This fuel flexibility is thus a key requirement for future gas turbine plant reliability," they explained. Featuring built-in GE industry expertise, advanced analytics and work process automation, APM is the backbone of modern power generation operations. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. It has not. Online, 19 - 20 January, 2021 The optimal maintenance and reliability program for a plant provides the right maintenance on the right assets at the right time. The line–including lubricants, penetrants, greases, cleaners and degreasers, and rust-management solutions–now bears the colors of the WD-40 brand, meaning for every challenge there is now a blue and yellow can. Achievable availability is the result of several factors: OPR is, therefore, an excellent measurement to use when setting reliability goals jointly for operations, maintenance and engineering. Dictionaries describe reliability as: dependability, trustworthiness, consistency. But when companies are asked to define what the words mean, what reliability is and how it’s measured, it’s unusual to get a comprehensive answer. Speakers Perihan Gurbas, Daniel Barandalla And Scott Jeswinski will discuss: Managing processes during PV plant development and construction; PV module testing requirements for project bankability Insights from the world’s foremost thought leaders delivered to your inbox. Reliability and maintainability aspects of the equipment design are forgotten. Understanding why these occur and when they are most likely to happen helps boost plant reliability. Section 12.2 describes the key principles and essential features of a management system for this element. We sometimes, however, fail to define the meaning of the terms we invent. Attorney General Maura Healey is the chief lawyer and law enforcement officer of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It explains some approaches to the assurance of effective process risk management and also discusses the importance of apt audit program to process safety and loss prevention. These losses are prioritized to focus efforts on the largest/most critical opportunities. Engineering should focus on supporting equipment and process reliability through life cycle cost (LCC) design. Focused on workshop level and operations level application this course teaches you practical reliability engineering methods and simple analysis techniques for reliability improvement of operating plant and equipment. Total Plant Reliability defines the exciting new strategies that will be required to achieve lasting reliability improvement in your company. Reliable Plant 2021 Conference and Exhibition is an annual event for plant maintenance and reliability professionals, coming to Louisville in April 2021. IDCON provides common-sense consulting & training so your maintenance team can keep equipment running. There does not seem to be much middle ground when it comes to an organization’s storeroom practices. Having a structured risk-based approach is the key to best practice asset management. Information Quality assist clients to optimise maintenance management; leveraging lessons learned and best practice to ensure peak plant reliability and maximum return on investment. The definition that follows is the definition that I prefer; it is one that has been derived from many definitions that I have seen over time:“The In several recently written mission statements, I’ve seen expressions such as “to increase profitability through increased reliability.”. Reach Oil & Gas professionals through cost-effective marketing opportunities to deliver your message, position yourself as a thought leader, and introduce new products, techniques and strategies to the market. We know world-class shaft alignment is virtually impossible to do with a sledgehammer, so why don’t we specify jacking bolts as part of the design? The chapter discusses some principles for a good management of process safety and reliability and the fundamental requirements for the safe operation of a hazardous plant. Date & Time. Plant reliability also has its part to play in ensuring minimal damage to the environment is caused as a result of oil and gas operations. For a manufacturing plant, a halt in production is devastating. Online. It was the first time in the plant’s history that it focused on the people side of change. Human factors can also have a profound impact on plant reliability, Glass highlighted. It’s common that engineering departments only focus on making sure a new installation is on time and under budget. In the continuing difficult economic times, plant reliability is essential to ensure strong oil and gas production levels and prevent unplanned maintenance work. Starts. This chapter describes the attributes of a risk-based management system for ensuring the integrity and reliability of critical equipment and safety systems. Online Webinar: Implications of Time Series Data for Data Driven Process Manufac... Online Webinar: The Connected Worker: Lessons From the Field - and COVID-19 - Ab... Online Webinar: Towards Net-zero Operations: Optimize Operations by Democratizin... Online Webinar: Consolidating Software: Which ones to lose and which ones to cho... Online Webinar: Robotic Industrial Process Automation: How is it Different From... Online Webinar: Solving Real World Problems with AI, Online Webinar: Predictive Asset Optimization in Oil & Gas. The reliability effort kicked off with a formal assessment by LCE which identified gaps in performance and areas where the plant needed to improve. Online, 26 - 27 January, 2021 Traditionally, this measurement is called overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). Reliability involves almost all aspects related to the possession of a property: cost management, customer satisfaction, the proper management of resources, passing through the ability to sell products or services, safety and quality of the product. Measuring reliability The goal for any plant is typically to safely increase overall production reliability and to reduce cost per unit. Predix Asset Performance Management (APM) is a suite of software and services designed to help optimize equipment reliability and O&M efficiency across the plant and the entire fleet. Reliability can be measured by Overall Production Reliability (OPE). 