“Well, that’s great. Newt smiles that dopey grin of his, and Thomas’ heart aches because he’s, well, just too beautiful. "Newt, if there's anything I did- " and Newt didn't expect him to interrupt the brunette and capture his lips. It was a place full of madness especially with everyone trying to convince themselves that they were doing the right thing. Thomas follows, running as well, unsure if he can trust Newt or not but knowing he has little choice. latest articles. He didn’t want to hurt anyone. He’s suddenly hit with déjà vu. Shock painted over the brunet’s face now from the sudden violent action, and Newt’s stomach flips when he also sees a little bit of fear in Thomas’s eyes. She takes them to me… His mind clears up even more like clouds would when they were done raining. The dreaded feeling of the imminent end to his life before the trials coming sooner and sooner only got worse. After they revive Minho from the lightning strike, they discover that they're trapped in the front room with chained Cranks lunging at them. He doesn’t know why or from where a similar situation was but the feeling only makes his possessiveness stronger. He holds in big breath when his nose is covered and all he had left were his eyes. It was counting down from three minutes. He takes them by surprise by shoving them away far enough to do what he wanted to do for a long time now. Now they were positioned with their faces just an inch away, not sure what just happened or what to do now. left kudos on this work! He felt tears going down his face and his hands were shaking. Newt leads him to the courtyard and breaks out into a run. Gally opens the underground service elevator doors and throws him onto the ground, Thomas runs away from the group of males but falls on the ground. Newt only holds onto him tighter, not wanting to leave him. Thomas stared at Newt standing in the doorway of the design room, waiting for him to finish off the last bits of work from the day and head off for food. kiss Dylan O'Brien thomas newt the maze runner Thomas Sangster maze runner tmr newtmas A good punch or at least a trip would be enough for making him do this. While the group panics and huddles closer, Brenda appears from a room off to the side, chuckling that the group alerted their presence, thanks to their "watch dogs". Newt breathes in and then out, his eyebrows knitted into a frown. He wants to scream at the boys around them who wasn’t doing anything helpful except be in the way. He wants to reach out and graze Thomas’s cheek with his thumb but he knew he shouldn’t. Suddenly Newt collapsed to the ground, Thomas grabbing at him as he did. Newt leaned slowly in and so did you. It was my fault that now Thomas got to kiss her, to hold her at night, to talk to her about everything. {#21} basketball and tutoring // newt au (part ii) fandom: the maze runner pairing: newt x reader word count: 1,4k words requested: by anonymous. He sees the confidence on the workers’ faces, sensing the weakness of ignorant pride. Thomas tries his best to bring him back from infection haze so he can make it 'til some serum is dropped off, but when the now-mad Newt whips out a knife, it's hopeless. Thomas was going all in for that Why oh why did you pull away Dylan “This reboot has flaws, but some of the best choices it has made center around Blackburn as Alex. He took his forefinger and thumb and began playing with the … Something terrible happened to him in there, and he never wants to go back. He instead just keeps his earnest look on the brunet, yearning for him to pull the trigger. His hands were clenched and trembling. Newt is willing to put his heart on the line for this guy but does he feel the same way or will Newt's heart be... #fan-fiction #newt #newtmas #themazerunner #thomas Ever since the beginning he knew she was that way. He hears Thomas’s screams of rage and screams for keeping him here with him and figuring something else out. He knows he’s there though. Can’t you do this one thing for me? go ahead and add it! Newt pretends to not notice. He wanted to take Thomas’s pain away and take it himself. He had just come to make sure the greenie was okay in the pit. Did you ever move a flat? later that day, the play a match agianst each other, and make a deal: whoever wins, has a wish. “You’re a slinthead.” You chuckle, “Oh really? The sight and feeling of water spraying out and into the tube left him stunned. You now have two minutes,” she comments before walking away. Newt looks back at Ava and nods his head even though he knows it wasn’t much of a question. The bastards even put up a clock on the wall. A foggy memory lights up in his mind like a flash and it immediately leaves him, leaving him confused. He desperately wanted sleep. He looks forward and sees a blurry figure which he knew was Thomas. He cries even harder when he hears the soft shushing from Thomas. summary: newt is very impressed by y/n beating him in basketball, so he agrees to focus more on his studies. The first time Newt kisses Thomas, it was before everything happened. His throat was raw now and it hurt too much to scream more. Their cries grew louder as they try to keep hold. He covers Thomas’s hand with his own and brings it to his forehead for the second time. He feels someone behind him and the dreaded feeling turns into disgust. A new boy arrives in the maze and for Newt it was love at first sight. Newt's eyes were wider than Chuck's had been, showing the whites of his eyes. He looks back down at the brunet on his lap and before he knows what he’s doing, he leans down and kisses Thomas soft