You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 4. On the 20th of January in 2012, in one of the largest cities in the country, Kano, BH produced new explosions, which killed over two hundred people, they were followed by several bombings of churches. Major Problems Facing Nigeria Today The Federal Republic of Nigeria or "Nigeria" for short, remains the baby giant of Africa. Int J Dev Manage Rev. It was effortlessly transparent from the data she presented that the advancement of travel and tourism for a country like Nigeria might seem improbable if the government doesn’t embrace its potentials and invests enormously to reap untold economic rewards. This paper aims to advance cooperation and collaboration as solutions to problems in the Nigerian hospitality industry. Security of Funding: significant investment is required from the private and public sector for facilities, major infrastructure development and modernizing and upgrading existing facilities. Authorities estimate that the number of adherents of BH is more than 500 thousand members. Nigeria is a home to many ethnic groups, each of which has its bright and distinctive culture. Joesef Karim is a graduate of Tourism Management and has an MBA in Marketing. As a result, none of the three leading ethnic groups, can separate, as it will inevitably deprive this group or other ethnic groups of access to oil revenues. Typical host destinations could be, but not limited to, Obudu Mountain Resort, Yankari Game Reserve and the beach resorts in coastal Nigeria. Tourism is income elastic and also emotive, depending on peoples lifestyle. Lately in Nigeria, the new mantra is Internally Generated Revenues (IGR). The unacceptable state of Nigeria's economy is most galling given Nigeria's enormous endowments of natural and human resource This paper aims to advance cooperation and collaboration as solutions to problems in the Nigerian hospitality industry. - New employment opportunities will be created. Most of the pupils arrive in the area … Formal education is unavailable to the children in the emergency phase of displacement as international and national actors focused on security and provision of basic necessities of life. Hence, a true domestic tourism industry will be sustained, especially when the government and private stakeholders embark on robust tourism mass communication campaign. Challenges Facing Growth of Tourism in Africa. 6. Of course, tourism does not only have advantages. Dilapidated healthcare systems have facilitated medical tourism, for example, leading to over 5000 people leaving Nigeria every month for various forms of treatment abroad and about 1.2 billion US dollars lost from the Nigerian economy to medical tourism yearly. 19:47 FADAN rolls out challenges facing fashion industry in Nigeria to visiting World Bank team, Recently , the body co-ordinating the fashion industry in Nigeria, received very special visitors. 10. These however have hindered the economic development of the country in this area. Since the independence to the present days, the political life of Nigeria was determined by the competition between these three major ethnic groups. It is in this context, that the Nigerian government commissioned its Tourism Master Plan for the development of Tourism in Nigeria in 2006 (The Nigeria Tourism Master Plan (2006)). My […] The latest government frenzy and political cliche is ‘Ease of Doing Business’, albeit it is mostly for foreign investors. Each of major political parties represents their ethnic group and region, respectively. Areas of investment in tourism development should be natural tourist sites, event attractions, accessibility equipment, staff training, etc. Challenges facing the tourism industry 1. To achieve this purpose, the challenges facing tourism destinations as a whole were examined. Political leadership that makes tourism a central part of Nigeria’s national economic development strategy, and not an after-thought, which, till date, seemed to be the case! Boko Haram terrorism activization Terroristic organization Boko Haram (BH) has dramatically intensified its... 2. Gender inequality is apparent in tourism : males dominate managerial and … There are disadvantages as well: environmental damage, commercialization of culture, tourists can often lack respect for local traditions and culture etc. Accordingly, we should determine what type of assets and programmes are required at each destination to transform the local tourist sites to be 'visitor ready' destinations, provide expected tourist services, and efficiently operate them to generate revenue for both the States and local host communities. 6 Other healthcare system problems prevalent in Africa include financial barriers to healthcare services with high rates of out-of-pocket expenditure, … Over the years, the Nigeria tourism industry has been bedevilled by plethora of problems, both simple and complex. Tourist sites in Nigeria mainly include festivals and cultural events (Durbar festival), national parks (Old Oyo, Yankari and Cross River), and other geographic features (Aso Rock in Abuja). Such community cooperatives should manage the tourist sites as a business, on the condition precedent that they periodically share profits and pay taxes to governments. challenges to tourism … And the most effective channels would be TV promos, radio jingles, and the various social media platforms in internet. Bye-elections: 3 policemen feared dead as tragedy strikes, governor's aide arres... 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