They both weigh 20lbs. It is also wide enough that taking a shot to the extreme side or behind can be done without arousing much suspicion from game. and with the summit viper you have a front rail vs nothing with the lone wolf. 10. XOP vs lone wolf review - Duration: 11:26. 2011 Youth Deer Hunt. The unique seat easily folds up when you want to stand against the tree. I do not like the rubber band that they use. Politics. I'm getting the itch for a Lone Wolf Sit and Climb but still second guess it. From: XMan. On a smaller tree it's a piece of cake, IMO. ORIGINAL POST. THE CAMPFIRE. My 80 year old father could climb in the Summit Viper SD, but this stand would be a challenge to climb with if you were only slightly out of shape or a few pounds overweight. Summit climbing stands are excellent tree climbing systems. Please Read Before Registering. I have Lone Wolf Sticks with the rope mod and an extender on the bottom stick that I use with a Lone Wolf Assault and a variety of other stands. Summit seat-o-the-pants safety rope is an extra safety rope with a prussic knot, however, no hardware is included. Summit Treestands OpenShot SD Climbing Treestand, Mossy Oak 4.4 out of 5 stars 84. Nothing personal, and I certainly could get used to it, I just didn’t like it enough to trade out my Summit. Lone Wolf is a much better product. I've killed many deer from it including the buck in my avatar. Unless you are in good physical shape you should not consider this stand. Looking to buy a new climber and debating between the Summit Open Shot and the Lone Wolf Hand Climber Combo. The Summit Treestands OpenShot SD climbing tree stand comes with an extra thick camo seat which is perfect for improved comfort. Forum Rules and Guidelines. Summit's can go down to an 8" diameter tree while lone wolf's can go down to a 6" tree. 2010 Youth Deer Hunt. Summit Treestands Explorer SD Review. New climber- Ol' Man vs. Lone Wolf vs. The Openshot is a much lighter, compact stand. Lone Wolf vs Summit. When folded up, the seat cushion becomes the ideal support for your back, thus allowing you to stand for longer periods of time. So I found a good deal on a new lone wolf hand climber and couldn't resist. The safety strap that comes with the stand, is a heavy duty quality strap, and is easy to put on. Summit Open Shot vs Lone Wolf Hand Climber Combo. SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE ADD TO FAV ORTIES. Jimmy McKinney reviews 3 of the most talked about hang on stands, on the market. It is naturally … Past Hunting Indiana Youth Hunts. Summit Open Shot vs Lone Wolf Hand Climber Combo . chasin' tail. ... climbing a tree with summit goliath - Duration: 5:31. blood and sweat outdoors 33,874 views. Summit Treestands OpenShot SD Review. Summit Openshot SD Climber. This 14.7-pound stand … The fact they're so quiet is a big appeal. I know this is off subject but I converted this year to a millenium m-100 lock on and lone wolf sticks. Add To Cart. Won't let me send you a PM. This is because the tree stand weighs 21 pounds, making it one of the lightest on the market. Always lots of Lone Wolf supporters. Summit and Lone Wolf climber users....why Lone Wolf? Summit Discussion in 'Ohio Bowhunting' started by osurn, Jul 7 ... as I selected their lightest stand (openshot at 14 lbs). It's actually a little easier to climb with than this video shows. Just curious if anyon ... Lone Wolf Hand Climber Combo 2 vs. I also own the Viper SD. I was looking at them at Gander and that difference was obvious. As many fans of the manufacturer may expect, the stand uses some aluminum materials in the platform which is … I will be looking at the Open shot made by Summit soon because I have used Summit stands in the past and have loved them all. The Lone Wolf Assault Hand Climber Combo has taken the successful design of it’s more complex brothers and simplified, in an attempt to enter the growing ‘lightest tree stand battle’. The open shot has a smaller platform than the Viper, so I would assume that it works better for smaller hunters, than larger ones, but I really don't know. Oct 10, 2011 #18 . Lone Wolf Assault Hand Climber Combo Review – 14.7 lbs. In this video I show you guys a sit and climb tree stand made by Lone Wolf. Hand Climber Seat Kit. I own a few Summit products and a few Lone Wolf products. I also have a Lone Wolf Sit & Climb with the Hazmor mesh seat which allows me to push the seat back and "melt into the tree". reggie13 User since 9/21/07 PROFILE BLOCK USER. First off they don’t sell these steps individually, which makes it tough to hang your stand any higher than about 12ft off the ground. Summit 8' lineman's rope with prussic knot. The Whitetail Experience Whitetailexp 75,480 views. 