and passionately. He knew she just wanted to sound sorry for him. Thomas could hear ragged breaths coming out in pants, wheezing every now and then. The lights were flickering as everyone hurried around to their places. He knew she didn’t care about anything but the cure. tip: hetalia f/f sort:kudos, Prompt: Can you do a prompt that's like one of those "5 times newt kisses Thomas" things that ends with please tommy please, I'm so sorry this is so late! Those screams were not answered.Hands grabbed at them, working to split them apart. To tell him how much he hated him. The first time Newt kisses Thomas, it was before everything happened. Thomas was looking at him with so much pain in his eyes and it made Newt physically ache at not having anything to help him with except give him comfort. One minute Newt was asking Thomas about if there was something he learned from the grievers that would help them, the next they had come together in a kiss. Before they were in the maze, before they started the trials. Hatred and anger erupts in Newt like a wave. The lights were flickering as everyone hurried around to their places. The WICKED uniform Thomas wore burned and sickened him, but he wraps his arms around Thomas anyway, the same time Thomas does the same to him. He looks away and urges himself not to look back. He grazes a finger along Thomas’s cheek lightly and a jolt shoots up his spine when he sees Thomas close his eyes. Someone decides that they should also take Newt as a non-Imm… He puts pressure on the wound as he maneuvers Thomas just enough to put his head on his lap. 'Is he going to kiss me?' He hears WICKED soldiers surrounding him and yelling at him to back off. I walked over to the gardens and spotted Newt almost immediately. He hears the trigger being pulled and suddenly, it was over. All he knew is that it felt special like he was always going to be the only one to call him that. While they don't get on at first TheGlue and Padawan become close friends while Newt and Thomas share a … She had her regular grin that made anyone feel queasy and like some kind of victim. 'OMG, I think he is!!' “I-I er will be going now,” Newt rasps out with a cough, mouth suddenly feeling like a desert. I sit straight up and look in the direction the noise came from. Newt’s world spun out of control when he hears a scream of pure pain come from Thomas. He moves his hand to join his other hand in caressing Thomas’s face, making sure he stays awake. Why the hell did I tell Y/N to forget our kiss? He goes to give Thomas hell. Selfish and uncaring. To tell him to shoot him already. top tumblr posts In the prologue of The Fever Code, a young Newt is shown living in a basement with his parents and younger sister, Lizzy. “Don’t be a coward! He whips his head towards him and without even thinking he walks closer to embrace him. Pairing: Newt x Reader. He barely even sees Thomas with his watery eyes. He winces when he sees Jorge working the bullet out. Right? After about three weeks of Thomas being in the Glade, we had become the best of friends. “Newt,” You turn to him, “You’re going to miss the fireworks! and 94 more users Newt looks sullenly at the lab. as well as Not like he’ll see her again anyway. you thought nerves. He elbows Brenda out of the way to kneel over Thomas, not caring about anything but helping Thomas and making sure he knew he was there for him just like he always was and always will be. Newt watches her go and wishes that he could do something to her before he goes. He had promised. He feels the haunting disease rattling in his head threatening to take over again, leaving him to reach for the gun again in Thomas’s grip. WICKED’s workers scrambled about to make sure everything was running smoothly as always. See more ideas about thomas brodie sangster imagines, newt, riverdale memes. He jumps into Thomas’s welcoming arms and grasps the brunet’s face, slamming their lips together in a frantic first kiss. In the beginning of the movie, Thomas wakes up in a underground service elevator with no memory. “May I kiss you?” 139 guests Thomas sees a group of males around him. He gets put into the pen. He bites his lip as his eyes begin to water when he glances up at the screens again. Thomas leaning over him tears streaming down his face. He knew it had something to do with Thomas though, and he wished his mind wasn’t so messed up. “Good. He uses all his might to shove Thomas away from him, knocking him down on the ground. His mind was spinning out of control as bizarre, terrifying thoughts flew in his head. “No Tommy don’t go to sleep! Newt closed his eyes and leaned more in almost touching your lips. The thought of the chance of this little intimate action never repeating overwhelms his mind, and just like that he breaks. The comfort Thomas gave him every day will never exist after this. I mean it's still the second day but it's almost midnight haha sorry i was at work all day, (See the end of the work for more notes.). Never find time to clean the dish... 5 Differences Between European and American Christmas. Thomas … Newt only had Thomas’s hand in his now. Fan Forum > Archived Forums > The Maze Runner > Thomas & Newt #11: Because ever since Thomas had entered the Maze, Newt had been there for him. Unfortunately though, he had to because they had the supplies to save Thomas. Alby introduces himself to Thomas and shows him around the Glade and the stuff they do, asks Thomas what his name is, and tells him that he'll get it back by two days or so. He didn’t want to become one of those monsters. Who do you prefer? Thomas asks