches have … NEW: 6 hour totals; 24 hour total/Text version; 48 hour total; 72 hour total; Multisensor Reports: This data combines gage reports and radar-derived precipitation estimates. (mi.) It contains for each day the minimum temperature, maximum temperature, average temperature, precipitation, new snow fall, and current snow depth. The precipitation data are quality-controlled, multi-sensor (radar and rain gauge) precipitation estimates obtained from National Weather Service (NWS) River Forecast Centers (RFCs) and mosaicked by National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP). Fall in New York City . Daily precipitation amounts from 157 weather stations in New York and portions of adjacent states and Canada were used to construct partial duration series (the 29 largest observations at each station during one historical (1970–1999) and three future (2010–2039, 2040–2069, 2070–2099) periods. ; Trends: Patterns in historical trends since February. (Weather station: New York City - Central Park, USA). New York City had an average annual precipitation (1971–2000) of 49.7 in (126 cm), with a mean annual snowfall of 29 in (74 cm); Albany received an average annual precipitation of 38.6 in (98 cm); and Buffalo, 40.5 in (102.9 cm). The following is a graphical climatology of New York Central Park daily temperatures, precipitation, and snowfall, from January 1869 into 2020. The short-period records cover a total of 28,077 rainstorms. Metadata Date: November 5, 2018: Metadata Created Date: October 12, 2020: Metadata Updated Date: October 12, 2020: Reference Date(s) 1951-10 (publication) Frequency Of Update: asNeeded Metadata Source. RAINFALL INTENSITY-FREQUENCY DATA 6 5-year to 100-year frequencies. The climate of New York is continental, with cold winters and hot summers. D a t e Time (est) Wind (mph) Vis. The data studied comprise all recorded by the stations indicated, through 1933. In New York, the average annual temperature is 12.1 °C | 53.7 °F. ISO-19139 ISO-19139 Metadata … Rainfall, past 7 days. Other charts show the number of excessive rainstorms per 30 years that occur in each of the months. Note: Actual official high and low records may vary slightly from our data, if they occured in-between our weather recording intervals... More about our weather records. ; Totals: How the pandemic has affected people differently based on location and demographic groups. The rainfall here is around 1144 mm | 45.0 inch per year.
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