However, it’s entirely possible to find high-quality oak and high-quality hickory at similar prices. Hickory has a tendency to swell and contract and should be acclimated in the area it will be installed for a few days … Our advice: find a flooring store in your area. How do we know? And who doesn’t want more natural light? If you buy an engineered product, you won’t have to worry about cutting through as much solid wood—meaning you can use whatever type of saw you want. Hickory’s price tag is reasonable, but can still be pricey. Hickory offers a decent variety, ranging in hues from a creamy brown to an almost-golden brown. There are also darker varieties of hickory, but they’re closer to teak flooring than they are to ebony flooring on the spectrum of wood floor colors. Natural hickory flooring is beautiful, stainable, and oh so durable; with proper upkeep, it’ll last decades. We covered this earlier, but one of the main disadvantages of hickory flooring is that it’s usually more expensive than oak. We love it. They’re incredibly common in the Northern Hemisphere and especially so here in the States. Floating setups are some of the easiest flooring to install—and while there might be some disadvantages of floating floors, installation price is not among them. Hickory vs. Oak: Which Is Easier to Install? As far as hardwood flooring goes, hickory is comparatively resistant to water damage. Concrete flooring that looks like wood is another super-neat option. Hickory, on the other hand, tends to be a bit rarer. You could really call it a disadvantage of hickory flooring, oak flooring, or just about any engineered wood flooring option. If you’re still not crazy about hickory’s hues, you’re in luck because hickory is known to take stains and finishes extremely well. There are mainly three types of Hardwood … They can even help to create […], November 26, 2020 Everyone knows that hardwood floors are the best. And while it’s still a hardwood (so it probably won’t serve well as mudroom flooring) it can do well in climates where other woods don’t. Advantages & Disadvantages Of Hickory Hardwood Flooring Advantages/Pros There are many benefits of using the hickory hardwood floorings and some among them are as follows: Durability: The Hickory … While this is great for durability, it does make hickory planks harder to cut to size. Then later it was introduced and sold in the market as hickory planks for flooring purpose. Hardwood flooring made from hickory offers extreme durability, making it a premium choice for high-traffic households, since it will outlast most other hardwood floors. Floating floors are easy (and often cheaper) to install. Softwood … Because hickory flooring is so hard, it’s difficult to dent, scratch, or otherwise damage it. The contact detail associated with Beech Wood Advantages And Disadvantages … And hey—that’s their loss! Hickory flooring will cost you about $3-$7 per square foot. Our last “pro” on our hickory flooring pros and cons list is that hickory, while uncommon itself, tends to be less expensive than import woods. Again, we’re repeating ourselves here—but it’s worth noting that oak’s more regular grain pattern makes it attractive to a wider audience. We won’t go into too much detail here because, for the most part, the biggest differences between hickory species have very little to do with their lumber (you know, for flooring). Moreover, some hickory trees even produce edible tree nuts like pecans! Flooring dealers know more about surfaces than we could ever hope to learn—so go right to the source, whether you’re buying hickory or oak floors (or neither)! A houseful of hickory is unlikely to have even two or three identical planks. Hickory cabinets need care; they can not be scoured by you with any type of abrasive scrubber or cleaner. But it is more elastic which means it can be bent effortlessly. It’s really a battle between the common-but-wonderful and the… well, slightly-less-common-but-still-wonderful. In our humble-ish opinion, hickory is amazing—whether you’re opting for real hickory hardwood or fake wood flooring in a hickory look. Disadvantages of Hickory Flooring Hickory wood naturally has variations in coloring and a more … If you’ve eaten (and adored) pecan pie, you can thank the humble hickory tree. But it sure beats oak—enough to make a pretty big difference when it comes to durability. Some, like the Carya illinoinensis, even produce pecans! This isn’t one of those articles where we list one or two facts and leave you to try and piece together a conclusion from incomplete information. It’s worth noting that oak is considered the “industry standard” when it comes to hardwoods, so hickory’s massive 1820 rating is really high. And if you love hickory’s grain but aren’t so hot on the color variation, it’s not too hard to find hickory flooring with a more uniform look. His love for home design and remodeling began with his first job working for his uncle’s property management business. Or, you can always opt for hickory-look faux wood flooring and skip