why a search party doesn't go into the Maze to find them, and Newt blanches with fear. He reaches forward and brings Thomas to him, crushing their lips together into kiss that was similar to one they will never remember sharing. He gives out a small whimper as the water rises over his mouth and close to his nose. imsodoomed, World_Of_Make_Believe, MadR3ader46, FallenAngel184, Nandice, veryintimate, CrystalChameleon, Sherbert_seat_belts, Livstick, Rosiebea, Zicasey, hellissatisfied, scarletwanda, lavenderpastels, JustKitsune, Subject_A24_The_Wolf, vickydd, srslyitsnina, tommosgun, gavinisty, hischarmingcompanion, 1soul_gone, Mica_Luv2, bluedamjan, crankyjones, Vanessa1993, zurzavaravar, RebelWithHeartofGold, waterfallens, dlc221B, AnasCorner0217, louixharrx, mchase21, PhoenixInferno, counnt, MagicalMusing, cranknewt, THEBULLSHITZONE, April_16, BulletBlaze, AnyaEmily, mizurui, Chellomymello, mikaylamessinaa, RoxasJinsei, lacrimosus, WindInMyHair, delfear, aestethic, Jinlicious, arctic_julia, FINALFLASH, dylsdyldo, slothy_girl, yveskook, Madness_rebel, howlouiskitty, Nigurath, bookemo, Allyaneedislove, Velen, tears, ruthkenn, docettebeats, The_Otter_Knight, iAmTroylersChild, TheScarletNeverLies, tonystarked, bluefray, diemmy, ImNotOkayBecuzFrerard, hoeseokie, goIdenhours, Kim_alynne, cloudnymph, chuuyuh, MoonlitTragedies, larrystorn, Kurojouou, ollytheoshawott, Ariinspired, alokos, elizabeth_16, TheHunterandTheBanshee, peredhils, kinkynewt, Taeqquk, born_to_fly, emma_and_orlando, 0_Sherry_0, GhostwithShotgun, Newtly, hopedreamsoul and amatus_jj You blushed at his sudden actions and stared in his beautiful brown eyes. He takes in long breaths now and he tries to gain height to get some more time from the inevitable. Newt shutters as his mind clears from the fog, and he fights to keep himself calm. Too many important things to worry about right now. The corresponding screams from Thomas were barely heard. He wanted to do something so bad. He thinks Thomas felt the same sense of familiarity due to the look of confusion on the greenie’s face. tags: science-fiction. ... Newt is in shock. Newt wills himself from reaching out to wipe them away. He immediately fills with anger when he sees a berg flying around and headed to land on the ground near them. To yell at him for forcing him to live just a little bit longer as a crank. James Dashner you could have done better. You know you have an important task to do. Newt’s tears seemed heavier when he sees the brunet’s watery eyes and all he wanted to do was run far away from here with Thomas. Rage sparked like he had gone mad. -19 Feb 2015-Glader(s): Newt, Minho, Chuck, Gally, Thomas. Then you have already admired how ... 10 Things you know if you are a commuter. Did… did what we had mean absolutely nothing! He couldn’t let these bastards take Thomas away. Thomas, Newt, and Frypan are the last of the "Gladers" immune to the Flare virus that infected the world's population. > beautiful but unhappy ending cake by the ocean ... their kiss is really intense Summary: Thomas really wants to make out with the hot guy in the corner and Newt thinks this stranger coming up to him is kinda cute so he just goes for it. If he got his way, he would never let go. He was banging on the tube and yelling his name, but Newt stayed silent. Newt slowly stuck his tongue inside of Thomas' ear, circling it, causing Thomas to shiver in pleasure, before moving back and trailing back down Thomas' neck. ?” You walk up to him and speak in an intimidating, firm voice. The video of that Dylan/Thomas almost kiss is even better. Work Search: Only because Alby told me being together with her would distract us both from working. He’ll never know just how much he needed Thomas. Newt pulled the string of hair behind your ear and smiled. He screams with tears streaming down his face as he hits on the glass tube. He looks behind him and sees Ava Paige. Almost as bad as Rat Man over there, reading his book.” ― James Dashner, The Scorch Trials. In a second they’re split apart for good, leaving them to just scream for the other. tommy, newt, themazerunner. He needed to. He doesn’t even realize just how he ended up kneeling low enough but he suddenly feels his lips against the top of Thomas’s head. Newt wished Thomas would understand that this was for the best. Like “We can think of something. Summary: Thomas and Newt are employees of Maze Co. Newt is being forced to participate in a company e-pal initiative and Thomas is joining up with excitement to spare. He looks down at Thomas and finds him with a look of sadness and rejection on his face. Don't forget to send prompts to my tumblr ilikeyougreenie, also don't forget to comment your thoughts :3, robyndoesntlikeyou, Katie_marie4456, Endgamehasmurderedme2026, limezest, sharlieze, Cineraria, Lulu28_2, NellieEttie88, CeinwynCadarn, U_Dream_of_127, SecretSquid, wannabe_fangirl_98, G071, dykesforbethan, gabyunnieah, cheesencracker11, lostlitlelayla, Newt_Is_Precious, ImmortalPhoebe, logxnsworld, captainuselessjack, Itslenactually, anxious_unicorn, slytherclaw420, Drarry_33, z_mxnas, PinkDevil104, Bree7563, CI00XX, Jung_Ayumu, ongelma, professional4yearold, yugkookisreal, haojimins, Shadow789, stylwssangel, encsiimomo, Simonspierdeservestheworld, fullsunsunflower, Darkcrowprincess, Spectrestories, itbewhatitbe, astralpenguin, Leniati, fangirl_sarah, Gottalovenewtmasterek, Clockwirkwingsmadereal, scr3am, SilverWolf13, pointnclickbait, His trembling hands hold Thomas close to him. He tries to keep Thomas from moving too much. The broken whisper from his boyfriend gets his attention.