103 0 321. I started with a cheapo Lone wolf is also rated for 350#. However, I am 5'10" and weigh 215 and the Lone Wolf seat just by the way it looks doesn't appear to stack up comfort-wise for me. Very light packing. Anybody have any opinions on these two stands and which one tops the other? ... (Open shot and viper) and I have a Lone Wold hand climber. I checked out the Lone Wolf stands at my local Gander Mountain today. The lone wolf sit and climb doesn't weigh any less than the summit viper sd. If you plan to use the stand out in the wild you will be glad to know its design is made for easy carrying which is based on the backpack straps as well. Mix and match to create your ultimate climber combination, each Lone Wolf Climbing aid is available for individual purchase. Product Details. They aren't for me. SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE ADD TO FAV ORTIES. Lone Wolf Assault II Hang On Tree Stand Review – 11 lbs. The Campfire. THE WELCOME MAT. ohio mossy oak, Oct 1, 2011. ohio mossy oak, Oct 1, 2011. The Summit Treestands Explorer SD Climbing Tree Stand comes with a flat folding design which is perfect for portability. 10/25/13 @ 12:03 PM. I can be in it with my bow ready to hunt just as quick as with my climber. I had a summit viper. And I can say that for hang in stands and step sections. I've been using the Open Shot for several years now. The platform measures out at 26 by 19.5 inches and can hold up to 350 lbs. Treestands are engineered to serve several simple roles - namely, to provide the hunter more visibility, while keeping the hunter out of a deer’s direct line of sight, as … I tried a Lone Wolf hand climber in my yard several times. I would just sell the Lone wolf an get a new in box Summit viper ss for 220$ shipped on Ebay..If thats what u want the end result to be . Carry an extra Summit tree climbing safety rope with you to be sure you always have one when using tree stands. Lone Wolf Hand Climber Combo II Review. Western MA Hunter: 08-19-2010 09:41 AM: I only weigh 200, but it is a much stronger stand then the summit. The lone wolf weighs 4lbs more than the summit viper elite and if you compare the LW to an open face summit climber like the cobra, the summit weighs 2lbs less. The OpenShot SD is a compact, ultra-portable stand yet comfortable when you settle down to hunt. Being lightweight means you can easily carry the stand to any hunting ground. I didn’t feel like I could climb as quite as quietly. Solid cast paltform which is quieter and the belt also installs silently. $284.99 ... that’s a joke, supposed to be like lone wolf blah blah , light weight yes it is,. The Summit Openshot SD Climbing Treestand is designed for hunters who like to go far into the deepest woods. To do this we teamed up with Andrae D’Acquisto, founder of Lone Wolf Hunting Products and the sole creator of the cast aluminum treestand. I have made up my mind to buy a new Lone Wolf climber. Unless you spend another Hundo on another four pack of steps. The Lone Wolf Hand Climber Combo II climbing tree stand comes to improve the first series hybrid platform and can be considered as an attractive option for those who value a lightweight design. Looking to buy a new climber and debating between the Summit Open Shot and the Lone Wolf Hand Climber Combo. A great product by Summit. 8/19/10 @ 9:45 AM. Still, Lone Wolf did me good with the wide version since I can sit in it a few different ways, like pulling a leg up to face behind the tree for a bit. X-Stand Treestands The Victor Climber Treestand, Camouflage 3.6 out of 5 stars 6. I also like light climbers and use a summit platform with the Lone wolf seat. ORIGINAL POST. HUNTING. I'm very good with the setup and can usually get up the tree silently. Too bulky and too noisy installing the cables in the hollow tubing. $239.99. 30-Oct-07. Weighing in at just 15 pounds, the Openshot SD is designed to be compact and portable without sacrificing comfort when you settle down to hunt. 3 Lone Wolf Sit & Climb Combo II Climbing Tree Stand. Yes it's small, but when I'm hunting over marsh grass and only have one tree to choose from, I'd like to be able to hunt it. Summit OpenShot SD A Bowhunter's Dream! Otherwise if you are considering the lone wolf hand climber, I would get the XOP strikeforce and save yourself $200 Re: Summit Open Shot SD or Lone Wolf Assault open climber [ Re: Recurve ] #1889063 10/24/16 03:17 PM 10/24/16 03:17 PM The Lone Wolf Assault II is the lightest hang-on stand in the Lone Wolf collection, weighing in at an impressive 11 lbs. Lone Wolf hand climber. I can set it up in virtually any tree and if I drop something I just climb down the sticks and get it. Look how compact the LW hand climber goes down to. 2013 Bob Skinner Memorial Youth Hunt. Leaning more towards the Lone Wolf. Through this partnershi I am not a ol man fan.Tree walker,summit,lw all have there place.I sold my summit only because I felt I had a lack of suitable trees.Bought a Lone wolf pro series hang on and climbing sticks.You can pick up a viper sd for under 250 shipped..Which I doubt you will find a walker or Lw for new..I sold my summt for.250loaded Xtreme Outdoor Products Here at XOP, we are dedicated to producing the highest quality and highest functioning treestands and hunting products on the market.