the hassle of finishing altogether. That said, most of the disadvantages of hickory flooring really come down to its appearance, which is basically a subjective matter. However, high-end oak flooring can cost virtually the same as hickory, and the two are relatively comparable. Most people know Hickory Wood due to the unique flavor it adds to all food that is cooked over it. The color of your wood does not protect it from water or moisture damage. Wood will warp, twist or rot … But: hickory’s unique look tends to appeal to a niche audience. We’ll cover this a little bit more down below, but red oak wood tends to have (surprise!) Simply put, if you’re looking for the easiest flooring to install by yourself, hickory isn’t it. Hickory is primarily found in the Southern region, and they can grow around 120 feet in height. The downside to engineered flooring is that the hardwood layer isn’t as thick as solid … Is it a contender for best wood flooring for dogs? But if you’re comparing oak vs. hickory flooring, you will find that oak comes with a couple of small disadvantages: Both red and white oak have great Janka ratings (again, oak is the industry standard for hardness). In our humble opinion, hickory flooring’s variety is really what makes it so cool looking. Oak and hickory trees grow all over the world, but the ones most commonly used for flooring are native to the US. Carpet vs. Laminate: The *Real* Pros & Cons, A Guide to Peel-and-Stick Carpet Tiles (& 9 Reasons They’re Amazing), The 26 Best Hardwood Species for Flooring, The 16 Best Engineered Wood Flooring Brands. Hickory is just like any other types of woods in strengths. As far as domestic lumber goes, hickory is one of the most durable wood flooring choices available. © 2020 FlooringStores, Inc. All rights reserved. It really just comes down to preference. Here are a few of the most common reasons: Another advantage that oak has over hickory is that it’s easier to cut and work with. Read some Pergo Extreme reviews—Pergo is one of the most popular vinyl floors around, and people love it for a reason. Overall, Between Hickory vs. Oak Flooring, Which is the Better Choice? At the end of the day, though, the biggest difference here is longevity. The high density can make it difficult for installers to cut off the lengths they need to finish the job. Is Hickory Hardwood More Durable than Oak? Tile flooring, vinyl flooring, laminate flooring, hemp flooring—until you need a new floor in your home, you may never realize exactly how many types of flooring exist. The Disadvantages of Hickory Floors Aesthetic Conflicts. Super hard. And one clear disadvantage of hickory flooring is this: it’s easier to find an excellent deal on high-quality oak than it is to find an excellent deal on high-quality hickory. Some people don’t. If you’re cutting hickory planks to match the contours of your home, you’ll need to use carbon-tipped blades rather than standard steel. Hickory is Pricier than Most Domestic Woods. And for more flooring information, check out the articles below. But don’t worry—we’ve got you […]. Hickory as any wood … The sturdiness of hickory. Hickory, while native to … Notable engineered wood disadvantages include limited refinishing options and issues with water damage. … That means you can have all the benefits of hickory’s gorgeous grain, but in whatever hue you choose. But don’t worry—we’ve got you […]. This is more expensive than maple, walnut or oak flooring. Oak is the industry standard hardwood floor for a reason—people love it! This makes it a great option for high traffic areas and households with children and pets. You Could Also Consider Wood-Look Tile, Wood-Look Hemp Flooring, or Even Wood-Look Concrete! Either way, natural hickory flooring lightens rooms like crazy with its light colors and bold grain patterns. Sign up today and be the first to get notified on new updates. Some buyers consider this varied grain to be a disadvantage of hickory, and the planks are often described as “busy.” And while some can appear linear, most look like a Jimi Hendrix song that was somehow transformed into a piece of wood (not that that’s a bad thing). Hickory Wood: Characteristics. That said, if you look into the pros and cons of teak flooring, you’ll find that almost everyone loves the way teak looks, so again—personal preferences. And obviously, it also depends on whether you opt for solid or engineered wood. Oak isn’t known for having any big disadvantages. Uncut rounds which is wood prior to being split will give the longest … Oak (or oak-look fake wood flooring at least) can be found in just about every house in America. Oak Trees Are Among the Most Common Lumber Trees, Many Hickory Trees Are Also from North America, White and Red Oak Have Similar Grain Patterns, But Different Coloration, Hickory’s Grain May Be Its Biggest Appeal, but Its Color Is Beautiful Too, Translation: One of the Main Disadvantages of Hickory Flooring is That It’s (Usually) More Expensive than Oak. Anyways, unless you’re a tree-ologist (yes, we’re back to