While it might seem a good deal to choose one of the cheaper cruises on offer, there are a few things you should consider before … Our 2020 whale watching season is coming to an end with our last cruises of the year heading out from tomorrow until Sunday We hope to finish on a high as there are still whales swimming past Sydney each day. Find the best whale watching locations, cruises and other coastal activities within NSW national parks. September 21, 2020 by Laura Chung In the post shared by the Sydney based photographer, the largest mammal on the planet was seen swimming by. 7/29/2020230 Common Dolphin, 3 Bottlenose Dolphin7/28/2020900 Common Dolphin7/27/2020500 Common Dolphin The Sydney Harbour whale watching fleet making their way out If you want the best chance of successful whale watching in Sydney, then you really should consider booking a whale-watching cruise. Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The sighting of the blue whale has been described as "extremely rare" (file photo) A blue whale has been spotted Sydney blue whale: Rare sighting was 'possibly third in 100 years' — BBC BREAKING NEWS Interested in the latest whale sightings off the NSW coast? From Tweed to Eden, the NSW coast provides perfect vantage points to see these majestic ocean giants. Are you wild about whales? The earliest reported sightings of Migaloo this year began in early May when the great white whale made an appearance off the coast of Sydney (according to tweets from May 9). The NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) said that this was possibly the third verified sighting of the rare blue whale off the coast of Sydney. A recent sighting of a blue whale off Sydney's coastline could be only the third in the past 100 years, according to NSW National Parks … "The blue whale is the largest animal on the planet yet despite its size it could have easily slipped by Sydney's coast unnoticed," Andrew Marshall of the NPWS said in a news … Sydney's best whale watching company with more than 25 years of experience. #Migaloo sighting! Blue Whale spotted in Sydney. 2020 Whale Sightings from Davey’s Locker. While there, be sure to submit your whale sightings via the Wild About Whales app. Find out more at wildaboutwhales.com.au “The most spectacular trip for me was when a pod of whales mugged the boat. Incredible footage has been captured of a humpback whale breaching out of the water off Sydney's coast on Saturday. 167 were here. The animals, believed to be pilot whales, are on a sandbar inside Macquarie Heads, where crew with whale rescue gear will arrive later today.
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