10:00 AM - 10:45 AM EST, 2020-12-10 Curr ently, Plant Mainte nance and Reliability Management go together and are tho ught of as not two separate streams but as one integrate d method. MOBIUS INSTITUTE is a worldwide provider of Reliability Improvement, Vibration Analysis and Precision Maintenance education to plant managers, reliability engineers and condition monitoring technicians, allowing plants to be successful in implementing Reliability Improvement programs through delivery of more easily understandable and comprehensive training of Reliability and Vibration Analysis via … The result is increased production levels, exceptional worker safety, and on-time customer deliveries. The experts said that gas turbines are likely to continue to play an important role in dealing with downtimes in renewable power supplies, thanks to their fast response time. Oct 21, 2020 4:00pm GST. Lack of equipment reliability creates waste due to failing components, quality losses for the reason of equipment problems, or speed losses because of component wear or breakdowns. Pratical tips. You can try to prevent potential failures, acting on the design, materials and maintenance. Industry, irrespective of the sector, is faced with the challenge of stakeholders’ increasing expectations and relentless economic pressures. The manufacturing and process industry may not have defined the meaning of the word reliability, but you would think the service sector would have done so by now. Plant Engineering is about optimized processes and ensured reliability in discrete manufacturing andprocess production industries, as well as their supply chains. Speaking at an industry event in 2009, Sherman J Glass Jnr, president of Exxon Mobil refining and supply company, said: "We know that regardless of economic conditions we must continue to improve the safety and the reliability of operations, increase the efficiency of plants and steadily improve shareholder returns as well as invest in new technologies." It should be called OPR because it includes all possible production-related waste, not only equipment-related waste. Also, operating companies are increasingly sweating the assets — that is, operating existing assets beyond the original design life rather than building a new plant and tying up valuable capital. Register. In the continuing difficult economic times, plant reliability is essential to ensure strong oil and gas production levels and prevent unplanned maintenance work. It will help employees understand what the goal is when we refer to, for example, “production reliability.”. possible for operational availability and, therefore, plant production. Reliability and safety go hand-in-hand, making sure that major incidents with the potential to affect the workforce and wider community occur as infrequently as possible. Reliability is often used by plants to define future improvement efforts and set expectations for employees and managers. The goal for any plant is to increase overall production reliability, meaning the maximization of output with current resources by reducing waste in equipment reliability and process reliability (the latter is often used in process industry; it may be called “manufacturing reliability” in discrete manufacturing). Redesigned packaging of the company’s Specialist line simplifies identification of the correct product for specialized maintenance needs. In many cases, the technical issues that lead to unplanned maintenance work are both costly and unavoidable. Exxon Mobil claims that standard operating systems deployed throughout its oil and gas network help boost reliability. The Reliability Engineer (in full partnership with the operations team) develops a plan to eliminate or reduce the losses through root cause analysis, obtains approval of the plan and facilitates the implementation. Having a structured risk-based approach is the key to best practice asset management. Maintenance’s primary responsibility is equipment reliability. But one troubling thing at this time was that maintenance was quickly relegated to mean just fixing and doing, and for those of us who had been doing everything, that was now considered reliability. They take the same view as Glass; in that many of the reliability issues could be addressed through risk assessment, particularly during the design stage where it is possible for such potential issues to be identified and managed. Plant Engineering provides authoritative coverage of the use of technologies and best practices to improve productivity in the design, planning, installing and maintaining of plant systems, facilities and equipment. "Power producers are looking for high-efficiency gas turbines with fast loading times that can meet environmental targets whilst maintaining the operational intensity to fuel variations. "Failures occurring during the early stages of production are particularly significant as these have the greatest adverse impact on project value, damaging the reputation of operators as well as that of their engineering contractors and suppliers," the experts explained. OEE and OPR refer to the same measurement, but I use the name OPR since it better describes what is actually measured. LCE provided change management training and coaching for all plant leaders and supervisors. If the Aa curve is not known, manufacturing operations management may unknowingly attempt to achieve performance beyond that which is possible. The key enablers in creating the culture are enhanced by how the strategic leadership framework is developed. Your key plant management practices should all be focused on one primary goal: asset reliability management. Best practices. 