that), the biggest noticeable difference between hickory and oak trees are their leaves. Using Hickory in Design There are few other woods available that match hickory’s strength and … Oh, and bonus point: laminate and vinyl almost always come as click-together flooring, used to make so-called “floating floors”. Cooking with wood. But it might be nice to know some basics! And for more info on all things flooring, read up on: Take any subject and there’s a good chance Christian has written about it. Quality that is ageless. Of course, this depends on a lot of factors—the specific product, the finish, the level of traffic on the floor, etc. If you want the look of oak or hickory but don’t want to deal with the price (or disadvantages) or these wood floors, you can always opt for any number of faux wood floors. Wood cabinets using chemicals can’t wash, as you risk permanently damaging the wood… No hardcore hickory flooring pros and cons there! By the time you’re done with this article, you’ll have earned your degree in hickory vs. oak-ology (sorry, we’re non-accredited). there’s a good chance you’ve seen an oak tree at some point or another. The wood is durable and looks great. Why is Hickory Wood So Expensive? It’s […], November 24, 2020 Looking for the best engineered wood flooring brands? Rather, we’d recommend finding a dedicated flooring store in your area. For a living room or bedroom? It’s not really an “X is better than Y” situation. One disadvantage of hickory flooring—or oak flooring for that matter—is that it’s not waterproof. Happy hunting! But that’s what stain is for! But compared to hickory, they’re much softer. Title: the advantages and disadvantages of bamboo flooring Description: benefits and drawbacks of bamboo floors 1314694 v3 5b102fccff1b780036c0a4fa Via: ... engineered hickory wood floors inspirational wood floor stain engineered hickory wood floors fresh glenford hickory anchor hickory engineered hardwood … Oak starts at a similar price but tops out around $9.50. Hickory is More Resistant to Standard Steel Saw Blades, But If You Buy Engineered Wood, You Won’t Have to Worry Either Way. Translation: One of the Main Disadvantages of Hickory Flooring is That It’s (Usually) More Expensive than Oak The biggest reason for the cost difference mostly comes down to supply. So if you’re finding yourself stressed out, just breathe—we’re going to give you all the hickory flooring pros and cons you need to know about. And if you’re intrigued by both tile and laminate, why not read up on the tile vs. Laminate debate? etc.—you don’t have much to worry about. All hardwood floors require proper cleaning and maintenance to make them remain beautiful and strong. So why is hickory so expensive? It is difficult for a layman to fix it as it is a very hard wood, which comes with a Janka rating of 1820. Hickory is only marginally more expensive per square foot than oak flooring, on average. Carpet or Hardwood in Bedrooms: Which is Better? Hickory vs. Oak: Which Floor Has the Better Resale Value? Is Hickory Flooring More Expensive than Oak? Cleaning Disadvantages . How Much Does it Cost to Replace Carpet With Hardwood? Hemp flooring is another great middle road if you’re deciding between hickory vs. oak. Hickory is one of the more common hardwood lumber trees in the United States, but there aren’t that many to begin with (not compared to pine, for example). Because hickory is so much harder than oak, it’s also harder to work with. Or, you could always go with a faux wood option—non-toxic laminate flooring is arguably the king of healthy wood alternatives. Of all the pros and cons of hickory flooring, its durability is perhaps the most impressive. From marketing and international relations to wildlife (hobby!) The base is less susceptible to warping and expansion/contraction caused by absorbing moisture and then drying out. Hickory is more resistant to scratches and dents than most woods. To cleaning to avoid marring or scratching the surface, dedicate soft fabrics. That being said: the key distinction here is that hickory does better than other types of hardwood. Read up on the pros and cons of tile vs. laminate. We get it. And when it comes to oak flooring, there are two main species to choose from: red oak and white oak. For a single room, that price difference may only amount to $100–$200. Hickory wood was originally used for other purposes before it was used for flooring. Solid hickory can be used for decades before it really needs to be replaced. We hope we’ve fulfilled our promise to tell you everything you need to know about the hickory vs. oak flooring debate. Your carpet and vinyl flooring need to be replaced after a certain duration but … Definitely. Not, like, ebony flooring rare, but rare nonetheless. This makes hickory a great option if you’re looking for the best wood flooring for dogs or kids. In many ways, this gives it an old-timey look that you might find in a cabin or lodge. In fact, most of the disadvantages of hickory flooring are just disadvantages of hardwood flooring