Fans of citrus scents who want to avoid the phototoxicity issue that comes with most of them like Orange, Lemon, and Bergamot, should avoid the sun. Since this oil has emmenagogue properties, a pregnant woman shouldn’t use it. Named for its scent, which is roses, this oil can also help generate new cells, fight infections, and provide moisture. On top of all that, it can aid during this time in a woman’s life by easing moodiness and lifting up her spirits. Extracted from the rind of the Bergamot fruit, like all other citrus oils, one of the most common uses for this is in the creation of some black teas. Shipping and handling. While a number of these oils deals with hormones that are typically geared towards women, this one is a great scent for both genders because its biggest hormonal attribute is to promote the release of serotonin, a hormone that handles mood, appetite, sleep, and cognitive functions. By “blend,” I mean an oil that was created mixing singles like the ones we listed above. It’s soothing when applied topically, which is why it has been dubbed “balm.” As for hormonal balance, this scent is an ally during that time right before menstruation when things get a bit annoying and achy. Anyone who likes the smell of roses should try this oil. We suggest, as we do with all our oils, that you consult your doctor before applying any essential oils topically or diffusing them. It can help increase a new mother’s production of milk, and it helps with issues during the postnatal period. We are tough, and we can make it through. I think this is a great choice for someone who is having a difficult time sleeping, eating, or having a hard time concentrating. Pets should also be kept away from this oil. Men can also get affected. What is an emmenagogue? Home » Fertility » 8 Important Essential Oils for Hormonal Balance. When it comes to hormones, Rosemary is an inhibitor of estradiol and estrone, two types of estrogen women produce. Extracted from the Salvia sclarea, a plant native to Europe, this essential oil come with a wealth of benefits. But not all essential oils are safe during pregnancy. Lavender essential oil has been well researched and shown to have a beneficial effect on hormonal balance, pain relief, stomach trouble, headaches, and reducing feelings of depression and stress. This benefit is even known to help women going through menopause. Recipes; Cortisol, estrogen, thyroid If youve been reading up on any health topic, chances are that youve come across these names very often. Blends well with: Geranium, Frankincense, Lavender. For the sake of using essential oils for hormones and achieving balance, there are three main essential oils we’re going to cover: clary sage, thyme and sandalwood essential oils. Take The Fertility Quiz Now! How to use Essential Oils for Hormone Balance & Support Out of hundreds of essential oils, there are few that are designed to actually regulate hormonal function, support the hormonal glands in the body and correct hormonal imbalances. It is also known as a big aphrodisiac – it will boost your libido, as well as your partner’s. It’s called the stress hormone. Basil counteracts this production and helps regulate stress levels. Tea tree oil is pretty well known in the aromatherapy community because it is an immensely powerful essential oil. Clary Sage has a particular affinity with the female reproductive system. Another benefit Frankincense offers is a healthy pituitary gland, which is the head of the hormone production. Pregnant and nursing women should not use it either due to its effect on estrogen. Next, we have a scent that is woody, coniferous and a bit evergreen. PMS Hormonal Balance Blend by Wellness Mama (Diffuser recipe): 2 drops of clary sage oil, 1 drop of geranium oil, and 1 drop of ylang ylang oil. It’s aroma is soothing and provides emotional support as well as craving control and getting that blood sugar balanced is a vital part to balancing hormones. Yet the relief from depression and fatigue are other benefits that directly relate to hormonal balance. There are a ton of oils that you can use to balance those hormones, but as we’ve seen, these oils are strong for a reason. Many man and women are low in progesterone. Before you use them, do your research and speak to professionals. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid using this oil as well as anyone suffering from any form of diabetes. Rose oil is strong so it needs to be diluted well. Essential Oils for Hormonal Imbalance. I think it’s pretty safe to say that most people have heard of Chamomile, but odds are they typically connect it to the tea. High-quality essential oils provide us with an all-natural way to aid our hormonal balance and to keep our mind and bodies in tune with one another. Important Disclaimer: The information contained on Better Mind Body Soul is intended for informational and educational purposes only. Frankincense also relieves stress and lessens anxious feelings, which directly relates to the stress hormone cortisol. This is a must-try for hormone balancing blends. In order to make a body oil for hormones, you need: A carrier oil: I talk more about which carrier oils in the next section. Tea Tree oil works great with eczema, is antibacterial and antiviral, and it works … Lemongrass is another oil known to help with the balancing of female hormones – estrogen and progesterone. Essential Oils for Hormonal Balance. Also soothes stress and anxiety. Tea Tree oil works great with eczema, is antibacterial and antiviral, and it works as a wonderful pesticide. This oil works so well as a sedative that it can curtail the body’s circulatory and respiratory functions. This hormone driven function in the female body can be made regular once again via Fennel essential oil. These receptor sites will think estrogen-like chemical compounds are natural hormones. Trials are small and not powered for statistical significance, but the trends appear to support the utility of oils for hormone balance. According to research, it was found that certain natural essential oils can be beneficial in hormone balance. Below I have looked at the five most problematic organs that can be supported by essential oils. You may also have brain fog or strong food cravings. Without a doubt, lavender oil is one of those “jack of all trades” essential oils. Essential oils can be a great way to make your own cleaning products and enhance your natural skin care routines. One study split people into two groups: one on a placebo and one on basil. Essential Oils vs Extracts: What’s The Difference?- Click Here. Most people think hormonal imbalances only affect women. This bottle has them all mixed in for you, which makes your road toward hormonal synergy one drop away. This is one of my favorite essential oils, and I use it for so much. It blends well with other oils, and it can bring a world of relaxation to your doorstep which will promote synergy for your hormones. So it is no surprise that it can be extremely beneficial to those trying to balance out their hormones. Two of the most common things that women are exposed to, stress and toxic chemicals, can trigger a How do I use these? Other than that, it should be fine as long as you follow the dilution methods correctly. It should also be diluted well in a carrier substance. Here are three simple essential oil blends for balancing your hormones. When you grow up in an Italian-American family, someone has basil growing somewhere. If you enjoyed this post, then please leave us a comment or share it with someone who is having hormonal imbalances. Blends well with: Geranium, Rose, and Ylang-Ylang. Depression is also powerless when it comes to this extract. The proper balance of this “male” sex hormone is essential for a woman’s fertility. Fennel oil also activates hormone secretions in the exocrine and endocrine glands, which has a world of health benefits for your entire body. This essential oil on our list is flowery in its scent and can stimulate the hormones that get our sex drive going. Rosemary also reduces cortisol levels in our saliva when we are stressed. Pharmaceuticals can also disrupt hormone levels. Now that you know some of the top hormone balancing oils, you may be thinking: now what? The best hormonal effect it has is when irregularity comes into play. We all age if we are lucky. If you have epilepsy or seizures, do not use this oil. This next oil, which is extracted from the Geranium plants, is another regulator of hormones. Anyone who is a fan of licorice scents should give this essential oil a try. It makes you feel romantic and the petals it is extracted from are taken from the jasmine plant, which is categorized in the olive family. This is a strong oil that has been known to cause headaches so don’t overdo it. Buy Essential Oils for Hormone Balance With it comes changes that we expect and those that we didn’t see coming. Several essential oils may be useful in supporting the healthy functioning of the endocrine system, including Clary Sage, Fennel, Lemongrass, Melissa, Rose, and Rosemary. In fact, it is recommended that women use this oil after menopause so that their estrogen levels can return to normal. Because hormone balance is also affected by exposure to toxins, stress, exogenous (outside) hormone exposure, inflammation, etc., the Lifelong Vitality products should be included as a foundational step in achieving hormone health. When an oil is powerful, then there are certain risks. As with all strong oils, you need to be careful with Tea Tree. This means if you are having skin issues due to imbalanced hormones, you may want to try geranium as an acne spot treatment and a wrinkle reducer. It is not recommended that you ingest this oil since it has cause health complications in some people like blurred vision and shortness of breath. There are certain Young Living blends that support hormone balance (use these topically): Sclar Essence combines phytoestrogenic oils like clary sage, peppermint, fennel, and sage. In researching essential oils for women’s hormone issues, there were several essential oils that were often recommended, especially clary sage, lavender, and peppermint. I would personally suggest that pregnant women avoid it too because we’ve seen the trends with the rest of the oils we looked at today. It should also be kept out of the hands and reach of children. They are considered the “pure essence” of these natural plants, which means you are getting the health benefits in a concentrated form.
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