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM EST. An Advanced Diploma in Maintenance & Reliability Management (MRM) from North Carolina State University will bring you the professionalism, prestige, and recognition you're looking for in your career as a maintenance and reliability professional. Learn to mitigate risks and help ensure the long term reliability of PV plants. LCC is used to consider the cost of buying and owning equipment. Plant reliability also has its part to play in ensuring minimal damage to the environment is caused as a result of oil and gas operations. We use cookies and similar technologies to recognize your visits and preferences, as well as to measure the effectiveness of campaigns and analyze traffic. Examples of process waste are quality and production losses due to operating parameters such as setting of pressures, machine speeds, cutting tool selection or concentration of chemicals. Ind… Consultants start the trends and use these words in order to sell the industry a new concept. Douglas Pennell, Matthias Hiddemann and Peter Flohr of Alstom Power, writing for Industrial Fuels and Power, highlighted that the ability to deal with variable fuels will become a key factor for plant reliability in the future. It has been well established that social and psychological factors are important to worker satisfactio… Operations’ primary responsibility is process reliability, where the process, or manufacturing, is operating with as little waste as possible. Maintenance and Reliability Diploma. Oil & Gas IQ, a division of IQPC On successful completion of the Managing Plant Reliability Training workshop delegates will understand: This is compounded by the difficulties of managing an aged asset base; many were built and commissioned in the 1980s, 1970s and even the 1960s, and are still operating today. Changes to the gas market mean that liquefied natural gas is likely to be used as an alternative to pipeline gas in some scenarios. One of the fundamental roles of the Reliability Engineer is to track the production losses and abnormally high maintenance cost assets, then find ways to reduce those losses or high costs. The purpose of this articles is to raise questions and challenge plant leadership on strategy, vision and execution of plant reliability and overall maintenance management. We respect your privacy, by clicking 'Subscribe' you will receive our e-newsletter, including information on Podcasts, Webinars, event discounts, OPR = Quality (%) x Speed (%) x Time Availability (%). Caroline M Roberts-Haritonov, Neil Robertson, and John E Strutt, Atkins Borea, writing for the 2009 Offshore Technology conference, said that the cost of repairing and maintaining unreliable subsea equipment is extremely costly, particularly in remote deepwater locations. Join UL’s webinar to learn how to mitigate risk and help ensure the long term reliability over the full life cycle of a PV plant. High Priority Plant Reliability Information Management is based on our philosophy that connected teams, tools and processes lead to better problem-solving, development of new and more efficient processes and – ultimately – the delivery of more value to the connected enterprise. Section 12.3 lists w… Subsea Oil and Gas Reliability Equipment and process reliability jointly create reliable production. Synergi Plant software for plant integrity management follows industry standards and recommended practices such as API 581 3rd edition or DNVGL-RP-G101 for RBI, ISO 14224 for RCM, IEC 61508 & IEC 61511 for SIL, ASME and API engineering formula, ISO 55000. Fuel Variability Reliability training is imperative for companies to deliver optimum levels of customer service. In conclusion, most companies need to better specify the term reliability. Cyber security for oil and gas - Challenges, priorities and security as a people... Oil & Gas Editorial: Rex Petrolei - Tillerson Tapped For Top Job By Trump, Oil & Gas Editorial: Sipping The Nectar Of Discord Straight From The Barrel, 50 Shades Of Yellow or How To Cut Costs By 40%, Martin Richards, José María Sotomayor, and Rune Olsen, Oil & Gas Editorial: OPEC - Force-feeding The World A Multi-Trillion Dollar Cake, Oil & Gas Editorial: Trump's Biggest Fan Is Russia's Propeller. 09 December, 2020 The extensive coverage of applied reliability engineering and operating plant reliability management is sure to help you make effective and good decisions for your future plant optimization choices. Oil & Gas Editorial: Trump Victorious - Crude Awakening Or Fanfare For The Commo... Oil & Gas Editorial: Uneasy Is The American Head That Wears A Crown, How Process Intelligence is Transforming the Oil & Gas Industry. Sign up now and get FREE access to our extensive library of reports, infographics, whitepapers, webinars and online events from the world’s foremost thought leaders. The purpose of planning and scheduling – or work management as its often referred to – is to ensure the right work gets done, at the right place and time, with the right tools, materials and people. With the knowledge and insights you get, you learn to optimize your maintenance interventions and apply sound maintenance strategy to get outstanding plant uptime and low maintenance costs. Maintenance and Reliability Management Effective maintenance and reliability management must be implemented to safely and fully realise the potential of any plant or facility. Location. 