in general. It also helps that most of the best hardwood floor brands offer tons of oak and hickory options. If any of this offends your senses, don’t worry—there are so many options for hickory-look faux wood flooring that you should have no problem finding your desired look. Authentic hickory floors are generally more expensive than something like oak—meaning that they can increase your home’s resale value even more than a “normal” type of wood flooring. You’re not alone! For most people though, the draw of hickory flooring is its distinct look among domestic hardwoods. They’re beautiful, they’re strong, and they can look great for ages with proper care. The simple answer is supply. But more and more Americans are slowly turning to hickory wood Amish furniture too. The same qualities that make hickory visually appealing may also prove to be a disadvantage. And given how hard and durable hickory is, it requires comparatively little maintenance. These issues with installation only apply to solid wood, of course. Of course, if you’re hiring a professional to cut and install your flooring for you (and we would highly recommend it unless you’re a DIY wood flooring pro), this won’t be an issue. Sure, there are hickory flooring cons too, but many of these “flaws” come down to personal tastes. The Hickory wood also adapts itself in any very efficiently in any harsh climate. and sports, Christian writes, edits, or helps publish just about everything that’s resigned to written form. Yes, it’s cheaper than most rare or exotic import woods like mahogany, but compared to commonly-available options like oak, the difference is plain. Local flooring retailers know everything there is to know about surfaces, and they can give you actual expert advice because flooring is all they do! If you ask us, there aren’t any true disadvantages of hickory flooring—especially if you’re comparing hickory vs. oak floors. They’re also two of the most scratch-resistant flooring options available. Plus, laminates and many types of vinyl flooring are nearly indistinguishable from finished hardwood flooring once installed. We haven’t yet talked about the oddly-shaped elephant in the room. And that’s true for engineered hickory wood as well. And more than that, how many flooring brands exist! Hickory’s not among the rarest of woods, but it’s durable, gorgeous, and adds resale value to your home. There’s no knowing what they’ll appreciate when it comes to hickory vs. oak flooring. Seriously! Home Depot sells low-end solid hickory flooring for about $4 per square foot, which is almost a dollar more per square foot than some of their cheapest solid oak options. This could become a problem for people with pets, children, or high-traffic needs. Floating floors are easy (and often cheaper) to install. Hickory is hard. This method of floor installation is great for DIY-ers and professionals alike. In order to be fair, we have to talk about the less-than-good stuff too. The same qualities that make hickory flooring resistant to wear and tear also means that hickory poses challenges for the installers. You’ve even seen some nifty fake wood flooring options that can capture the best of both of these materials! That being said, hickory and oak are both fantastic options for hardwood flooring. In fact, the disadvantages of hickory flooring we’ll go into below simply come down to buyer preference. Hickory Flooring Pros and Cons (Spoiler: There’s More Good than Bad), Again, Just Remember That Hickory Flooring Pros and Cons Largely Come Down to Looks, Hickory Hardwood Flooring Takes Stains and Finishes, Hickory Flooring is Harder Than Oak Flooring, Hickory is Durable and Requires Very Little Maintenance, Hickory Flooring Does Well in Climates that Are Hard on Hardwood, Hickory Flooring Can Increase Home Resale Values, Hickory Flooring Is Less Expensive than Rare or Exotic Hardwoods. They can even help to create […], November 26, 2020 Everyone knows that hardwood floors are the best. Oak, however, can easily be cut with high-speed steel blades. Ash wood is a common craft wood, and is known for being versatile and relatively strong for its weight. For a lot of hickory varieties, they were tested and impact … One of the main disadvantages of hickory flooring vs. oak flooring: hickory’s price tag. Yes. The biggest reason for the cost difference mostly comes down to supply. The use of hickory as flooring mandates the cutting of the wood into 3¼", 4" and 5" floorboards because the dense coloration of the wood can cause thinner boards to look busy as a whole. However, in terms of wood grain (where it matters most), hickory wood is relatively similar from species to species. MktoForms2.loadForm("//", "317-BTU-838", 1170); What are the Different Types of Hickory Wood? There might be disadvantages to hickory flooring, but like its eco-friendliness, durability is not one of them. Of course, if you’re adamant about DIY-ing hickory floors, you could go the floating floors route. In the world of lumber, a smaller supply means a heftier price tag.