5:00pm GST. 01:00 PM - 01:45 PM EST, 2020-11-12 your personal data click here. Speed, Time Availability and Quality describe all losses in a production or process line. For example, why would someone buy a motor or gearbox without jacking bolts (pushbolts used when aligning equipment) installed? Online, 10 December, 2020 Join Oil & Gas IQ today and interact with a vibrant network of professionals, keeping up to date with the industry by accessing our wealth of articles, videos, live conferences and more. This framework consists of creating a vision and mission, ensuring availability of resources and empowering people to achieve organizational excellence. Reliability Management. Online Webinar: Accelerating O&G Automation: Practical Lessons from the Front Li... Online Webinar: The Digital Transformation of Frontline Work, Online Webinar: The Living Digital Twin with a Leading Oil Major. Ends. © 2020 All rights reserved. To me, reliability is best described as, “being able to be trusted to do what is expected or has been promised.” Here, we talk about reliable production in pulp and paper mills, so it is obvious that the term reliability cannot only focus on maintenance improvement initiatives or only predictive maintenance. The goal for any plant is to increase overall production reliability, meaning the maximization of output with current resources by reducing waste in equipment reliability and process reliability (the latter is often used in process industry; it may be called “manufacturing reliability” in discrete manufacturing). You have the right to object. Safety and cost per unit is almost always measured at plants while reliability is measured in different ways and sometimes not at all. All designed to help you and your team keep your plant running, Website created by Clear Message Marketing, 8081 Arco Corporate Drive, Suite 320 Raleigh, North Carolina 27617 USA, Sherman J Glass Jnr, president of Exxon Mobil refining and supply company, highlighted that risk assessments played an essential role in ensuring plant reliability. unsubscribe at any time. Heading for a change: When oil is no longer in demand, Integrated digital solutions for offshore oil and gas, FPSO Network to launch inaugural FPSO Americas Congress 2017 in Houston, Delivering cost effective FPSOs in the current oil price market. online learning opportunities and agree to our User Agreement. Aimed at helping the industry adopt reliability management systems, the principles should help increase the consistency of subsea operations. 2021-01-21 Careers With IQPC | Contact Us | About Us | Cookie Policy. PV Plant Risk and Reliability Management . Culture refers to an organization’s values, beliefs and behaviors. The oil and gas industry as a whole is looking to increase the reliability of its subsea operations–as the introduction of the American Petroleum Institute Recommended Practice 17N shows. In maintenance management, we primarily focus on equipment reliability. Sign in Here or Forgot Password John Roup, vice president of operations for HSBRT, is responsible for overseeing and directing maintenance and reliability improvement programs in a wide range of industries. Effective plant reliability management requires that you identify the behavioral characteristics required to succeed in your organization and in the job, the skills and knowledge required for the job, a method for assessing both, and tools and techniques for managing and retaining your talent. You learn how to use reliability engineering fundamentals and solutions to improve production plant uptime and equipment reliability. Developing risk-based plans has the potential to reduce overall workload by up to 30%. Request Content: For further information on how we process and monitor Online webinar. The official website of Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey. Poor plant reliability also causes uncertainty among both investors and customers, ultimately impacting on the bottom line. In my next column, we’ll discuss how plant maintenance management can set goals by clarifying “equipment reliability” for their co-workers. tenance and reliability program is to deliver a proper balance of maintenance activities — primarily those aimed at iden-tifying impending failures — to allow for timely corrective actions. That means fewer emergencies and more production. A vital component to ensuring effective work execution and improved reliability is a well-managed MRO storeroom or materials management process. Asset integrity, the RBPS element that helps ensure that equipment is properly designed, installed in accordance with specifications, and remains fit for use until it is retired, is one of nine elements in the RBPS pillar of managing risk. The result is the overspending and overtaxing of maintenance resources. Maintenance & Reliability Management Didploma Common sense. "We have learned that while we operate in the start-up and shutdown mode less than 5 percent of the time, almost 40 percent of incidents occur during these "take-off and landing" periods," he explained. File a complaint, learn about your rights, find help, get involved, and more. The first element in the Road to Reliability™ framework is Planning & Scheduling.. Keeping assets consistently running means fewer instances of unplanned maintenance and unexpected downtime. Online, 02 February, 2021 About Managing Plant Reliability Training Maintaining assets is all about managing the risk of equipment failure and its resulting impact on business performance. "Operator care, operating inside safe operating envelopes, timely and thorough inspections and a detailed maintenance plan for each piece of equipment are just a few examples of the care and teamwork required to maximise up-time and more importantly minimise unnecessary distractions and risks," he said. Online, 16 - 17 February, 2021 You can Already an IQPC Community Member? The reality is that most storerooms are either models of excellence or very poorly executed. The reliability banner seemed to allow more investment in finding solutions to plant and equipment problems.